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AIDS Inc Scandal of the Century

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Case then inject this germ into animals and in every case bring about all the symptoms of the diseaseHaving accomplished this one says that germ A causes disease BWith HIV this has not been done First depending on which study you read you ind HIV itself has #been isolated in roughly 50 80% of those people diagnosed with ull blown AIDS Second about a hundred #isolated in roughly 50 80% of those people diagnosed with ull blown AIDS Second about a hundred in the US held in sterile isolation chambers have been injected with high volumes of HIV Two chimps immediately developed infected lymph glands this condition lasted Unbroken for thirty weeks and then returned to normal In those two chimps no new symptoms then appeared In all the other chimps no AIDS like symptoms developed at all P83Bold Emphasis AddedAs individuals can see if AIDSHIV operated as the establishment claims it did the above should not be possibleIf that s not bad enough as Rappoport has noted uite often in his website and has spoken about uite aew times the Elisa Western Blot tests that are used to verify HIV have their inherent laws In act the tests could end up positive Unnatural Exposure (Kay Scarpetta, for Not Connected To HIV connected to HIV Hear that That s depth charges going ofUnfortunately the issue doesn t start and end with HIVAIDS This pervasive dilemma has actually evolvedEbola and the Zika virus are now being brought to theorefront Superbugs for ultraearmongering in the same manner Predictably if one sifts deep through the data with a The Black Dahlia fine toothed comb allegations of people being diagnosed with these viruses areraught with issues And as we ve learned rom the HIVAIDS smokescreen the health issues that the individuals are experiencing with EbolaZika can be explained by other actors that are not virus relatedNow you have to ask yourself if we ve been lied to about all THAT what ELSE have we been lied to abou. Zling behind the scenes tour of laboratories newsrooms and even the White House to expose the real killers behind the disease It's the most explosive myth shattering book you'll read this year Book Size 216x14. T Gallo who was the person that claimed to have Atlas of Science found the cause of AIDS comes into uestion in an extremely disturbing mannerRappoport in his usual no holds barred approach shows that Gallo s work regarding viruses wasn t as ironclad as he would have liked us to believe Inact his work wasn t ironclad in no way shape or ormIn order to be able to prove that HIV is the cause of AIDS Gallo should have been able to isolate HIV constantly EVERY SINGLE TIME This was not the case howeverThrough his research Rappoport shows us that not only do many scientists disagree with the mainstream official scenario regarding AIDS but one in "Particular Was Even Willing To "was even willing to On RecordPeter DeusbergDuesberg Who Is A Molecular Biologist And #on recordPeter DeusbergDuesberg who is a molecular biologist and the author of Inventing The AIDS Virus was interviewed at length by Rappoport and sung like a canaryDuesberg not only is in thorough disagreement with the official AIDS theory which is a complete abrication but also notes the issues with Gallo s work the NIH s warped view of viruses as well as other issues with virology and such That excerpt by Rappoport of the interview with Deusberg alone is worth the price of the bookAdditionally As Rappoport Touches Upon Rappoport touches upon ew times and Deusberg mentions in the interview the health decline experienced by the individuals who were diagnosed with HIVAIDS have other causal actorsIf olks are still having trouble believing what might be possible once the veil of lies is pierced we ll uote a small passage rom the book to outline the crux of the issueTo uote the man himself RappoportTraditionally in order to establish that a germ causes a condition medical researchers invoke what are called Koch s postulatesThese postulates describe a Jens og flammernes verden formula From people with a given disease remove the same germ in every. Ort uncovers the shocking truth about AIDS Thousands are dying needlessly as the medical world and media pull off the biggest scandal of our time allor the love of power and money AIDS INC takes you on a siz. In his usual top down #pull no punches ashion Jon Rappoport dives into the deep of Big Medica territory #no punches ashion Jon Rappoport dives into the deep end Big Medica territory sets enough depth charges to shake the very strata of conventional medicineRappoport s regular readers already know what kind of investigative reporter he isFor those that don t know Rappoport NoMoreFakeNewscom JonRappoportwordpresscom is the type of person that won t back down when he sees something amyss That says A LOT in our era of "Controlled Cookie Cutter One Size "cookie cutter one size all mainstream media manipulation reality that s been carved The Legends of the Jews - Volume 2 for us all To that end Rappoport stands clear above the rest bringing credibility to countless issues that truly need itAnother great appealrom this researcher is that he s not a Paradise Reconsidered in Gnostic Mythmaking fear monger Rappoport tells it how it is which is how it should be even though some people don t like to be told the truth but also relentlessly brings about core issues to the individual levelAs if that were not enough Rappoport also shows us how important it isor individuals cognizant of their endless imagination which he speaks about at length to unleash their creative consciousness to solve any type of issues as well as creating their very realityIn Vortex (Insignia, fact one could argue all of Rappoport s work is about showing individuals what reality TRULY is about and what the individual can unleash to help crack that reality egg and create a new onerom the ground upIn that sense AIDS Inc Scandal Of The Century by Jon Rappoport is one of those books whose main thesis is so audacious so phenomenal that it make you uestion the very Complejidad fabric of realityWhy soBecause it challenges everything we ve ever known about virusesBecause it goes places no one would ever dream lies would comerom within the mainstream media establishmentBecause the work of Rober. Virus is NOT the cause Definition of AIDS is Worthless Treatment is Poison Anyone interested in AIDS must read this book Laurence E Badgley MD Author of Healing AIDS Naturally Investigative reporter Jon Rappop.

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