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Cascadias FaultSimply an excellent read If you ever wanted to know everything there is to know about earthuakes and the dangers they ose this is the one book you should read And it s entertaining as heck too Very informative book about Tamil Short Stories plate tectonics in general Specifically deals with thelates off the coast of Northern California Oregon Washington and British Columbia and their Trial Run (Fault Lines pressure and stress on the North American Plate as thelates move toward each other The experts The Afterlife of the Leiden Anatomical Collections predict a tremendous earthuake along these faults in the near future and a huge tsunami as a result Lots of discussion about the methods scientists use to monitor the oceans for waves fromossible tsunamis and the earth for tremors that may lead to earthuakes In addition the author discusses the various ways scientists have studied the devastation from Within Reason past earthuakes by examining core samples and looking at tree rings and vegetation They hope to learn ways toredict earthuakes in the future But right now our focus should be on awareness of emergency routes and disaster G.R. Point. preparedness to save lives when the inevitable happens When this 9lus uake hits it will effect several major metropolitan areas and the waves from tsunamis will be among the largest ever seen As someone who is science challenged it took me about 100 Awakening (Chrysalis, pages to really get into this one After that it became so gripping I had to constantly remind myself this is all true and not Hollywood s latest disaster movie I am blown away at the ingenuity of the scientists and engineers who ve analyzed every scrap of evidence to uncover theast of the Cascadia fault and in doing so give us a clear icture of what s in store for the Pacific Northwest There are a lethora of oh shit moments in this book Close to the Bone (Widow's Island Novella Book 1) plenty of them horrifying but the overwhelming takeaway for me is the dedication anderseverance of the folks researching earthuakes and tsunamis A way better book than expected My fellow residents of the Pacific Northwest Be afraid Be very afraid There is a ticking time bomb beneath our feet It could detonate tonight or in one hundred years Who knows There are smart geologists working hard to answer that uestion but Frankenstein prediction science is a lot of tilting at windmillsStill this is fascinating stuff Jerry Thompson takes us on an armchair tour through seismic activity of the ring of fire starting with Mexico City in 1985 a jump back to Alaska 1964 and on through the recent double tragedies of earthuake and tsunami in Japan 2011 He drills down from the massive Ring of Fire to focus on the Cascadia Subduction zone that runs from Vancouver Island to Northern California how it was discovered and what can happen when It decides to cut loose with The Big One There is a baffling absence of maps I live here so I know the Northwest references but what about everyone else Not to mention the many sites outside the PNW Central and South America the South Pacific Alaska Japan Southeast Asiainexcusable not to show thelate and subduction zone formations either I live on a MILF peninsula that juts into the Puget Sound on one end the Strait of Juan de Fuca on the other bordered on a third side by two bays Water in three directions We d beretty well screwed if it weren t for the fact that higher ground is to our southwest the Olympic Mountains Our beaches sport tsunami sirens the country roads have tsunami evacuation notices every Tuesday morning at 10 am downtown life is interrupted briefly by the chilling sound of the siren drill Good thing I do hill repeats on my bike When the rumbling starts I ll shove the cat in her carrier get on my bike and start Gravitys Fatal Attraction peddling uphill The short version first The world changed for many of us during the Christmas holidays of 2004 It was during that time that a devastating earthuake occurred off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra The uake was one of the largest in recorded history with a death count measured at around 240000rimarily from the effects of the tsunami waves created as the result of this earthuake also classified as a subduction zone megathrust earthuake The link gathered from the Incorporated Institutions for Research in Seismology gives the reader a brief summary of the megathrust earthuakes that have occurred around the world since the first recognized one in Chile 1960 The only other one that severely affected North America and the United States occurred in Alaska during the Easter holidays of 1964 In almost all cases these earthuakes have the incredible magnitudes above a 90 on the Moment Magnitude Scale The MMS was created in 1979 to serve as a replacement for the Richter magnitude scale devised in 1935 is latest version of the Bring Me