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Ite ring true The perpective was too human it didn t sound like a dog talking Overall it was a decent read It s an motional roller coaster with both nasty and like a dog talking Overall it was a decent read It s an The Stall (Pony In Training emotional roller coaster with both nasty and people displayed by how they treat the dog But I d ratherither see some of the nasty bits taken out to make it suitable for smaller children or see them covered carefully for maximum impact on a teenageadult audience THIS BOOKAs you can see I am for wordsThis book is absolutely gorgeous Strong themes of friendship family and loyalty Read it Love it Cry Cry again read all of Michael Morpurgo s other books ALL OF THEMThis had always Been One Of My Top one of my top Michael Morpurgo books when I read them a good few years ago so I was skeptical and to be honest scared that I wouldn t love it as much if I reread it now But wow I was wrong This Book I can t THIEME Atlas of Anatomy even form well structured sentences This book has given me the reassurance that no one isver too old for one of Morpurgo s timeless gems I look forward to rereading all of Morpurgo s other gorgeous books now and in many years to come I need to clarify that this 5 rating is certainly not for the nostalgia of this reread Sure I wouldn t have picked up this book now if I hadn t loved the author and book previously but that does not mean in any way that my rating is biased Born to Run has a simplistic beauty to it s writing heart wrenching and Sanibel Virgin emotional storylines and the most lovable and precious characters I dare someone not to fall in love with this book If you give Born to Run a chance you will neverver regret Dog this remarkable greyhound proves that it's not just cats who have than one life. .

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This touching book shows a "young dogs hard life From being rescued from a pond to living on the streets "dogs hard life From being rescued from a pond to living on the streets the toughest book reader may need a box of tissues beside them This is a lovely book and as I ve mentioned is very touching I would recommend this book to a young ish audience around 11 12 year olds would Way of the Shaman enjoy this but I think older teens 14ish may alsonjoy this book I know I loved it This is a charming story about the different lives of one dog Born to run by Micheal Morpugo is a story About The Life Of the life of greyhound and the Gallowglass experiences hencounters The book is I would probably guess aimed at young teenagers However any dog lover will love this tale of a greyhound who has three different and very contrasting owners for the duration of this novel The story begins with Patrick a young boy who whilst walking on his way to school sees a bag floating in the canal which seems to be moving Without any concern for his own safety he jumps My friend recommended this book to me and I didn t have high xpectations But it was amazing I Recommend This To Anyone this to anyone wants a short but motional read Its a touching story about a greyhound who had many different lives He was saved from a canal with the rest of his siblings and kept by the rescuer He was dognapped attacked and lef Doing the reading river activity for uni really took me back to this book as I remember it was the first chapter book that I really got into and found really motive Decided to re read it and I still love it today Definitely one of my favourite Morpurgo books Yes of. For Best Mate being rescued from drowning as a young puppy is only the start of his. .
Course I know that Michael s books are intended for a reading audience just slightly younger than me However I am a sucker for a good doggie story and this must be one of the best out Excellent book as always by this xceptionally gifted children s author In this book it really shows how friends are a really important part of your life and that your friends are always there to help you But
sometimes one point 
one point your life you must leave your old life and friends your life you must leave your old life and friends and find new friends I think this book really illustrates well that part of life that your must let go of your old comfortable life and find a new life This book is very fast paced It rattles along with barely a paragraph or chapter in sight I guess that is to keep children interested It looks like a book for young children with wide line spacing and illustrations But I found the content to be very adult for the style of the book There was animal abuse parents dying nasty step parents children running away homelessness violence Maybe I m just old fashioned and don t What Next After School ? expect to find those issues covered in a book that looks like it s aimed atarly readers Maybe kids are tougher than they used to be and are used to this kind of stuff For me though this book was caught a bit in between the age groups it was written for The content is Emerging Markets extremelymotive but the pace of the book and writing style took away some of the impact of A Home of Another Kind eventsThe parts of the book written from a dog sye view were a nice idea and made a good bridge for sudden shifts in the story But for me they didn t Adventures From unwanted burden to favourite companion and from pet to champion race. Born To Run