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American NietzscheTitanic scholarship of the titan hilosopher A bit repetitive but most lengthy scholarship tends toward repetition Could really do without some of the antiuarian inspired trivia in the middle sections her so called ephemera A couple of really good reviews here on goodreads alreadyAs an aside it s hard not to be a little bewildered at the appropriation of Nietzsche by so s hard not to be a little bewildered at the appropriation of Nietzsche by so different and olitically opposed groups but his feverish and brilliant ramblings must attract the attention of any intelligent mind that detects tension in the world or in life Perhaps his celebrity is tension in the world in hisher life Perhaps his celebrity is a bit bewildering than the celebrity of say Elvis The creation of the celebrity is really what this book is about It s culturalintellectual historyThings do get a little serious in chapter 5 erhaps the most impressive and serious bit of the book But one gets the impression that when she writes about Walter Kaufmann she is really writing about herself Her attempts to distance herself from Kaufmann are inadeuate she or less adopts his view Her obligatory dance with Adorno is not altogether serious she wants to de Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows provincialize Nietzsche But she fails in her attempts Not that one is not looking to assign blame or even to imply causation between war and thehilosopher But if one hopes to understand things from a transnational The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) perspective as she says she hopes to to She fails to come to terms with the importance of his ideas takes away Nietzsche s fangs his role in broader historicalrojects The book is decidedly Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, provincial She does not care about influence or global movements only about conversations Conversations are not dangerous Nietzsche is dangerousHow is it that the Leopold Loeb trial receives scant attention a fewaragraphs One would think it would occupy a much central A Fairly Honourable Defeat place in her narrativeAlso it s hard not to be at least a little bewildered by the contemporary tendency to appropriate and fawn over his aphorisms In other words I might hesitate before appropriating one of his admittedly brilliant aphorisms and hanging it in myarlor considering the final destination of his superman for what slowly killed Nietzsche clearly did not make him stronger For all his sheer and spectacular brilliance this was a man clearly very sick his contempt for the human condition and for anything approaching weakness is than a little chilling He illuminates and makes stark some fundamental uestions about the individual value and states of belonging But a thoroughgoing contempt for human existence is not readily found erhaps even nihilistic than some of Dostoevsky. If you were looking for a hilosopher likely to appeal to Americans Friedrich Nietzsche would be far from your first choice After all in his blazing career Nietzsche took aim at nearly all the foundations of modern American life Christian morality the Enlightenment faith in reason and the idea of human euality Despite that for than a century Nietzsche has been a hugely Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue popular and surprisingly influential figure in American thought and cultureIn American Nietzsche Jennifer Ratner Rosenhagen delves deeply into Nietzsche'shilosophy and America’s reception of it to tell the story of his curious appeal Beginn.

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S narrators UW Madison Professor Jennifer Ratner Roshenhagen has written here a wonderful volume on the impact of Nietzsche on the United States of all laces After all in her own words What is the Gone (Gone, philosophy of an anti christian antidemocratic madman doing in a culture like ours Why Nietzsche Why in AmericaThis is not a history of American Nietzscheans It is a history of American readers making their way into their views of themselves and their modern American by thinking through against and around Nietzsche s stark challengesHer wonderfully lucid introduction bears out the relationship between the works of Emerson and the well known works of Nietzsche Famously a figure who cast off intellectual forebears with great alacrity Nietzsche nevertheless maintained who cast off intellectual forebears with great Nietzsche nevertheless maintained fascination and respect for Emerson s thought throughout his life This is brought full circle in the final chapter in the work of Cavell attempting to bring Nietzschean thought clearly into the discussion of what was American and what was ContinentalAlong the way Jennifer Ratner Rosenhagen takes you through the reception of this singularhilosopher by turn of the century American theologians the New Humanists Irving Babbitt in Threads Of The Shroud particular the deconstruction of Derrida and the New French Nietzsche the conflict of Adorno s and Kaufmann s treatments Richard Rorty and the impact of On the Genealogy of Morals on the early foundational work of literary critic Harold Bloom What you get is a very clear treatment of each of these figures while at the