Your Saddest Arizona preferred way human scientists use in describing an earthuake sower that is consistent in scientific comparisons with OTHER EARTHUAKESTHE MEGATHRUST EARTHUAKES ARE UNIUE IN SEVERAL WAYS earthuakesThe megathrust earthuakes are uniue in several ways the location of these destructive events take lace in the locations where oceanic tectonic lates are moving under the lighter structures of the continental tectonic Jinlar bazmi, yoxud katta oyin plates Theseoints of contact are known as subduction zones because the oceanic Whiteman plates are moved under the lighter tectoniclates of the continents There are thousands of feet contained in each one of these types of tectonic Ludicrous Laws and Mindless Misdemeanors plates and they arerincipally made up of the various types of crust found forming the outer layer of our lanet the roblem with the rocess is that the problem with the rocess is that the of the lates their relative softness and their different compositions create friction and in some cases result in laces where the lates seize up resulting in a locus of no or very little movement With enough of these sticky spots stopping the subduction stress is built up over time At some future moment these oints of stress will be released resulting in a sudden movement of one or both Murach's Android Programming (2nd Edition) plates Theroblem of the subduction zone uakes is the fact that rather than slipping side to side they have a nearly horizontal movement axis which makes the Captured by Him (Different Desire plates move over and under that side to side The resulting initial movement can cause a vertical drop of several feet to several yards in addition to the rapid thrust side to side of the entire area being relieved of its stress The worst of these earthuakes happen when one section of stress is relieved thus having the effects of acting like a zipper releasing the stress in other areas that have been building up stress as well In the case of the 2004 event in Sumatra the entire subduction zone released a vertical lift of several meters of sea floor along the entire extent of the subduction zone involved basically several thousands of meters kilometers all moving over theeriod of about 5 10 minutes The resulting column of water several kilometers from the ocean s floor to the surface moved at the speed of a jet airliner across the bulk of the small bodies of water around nearby islands and simultaneously across the entire Indian Ocean from its eastern extent to the coast of Africa in the span of several hoursThe devastation of the waves was captured on various forms of video that you have robably seen since these events were well documented and even represented in a film called The Impossible The real images from the scene as it developed are indicative of the horror and the chaos from the actual events as they unfolded So what does this have to do with Cascadia and where is CascadiaThe Cascadia Subduction Zone starts at the oint where California s San Andres fault migrates from its north south orientation and moves northwest into the Pacific Ocean About 50 miles or so out from the coast the Cascadia Subduction Zone starts and runs the better Daddys Little Girl part of 800 900 miles to Vancouver Island movingast Northern California Oregon Washington State And British Columbia In Its Trek Oregon Washington State and British Columbia in its trek the oint where it gets involved with Alaska s variety of faults and subduction zones of its ownThe book under review looks at the history of continental drift and its successor tectonic late theory as the main geophysical force that we can observe and need to heed for our successful negotiation of existence on our restless Seven Steps To Designing Your Own Ham Equipment planet The idea of the subduction zone was found over several decades of dedicated geology geophysics and at least three other large megathrust subduction zone earthuakes involving Chile in 1960 the most severe earthuake ever measured with a 95 magnitude recorded This was followed in 1964 with the Alaskan 91 earthuake over the Easter holidays and another one of several in Japan It took almost half a century of diligent researchatient analysis modeling using the latest in technology for data analysis hysical modeling and gathering innumerable samples for radiologic microscopic nautical test chambers of various types and a review of mathematics from over the wor. There's a crack in the earth's crust that runs roughly 31 miles offshore approximately 683 miles from northern California up through Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia The Cascadia Subduction Zone has generated massive earthuakes over and over again throughout geologic time; at least 36 major events in the last 10000 years This fault generates a monster earthuake about every 500 years And the monster. Ld to finally declare that the Cascadia Subduction Zone was indeed just that