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Not sure I loved this one as much as the first but it definitely had its moments From the investigation to uinn and Twig trying to navigate their budding relationship including the potential repercussions of a mating bond to all the high council shenanigans to the touching moment between Twig and mother there were several high points and a couple of stellar sexy times scenes too Lastly his there were several high points and a couple of stellar sexy times scenes too Lastly cannot imagine xperiencing this series without Greg Boudreaux at the helm He s the best and I can t wait to see what s up next for Twig and the gang 4 StarsTwig Starfig and uinn Broomsparkle are back for another adventure This time the half dragonhalf fairy investigator and his wizard mate become deeply ntangled in a murder mystery when a new case throws them in the middle of a power grab for a mythical hammer Shit s getting a bit crazy and dangerous in the Elder Realm for Twig uinn and their demon friend Bill what with their investigation going sideways and Twig s father constantly popping in to nag Twig about running for a seat on the Lighthelm town council On top of all of this Twig and uinn still haven t officially completed their mate bond both struggling with the potential impacts it might have on their autonomy and their relationship in general The stakes are high might have on their autonomy and their relationship in general The stakes are high are getting higher very day but Twig and uinn make one hell of a team and with their friends new and old they might just be able to solve the mystery and save the day all while growing closer and in love than The Sweeney Sisters ever Injoyed this story a great deal possibly Black Tupelo even than the first book Maslow has blended so many genres I love here and she does it with a skilled and imaginative hand This series continues to deliver somexcellent world building lots of fantastical and kooky characters a whodunit mystery that ll keep you intrigued and guessing a tasty dash of romance and passion and plenty of fun and frivolity to keep the overall mood light and playfulThis one took me longer to read than usual but I ve decided that was to do with my mood and social schedule than any kind of disinterest in the story itself Once again I North Country Hero enjoyed the journey Twig and uinn went on I particularly loved the secondary characters Cookie was adorable and damn handy in a dire situation and I m now super psyched to see what comes next not only for Twig and uinn butspecially for Bill view spoiler and Leo GAH hide spoiler 35 starsThis wasn t uite as much fun as the first one though it certainly had its highlights namely Cookie who I kept picturing as a tribble A tribble with some very plot convenient abilitiesThe mystery was a bit convoluted as Twig and uinn try to hunt down an infamous troll hammer that keeps The Outlaws LadyLove Thine Enemy eluding them and Twig s also having to manage thelection campaign his scheming dad wrapped him into Since I probably won t remember much of it in a few weeksview spoilerThe hammer turns out to be part of prophecy to bring about the Light In Darkness endgame and a dragon that s out to get Twig s mom is after it uinnnds up claiming the hammer or accurately the hammer claims him and it very conveniently turns itself into a cuff around his wrist that I m sure will prove to have plot convenient powers for the next bookMeanwhile someone keeps trying to kill Twig s dad One of the someone s turns out to be a dark Star Wars Be More Vader elf that Bill had been dating and that doesn tnd well For the dark Latin America in the World elf After some psychic mojo Bill s back to normal and it appears that Twig might have gotten some of uinn s soul mojo mixed with his I m just guessing this because their souls bumped intoach other while trying to subdue Bill s monster on the astral plane and now Bill s noticed that Twig smells different Which I m guessing will The Virginia Dynasty: Four Presidents and the Creation of the American Nation end up being the key to Twig finally completing the mating with uinn without uinn losing his powers But we ll have to wait and see on that hide spoiler. Ard familiar bond they now share Throw in a red fury with abysmal taste in boyfriends a ghost pirate parrot who drinks too much a murderer who will stop at nothing to get what they want a host of new friends andnemies and you’ve got a situation where no one is safe and veryone is Fairy Game This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalon. Be Fairy Game35 Stars Rounded UpOverall a highly ntertaining seuelThis continues to impress with a large contingency of fantastical beings implementing this time around dark lves crooked dwarves an imp a vamp and a goblin Not To Mention Gargoyles Dragons to mention gargoyles dragons demon goodness hellhounds griffins and garden gnomes galoreWhat failed for me just a tad was that this was on the side of too long mostly ncompassing Twig and uinn s intense but new relationship Both these guys have a shit ton of issues regarding their pasts regarding their need for independence and control and when you toss in wizardfamiliar dynamics with a potential mate bond messing with their magical mojo their relationship is anything but The ueen's Man easy Hence they debated they argued they avoided talking at times they went caveman onach other It was repetitive with circular arguments going round and round making my head spin and decreasing my Strange Concepts and the Stories They Make Possible Cognition Culture Narrative enjoyment a bit BUTAll in all the story arc the set up for the next seuel was impressive delivering a well thought out mystery steeped heavily in fantasy There were also somenlightening answers about Twig s background and seeing Twig and uinn grow their own special brand of family which was absolutely the best part Plus Having Some Nice Smexy having some nice smexy didn t hurt things at all Most importantly I was Country Notes MONGOLIA entertainedspecially with the last 3rd of the story which was crazy intense leaving me worn out and affected in all the best ways The dangling new threads left by Maslow only reassuringly solidified that is to come for this uniue series 2020 Sorry Youre Not My Type ebook reviewA complimentarybook was provided in Elegy Owed exchange for an honest reviewThe below is certainly true but I want tolaborate on book 2 Sometimes seuels aren t as good as the original That s just the way it goes And then there are seuels that are Ruines (BD Erotique) (French Edition) eual to the first orven surpass it With Be Fairy Game Meghan really showed how much she cares for her craft and characters She wasn t going to give us some fluff read with no depth or substance Rest assured for those of you who Förändring som tillstånd Att leda förändrings och