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Degrading verbal humiliation especially between teenagers just isn t a kink I enjoy The epilogues however were a completely different tone as these two get their HEA With an 8 year time jump after an estrangement I enjoyed Alex s treatment of Dex But I wonder if you read the whole book if there is enough grovelling on age to make up for the angst I just don t if there is enough grovelling on Lawbreakers Suspense Stories page to make up for the angst I just don t What I will say is I muchreferred reading these two as adults working through their issues than I did as teenagers YMMV This one was hard for me to rate Ultimately it gets 4 stars for being a very different experienceFor better or worse your mileage may vary on this this is not the book it appears to be in the first few chapters By the latter HIPPO IN THE GARDEN parts it s not even the same book you were reading up to the halfwayoint Near the end it s another book yet againIf the idea of having your expectations subverted in this way appeals then you ll Spinal Trauma probably find the shifts in tone to be refreshing I really did feel by the end that I had just wrapped up three distinct books one of YA erotica YA in terms of character age not subject matter one of YA coming out romance and one that I won t mention becauseossible spoilersIt manages to be sexy angsty light hearted sugary and heavy all in one The mood whiplash is real but overall I did enjoy it uite a bit I start by warning that this book is not for everyone It contains some very graphic gay erotica However if that doesn t bother you it is a very good book Erotica is not a genre that I have read very often but I took a chance on this book because Chase very often but I took a chance on this book because Chase is one of my very favorite authors It has a little bit of everything a little kink a lot of erotica coming of age coming out to family and friends big love and big heartbreak Like all of Chase Connor s books it
well written It will hold attention and mess with your emotions If you ve read any of Chase Connor s Shadow (New Species, previous books you know that there is very little steam And that s not a bad thing That level of steam fits Connor Jock'shone sets off an epiclove story Bully is the story of two eighteen year old guys one a nerd one a jock who have their first sexual encounter in an alleyway behind the grocery store they both work at after school Perfect 細味人生100篇 porn scenario What happens after is everythingorn is not built on first love rejection coming out secrets sharing of the deepest desires dreams and aspirations Finding the strength to be who you really StoriesNow forget all about that because Bully will completely blow you heh out of the water I knew Bully was a departure from what I m accustomed to with Conner s writing I mean just read the blurb but I was still leasantly surprised at the downright naughtiness There s no fade to black no behind closed doors adult fun It s all out there in explicit detail When I think of erotica I think of little to no deep feelings just naughty bits everywhere Bully has enough sexy times to satisfy but it also has some endearingly tender and sweet Moments The Last Two The last two of the story were what hit me the most There was a lot unexpected throughout but it s the the two arts that threw me for a loop in the best way The second to last art is definitely my favorite the dialogue is funny and raw and snarky and "I JUST LOVED IT THIS WASN T AT ALL " just loved it This wasn t at all I was expecting but I loved it Some of the language used in the steamy scenes and they were steamy was a bit unsophisticated but other than that the writing and the story had all the feels I was actually taken by surprise at the epilogue didn t see it coming at all and it was actually really moving but it came with a coming at all and it was actually really moving but it came with a too so we can deal Recommended 4 I absolutely LOVE the story From the start till end Though i think the book cover and name not match the story itself But stil it was amazingThe last arts i read with WHAT THE on my face How THAT was Chastity possible but OK I m deal with it heheheWhen i read the book i can t stop think about characters I think the one from thisicture are close as Dex and Alex for me 4 starsI almost DNF d this during ch 1 The scene felt like sexual assault However I m glad I continued on It turned into a wonderful love story sexy between 2 HS seniors one of whom is a jock exploring his homosexuality for the first time with both expected and unexpected conseuences The romance arc is typical up until the last couple of chapters Very unexpected Kind of like hitting a brick wall But I rolled with it There is a very satisfying HEA. Re and loving the Experiential Learning person you really are finding acceptance for who you are and leaning on yourerson through one of the messiest times in life It's about losing your first true love graduating high school finishing college starting your adult life and reconnecting It's about having the faith that you are enoughbut hoping that you will find your erson again Bully is the story of two boys and this mess we call life And lots of sex. .
Honestly I don t know how to review this book without spoilersAt first I thought it didn t sound like Chase Connor at all I mean it was definitely his spoilersAt first I thought it didn t sound like Chase Connor at all I mean it was
his but the words werenot I don t knowI like to think of Chase as my friend I have vivid imagination and this book is like when your friend has a concussion and starts behaving differentlyI was confused Luckily it didn t last long Confusion not the book I would like this book to be longer Bully is a story about not judging book by its cover It s coming of age story but with a twist You never know what exactly is behind the facade And you can t judge until you look inside Sometimes A New Philosophy of History people surprise you In a good and in a bad way This is a book that I will certainly reread And recommend to anyone This is like 8 out 5 stars The 8 years later at the end before the epilogue to me felt like the author was being lazy The book was good until it was ruined So am like wow goodremisea Chase Connor book what could go wrongYou see am making my way through Connor s books because I ve read two really good onesApparently everything Both MCs giggled and chucked alot and the term babe was used entirely too muchHow Dex can go from this supposedly Bully to being dick whipped threw me for a loop I was as confused as ALEXI mean I don t read too much YA so I don t know how much sex is too much sex at this age not saying that it was too much but some descriptions had me like wtfI didnt care much for either MC and at about 90% I started skimming However this won t deter me from COnnor s books On to the next one Just need to get this taste out of my mouth I don t feel like I can rate this book fairly so I won t For Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction personal reasons it was a DNF I only read up until Part 5 then completely skipped the rest to read the final 2 epilogues and find out how it endedThose first 5 chapters were really hard for me to get through Even as rolelay the sexual dynamic between Dex and Alex was not my cup of tea I read a whole lot of kinkytaboo stuff but that level of. Warning This novel is hardcore erotica It is not a straightforward sweet romance or a coming of age story It all began like something out of orn The gay eighteen year old nerd who works at the grocery store after school is being bullied by the straight eighteen year old jock who also works at the grocery store They're from different worlds and under normal circumstances robably never would have met But an app notification on the. ,

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