with the Brother Enemy possible implications that it had for all of the cities and towns by which itassed just off shore The sobering fact is that this \blak\ \al-fə bet\ particular event which is just over 315 years since its last major event basic on a consolidation of all the data surrounding theeople all over the Pacific Ocean s Ring of FireThe bottom line is all of the research says that if you are in the Northwest United States especially the closer you get to the Pacific Ocean if you feel the ground move you need to get to the highest ground as far inland as you can get The longer the earth moves the shorter amount of time you have to get to high ground It is imperative for your survival to take action to get as high as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Oh! ~~ Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, !O! ~~ A Story in Two Languages possible as rapidly asossible The estimates are that after the ground stops moving you have as little as eight minutes before the first of several waves strike with each succeeding wave getting larger than the last up to as many as ten total waves in the series The water could be as shallow as a couple of feet above high tide to as much as 30 to 50 feet above high tideThis book is not one to scare you but it is one to heed from its lessons and its compelling science that says that this is a serious threat to the Pacific Northwestern coast of the United States It will also have ramifications as far as the Western Pacific sides of the Asia continent as well The theoretical information suggests that these events will be like a Katrina in every major city of the Northwest United States and British Columbia The ground shaking alone may last as much as 5 minutes total for the main shock with many aftershocks The thing to remember is that you can survive but high ground is what you need to be Chinese Fitness planning for anytime you are out and about in that region of the countryJerry Thompson has done a significant amount of research as is noted by the index and sources cited in the end of his work as well as his illustrations trables and other informationrovided Having a accomplished non fiction science author as Simon Winchester to write the Introduction is a definite Tasting Paris (The Good Doctor Trilogy, plus as well In hisrime source interviews with the Material Child principal investigators for the various colleges and universities where the research is ongoing as well as his gathering data from all of the demonstrablereviously reported and record megathrust subduction zone earthuakes lend a tremendous amount of veracity to his technical arguments as well as their expertise in the fields that make these scientists and researchers the best jury to vet the nature of this threat and its lausible threat to our northwestern StatesRecommendationsThe book is clearly a five out of five stars and an absolulte must read by any and all who are involved with civil defense scientific analysis of data first responders health care officials lanners civil engineers and anyone with anything to do with government and tourism in the Pacific Northwest needs to be aware of and heed the warnings about this situation Cascadia has not had a major event at any time in the historic record but there are obscure but available writings oral traditions and other forms of data that can show you that the time approaches when the Rain Catchers possibility will no longer be a let s wait and see but let s alsorepare for a coming event with dire ramifications for loved ones and ourselves if we do not heed the recommendations that are brought out in these Broken Promise (Between Worlds pages There is a mounting amount of data supporting each discipline and interlacing the whole to bring a sense of urgency to the call berepared In this case if you feel ground movement Keeping Two, Part 2 particularly than a span of 2 minutes straight of motion then you are in the event that isredicted in this work If that is the case you have three things to do get your kids get your When Good People Write Bad Sentences pets and head for the hills and mountains to your east away from the Pacific shore You have less than 10 minutes to save what is mostrecious to you Take care of your safety first Cascadia is a true threat to your family and your safety Be The Miners Wife prepared to save all that you can starting with the lives of you and your family first Also don t time to recognize the draw back of the ocean and all that blank beach it means the tsunami is already there approaching the coast now at speeds up to 200 300 mileser hour You have no lime left get as high as you can as fast as you canSchools want to consider this as a Une modernisation manquée (1915-1956) part of theirarental outreach for family safety if nothing else Planning for solidly constructed tsunami evacuation shelters or other ways to reach out to help Her Hardest Choice parents know that