utvecklingsarbete i företag och organisationer enjoy series where the same characters continue and grow in their relationship as anstablished couple this is that series Yes it s a fantasy comedy with hilarious LOL moments but it s got serious parts too And whoa Is there a lot going on I forgot how much happened in this series which makes being able to read so much Scraping By Studies in Early American Economy and Society from the Library Company of Philadelphia easierCopied from book 1book reviewI don t know about Expo 58 everyonelse but me there are just some books I want to Ghost Empire experience EVERYTHING I first listened to this story and mynjoyment was beyond words When the chance to actually read the written words on page came my way I had to jump on the chance Again there are just some books I want to absorb in very way and I could SAVOR the written words Take my time practically molest the characters lol In audio it s harder to go back and re listen to a passage as opposed to just flipping a page When something is funny or complicated I want to read it several times to get the full impactThese are characters and stories I will read over and over and never get tired of Seriously if you don t know this series this needs to move to 1 on your to do listHighly HIGHLY recommend Oh and I couldn t help but hear Greg s voice for the characters Meghan Maslow is a SUPER talented author who I wish the best of successAll the stars2019 audio reviewThis series is my happy place And so are cute kittens so this is the best way I can xpress how I feel I love Twig uinn Bill and now Cookie Cookie is a new character and we don t know what she is beyond a cute little furball

With Healing Abilities She 
healing abilities She too sweetI listed to the audio and once again Greg Boudreaux did an amazing job Amazing isn t a good The Heretic ueen enough word There are no words goodnough to describe how well Greg does with this series ALL THE STARS for the audio and the story I am ju. They’re baaacckk When a simple ‘find fetch’ case throws private investigator Twig Starfig and newly minted wizard uinn Broomsparkle into the middle of an EBI murder investigation it’s just another day in the Elder Realm If murder were Twig’s only problem he’d be the luckiest half dragon in the land Murder he can handle Fulfilling his promise St in love with this series and DEMAND veryone get it NOW DThere is so much going on in this installment attempted assassination treasure hunting SUSPECT TAILING FAMILY PROBLEMS BATTLES POLITICAL tailing family problems battles political demons and of course dragons and wizarding D Twig and uinn are hired to find a special object and this starts a series of vents that are too funny Add in Twigs father Bill and his boyfriend and now the adorable Cookie and you have a crowded story with so much ntertainment I and his boyfriend and now the adorable Cookie and you have a crowded story with so much ntertainment I t want to stopAnd nope I am not saying You will just have to get the book cough AUDIO and Peekaboo Morning experience this for yourself So much fun And I know what the next book is going to be about And I ll tell you uinn has been summoned by the wizard or was it magic council Remember uinn was made a slave to what s his name unicorn in book 1 to pay his debts because uinn didn t become a full fledged wizard And he didn t become a full fledged wizard because he couldn t find his familiar which turns out to be Twig the Dragon D Now that uinn has found his familiar and is a full blown wizard those jerks from the council want him to appear before them Blah D I can only imagine what those people are going to say to uinn and I am soxcited to hear what uinn and Twigs response will be I am like an The Man in the Monster evil villain rubbing my hands in glee I am soxcited for book 3 Fabulous audiobook I loved getting back to Twig and uin and the boys wizards demons fae and new friendsand Evel enemies Snarky and adventurous what can a fantasy lover ask for This took me waaaaaaaaaayyy to long to finish and I have noxcuse other than I think I might be in a slumpThe story was uite fun at times and the menagerie that Twig and uinn managed to gather around them seriously they need a castle if their clan continues to grow like this sidenote I hear the residence of Nyx is available was Mouth of Madness: Preternatural Chronicles Book 4 entertaining and inventive One thing s for certain Meghan Maslow is not lacking in the imagination departmentOne of my main issues with this one draws back to book 1 though and uinn s indentured servitude and thevil EVIL Unicorn known as BrandsomeWhy he is still breathing with all of his limbs attached has me scratching my headEspecially considering Twig and his dragon s tendencies to see red How to Code a Sandcastle every time uinn is in danger or stubs his toe I understand that Twig can t just killverybody willy nilly Do no harm First Afterall but it bothe I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SERIES AND THIS BOOK love love love this series and this book author manages to perfectly blend the romance humor action and the sexy times into one awesome whole The character s living in this book uickly become good friends and are perfectly imperfect Story wise the author did an Imamku Lelaki Pendosa excellent job of maintaining the suspense and mystery throughout thentire book I cannot wait till book three is finished and I get to spend some uality time visiting this world and its people once again I had missed Twig and uinn I Llama Llama Sand and Sun enjoyed it Twig uinn and Bill doing investigative work what could go wrongNew characters are introduced and a prophesy has been unearthed can t wait for the next one A bazillion utterly bewizarded and bedragoned stars for the audiobook 4 befairied stars for the story Greg B is a wizard parxcellence himself I swear He once again sold me a story beyond my limited go to genres and made me njoy the hell out of it Oh and I want a Cookie myself Umm the furball kind not the tasty ones although I wouldn t mind those ither I this seriesIt s action packed fun and lighthearted In other words The French Girl exactly what I need right nowTwig uinn and their rapidly growing pack have wormed their way into my heart precisely because of that inclusion Whether you re a half dragon half fairy a human wizard a red fury demon an alcoholic pirate parrot or whatever the heck Cookie Wookie and her pride are you can find a home in this band of misfitsI O his scheming power hungry father to run for a seat on Lighthelm’s city council Meh he’d rather face a demon with a toothache On top of their case going sideways and Twig running for a council seat he really doesn’t want Twig and uinn are forced to face some unpleasant realities about their budding romance while still learning how to handle the wiz.

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