same time a lucidresentation as to how they made this All Seated on the Ground philosopher their own either by distancing his work from his biography over obsessing on his life to the detriment of serious study of his work deliberate obfuscation of certainoints of his to make his work alatable and many other modes of license takingThe greatest amount of time is spent on Walter Kaufmann s work in lifting Nietzsche out of the obscurity of ostwar thought and lazy association with Germany s martial Wiring philosophy and sheer depravity Therevailing view that the mad Against All Odds philosopher was responsible for thehilosophical undergirding of both world war movements was one that was Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage preventing serious discussion of this figure in any substantive way in academia and broadly Once again you see figures trying to cloak their worldview in the garb of great thinkers whom they haven t read and couldn tossibly comprehend but Kaufmann effectively showed this for the utter fatuity it was His standout The DOS profile of Nietzsche is still arincipal text in the study of the figure and Jennifer. Ing her account with Ralph Waldo Emerson whom the seventeen year old Nietzsche read fervently she shows how Nietzsche’s ideas first burst on American shores at the turn of the twentieth century and how they continued  alternately to invigorate and to shock Americans for the century to come She also delineates the broader intellectual and cultural contexts within which a wide array of commentators academic and armchair Against All Odds philosophers theologians and atheists romanticoets and hard nosed empiricists and olitical ideologues and apostates from the Left and the Right drew insight and inspiration from Nietzsche?.
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Ratner Rosenhagen does an excellent job making his role in the reading and reception of Nietzsche very clear In summation this is a wonderfully clear volume on a fascinating figure that should be read by all Though I wasn t flummoxed by the notion of Nietzsche enjoying success as a subject of American readership and discourse the author here does a wonderful job chronicling a century s worth of debate on the man and his work On the other hand looking back on the success the book had especially with the great artist to whom it addressed itself as if in a conversation that is with Richard Wagner the book Payment Due proved itself I mean it was the sort of book which at any rate was effective enough among the besteople of its time For that reason the book should at this Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, point be handled with some consideration and discretionIn The birth tragedy She believes Nietzsche was influential in the Black Power movement and slogan so with those Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster who created the Superman character However Ayn Rand and many others on the right and left wing could claim an influence as well despite the negative things Nietzsche said about women euality and democracy Jennifer argues that Nietzsche challenged universal truths he unveiled the human creations The madman of the book The Gay Science screaming in the street God is dead is an example of our times However the madman had concluded fromeople s reaction his time had not yet come After the success of the book The birth tragedy Nietzsche got to know what a nervous collapse is as well as a declining state of health until death There s like 120% of a book here but it s broken into arts there s 80% of a brilliant intellectual history of America from the 1890s to around World War I and then there s 40% of an informative but much constrained intellectual hist Nietzsche is a Rorschach blot for Americans blue collar workers housewives Christians but much constrained intellectual hist Nietzsche is a Rorschach blot for Americans blue collar workers housewives Christians activists artists intellectuals Americans see in Nietzsche what they most desire freedom from the dead morals of a corrupt and decadent consumer society And they see in Nietzsche what they most fear a world without ultimate justification other than what the self can justify to itself by itself Ratner Rosenhagen documents America s wide ranging disparate fascinations with Nietzsche in a fluent fast aced transfixing intellectual history falters only a little at the end Nietzsche was barely noticed during lifetime What also has gone unnoticed is the influence of Emerson on him As an avid and lifelong reader of Emerson s Essays Nietzsche arr. ??s claims for the death of God his challenge to universal truth and his insistence on the interpretive nature of all human thought and beliefs At the same time she explores how his image as an iconoclastic immoralist was The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, put to work in Americanopular culture making Nietzsche an unlikely Turbulence posthumous celebrity capable of inspiring both teenagers and scholars alikeA  penetrating examination of aowerful but little explored undercurrent of twentieth century American thought and culture American Nietzsche dramatically recasts our understanding of American intellectual life and Tropical Bioproductivity puts Nietzsche suarely at its hea.