their children are safe with you This is a wake up call and one whichrobably needs to be heeded with a bit urgency than the Yellowstone supervolcano It has been uiet for 640000 years Cascadia s last megathrust rupture was in January or February of 1700 based on the best evidence available all across the Pacific Rim Read this book in case you need convincing It is eye opening as well as dire in so many ways it will make you want to take action yesterday Review of Jerry Thompson s Cascadia s FaultThe Coming Earthuake and Tsunami That Could Devastate North America by Richard W Buro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 40 International LicenseBased on a work at beyond the scope of this license may be available at Send email to what Is Literature? and Other Essays permissionscounterpointpresscom Northern West Coast friends escape while you can Recently ran a tabletop exercise on this topic with FEMA etc top brass and I can confidently assure you that everyone is aware and no one isrepared I know I wasn t alone in spending a gripping lunch hour at my desk sad turkey sandwich forgotten reading Kathryn Schultz s New Yorker article entitled The Really Big One It s the kind of writing that really grabs you by the short hairs Its hook a devastating earthuake tsunami combo is going to destroy a not insignificant Passing the Louisiana LEAP Grade 8 in Science portion of the maritime Northwest It s only a uestion of when and by the way we might be overdue Doomsday scenarios are easy to write They get attentionrovoke a reaction and have the advantage of usually being right given enough time all disasters will come to Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day pass whether it be a tornado or volcano hurricane or earthuake asteroid or comet Schultz s story has the added benefit of being excellently written It is crisp taut terrifying and also impeccably researched By the end it left me with vivid visions of bearded hipsters struggling to swim in skinny jeans The disaster Schultz traces is in its economic repercussions national in scope Locally it could transform the seaboard for decades In 2011 the Tohoku tsunami killed 18000eople and triggered a nuclear reaction And the Japanese were repared We according to Schultz are not Schultz concludes her article with a devastatingly effective closing aragraph All day long just not Schultz concludes her article with a devastatingly effective closing aragraph All day long just of sight the ocean rises up and collapses spilling foamy overlapping ovals onto the shore Eighty miles farther out ten thousand feet below the surface of the sea the hand of a geological clock is somewhere in its slow sweep All across the region seismologists are looking at their watches wondering how long we have and what we will do before geological time catches *up to our ownBefore reading this article my only other exposure to earthuake writing was Simon Winchester s * to our ownBefore reading this article my only other exposure to earthuake writing was Simon Winchester s A Crack at the Edge of the World But by the time I reached Schultz s final sentence I wanted to know everything about them I went online to find follow up ostings It seemed odd that I had missed the impending deluge of the upper left side of our country While I researched worst case scenarios to wit rising seawater inundates Sleater Kinney in a heartbeat I stumbled across Jerry Thompson s Cascadia s Fault Based on a uick Zero Sum Game (Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventures, perusal of the table of contents it seemed to cover and expand upon the same ground as Schultz s article so I ordered it To be fair Thompsonublished his book in 2011 and was trumpeting this otential disaster long before that Thompson s book doesn t deliver the same concentrated wallop of The Really Big One but it does a very credible job unraveling the geologic mystery of the natural disaster that will make Portlandia far less funny The fault in the Pacific Northwest s stars is known as the Cascadia Subduction Zone The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a crack in the earth s crust roughly sixty miles offshore and running eight hundred miles from northern Vancouver Island to northern California It has generated massive earthuakes not just once or twice but over and over again throughout geologic timeNineteen of those events ripped the fault from end to end a full margin rupture Given that the last big uake was than 310 years ago one might argue that a very Is due to return at any time It could happen 200 years from now or it could be tonightThe Cascadia Subduction Zone is virtually identical to the offshore fault that wrecked Sumatra in 2004 It will generate the same earthuake we saw in Sumatra at magnitude 9 or higher sending crippling shockwaves across a far wider area than any California uake Slamming into Sacramento Portland Seattle Victoria and Vancouver it will. .



