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We are your agile partner for elastic agile software teams

We get agile. In fact we get agile so much we will teach you how to be agile. Agile software development is not a fad or a dead evolution, it is in fact a forever adapting methodology based rooted in agile SCRUM and KANBAN philosophy with a pinch of waterfall. 

We bring people with tech skills to our client's product development teams so we can quickly build products and services through agile methodologies. Being versatile means we can scale teams and tech quickly with the right capacity of people skills to help you deliver on time and in budget.

We have got some serious experience and skills under our belts, so we know the complex issues and problems that can occur within corporates to SMEs. 

What tech do we cover

Everything. And I mean everything.

We have experience in simple application development, mobile and fully fledged enterprise software. We cover all new technologies from AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, .NET Core, Java and embedded systems.

Tech we cover:

  • Front-end MVC: jQuery/ReactJS/AngularJS/VueJS/KockoutJS
  • WebAPI/ASMX/WCF and other service technology
  • .NET Framework/.NET Core & NodeJS
  • Java and JSP
  • Databases: MSSQL/SQLAzure/mySQL
  • Cloud computing: Azure/AWS & Google
  • Scalable software systems
  • Embedded software Systems
  • Enterprise .NET software development with in-depth knowledge in C#/.NET and CLR based technologies ranging from SOA Web services, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, Remoting, DAL, AI and object database persistence software written in C# and VB.NET.


Why us

Our Analysts provide the governance link between a PMO or Product Owner and the developers to enable smooth delivery of tech products once an outcome has been defined.

Our teams have have a variety of up-to-date skills across agile software, requirements gathering, UX/UI, happy journey, prototyping, user case and journey creation, traditional business analysis amongst others. They are a versatile, scalable, elastic and vital member of any successful product development team.

We bring intelligence to code with developers who are focussed on building quality tech products with our clients, be it web, mobile or desktop.

Our skills span wide across digital products, languages, tools and frameworks. We work with your existing technology as well as cutting edge. Our teams combine deep technical skills with rounded agile thinking and people skills to work effectively in forward facing client environments.

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Tech Agnosticism

The team know their stuff. We went from an on-prem application to SaaS within 18 months. They get tech and us.

Managing Director - FTSE250 Company





0808 143 0699


If you want to talk agile, tech or want to sound off then contact us on 0800 689 1376