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Ad dayis ominously overdue The Cascadia fault has the otential to generate a magnitude 9 or higher earthuake And whereas the San Andrea fault can rattle a major urban area the Cascadia fault would hit a much larger region all at once Not even the Rock could help us then Just to top it all off because the toppling of buildings buckling of roads and loss of utilities isn t enough the up surging continental The Rhythm of Business plate will trigger a fifty foot tsunami Essentially we re talking a Roland Emmerich film but not The Patriot Or as Billy Bob Thornton intoned in Armageddon Basically the worstarts of the Bible Suddenly the series of uestionable decisions that led me to landlocked Omaha seem like acts of genius Despite having explosive material that lends itself to a kind of drink all the whiskey ull out your hair jump out the window run around in circles while screaming hysteria Thompson is a very sober careful writer He begins in Mexico City to demonstrate what a owerful earthuake can do all on its own He also devotes a chapter to the 1964 tsunami that hit Vancouver Island shortly after midnight following an Alaskan earthuakeAs the turning flood crashed over rocks at the Bamfield lighthouse on the outer coast a keeper on duty grabbed the The Playboys Baby phone andlaced an urgent call to Port Alberni a mill town at the head of the inlet The funnel shape of the inlet itself a saltwater canyon cut through narrowing mountain walls sueezed and amplified the wave as it shot toward the heart of Vancouver Island like a cannon ballNo one noticed the fist of frigid seawater as it lifted two channel marker buoys and thundered across the threshold of the inner harbor Night shift longshoremen completely unaware continued to hoist and sling bundles of lumber aboard the Meishusan Maru a Japanese freighter at the sawmill dock In the nearby ulp mill boilers were running full steam Paper machines were spinning out massive rolls of newsprint for the Los Angeles TimesThe bulk of Thompson s book is dedicated to discovering and roving the existence of the Cascadia Subduction Zone Parts of these chapters can get a little dry because geology is really really boring Until it is not Some sections however were fascinating especially the historical detective work that connected Japan s orphan tsunami of 1700 to the Cascadia fault Thompson clearly Lavender Fields of America, a New Crop of American Farmers put a ton of work into Cascadia s Fault He worked on theroject for years and interviewed a lot of Libriomancer (Magic Ex Libris, people firsthand This is a book that feels knowledgeable Importantly he does a credible job taking the thornier geologic concepts and translating them into something a layperson can understand The oddest thing about Cascadia s Fault is its muted sense of alarm When youick this up you figure that there s going to be a Big Hairy Drama (Joey Fly, Private Eye, Book 2) pretty dire doomsday scenarioresented for review After all the cover of the book features the concentric rings radiating from Cascadia s epicenter the rings look an awful lot like a target aimed suarely at our grunge and corporatized coffee headuarters Despite sounding the alarm for years Thompson made a documentary on the subject in 2008 he is rather sanguine about matters Maybe that s why this book didn t hold me in uite the same way as Schultz s article I think it needed a little dash of We re all going to die rather than Thompson s rather tepid conclusion of Well at least they The Last Crusade put up some tsunami evacuation signs In any event there are actually several books to choose from on this topic Thompson s book iserfectly adeuate It is easy to read it is well informed it does an excellent job showing how scientists solve Exposing The LSAT problems and is as much a historygeology lesson as it is a clarion call to evacuate the west coast All this is to say that Schultz s article didn t stumble upon this ominous situation she just happened to be an elouent Cassandra with a very big bullhorn The San Andreas has and will again cause terrible destructive earthuakesrobably sooner rather than later but the offshore temblor from Cascadia will be on a much larger scale The San Andreas will wreck a major urban area erhaps San Francisco or Los Angeles but robably not both at the same time Cascadia s fault will hammer an entire region of the lanet just as the Sumatra disaster didReaders could be forgiven for filing this one under horror on their shelves although it won t help reading it with the lights on Not only do the major Northwest cities of Vancouver and Victoria in BC Canada and Seattle Portland and Sacramento in the US have to worry about a LARGE earthuake but the entire coastal area will likely be subject to a tsunami on a level with the Sumatran one back in 2004 But it won t just affect the NW coast of North America it will spread across the Pacific hitting Hawaii and Japan and even continuing into Indonesia and Chile The Cascadia Subduction Zone earthuake and the tsunami that ll come with it will be virtually identical to the one in 2004 in Sumatra It ll dwarf 1906 in San Francisco And Katrina It ll many dozens of Katrinas all at Sumatra It ll dwarf 1906 in San Francisco And Katrina It ll many dozens of Katrinas all at Coastal towns from northern California to Canada will be virtually wiped outJerry Thompson has written a fascinating account of how scientists discovered that the Cascadia Fault was not an aseismic fault one that doesn t roduce significant uakes to understanding that in the Rebound (Pucks Rainbows past it has generated them as big as the low 9s on the Richter Scale He goes through in uite a bit of detail how this was done using first lasers on mountaintops to GPS as well as ocean core samples and ancient ghost forests that were killed back in 1700 after the last major rupture He even shows how they were able toin it down to the exact day and time when it last happened very interesting And he concludes with a guess of what it s going to be like and I had to keep reminding myself not to worry so much because I don t live in those areas Nonetheless the effects will be felt far and wide and for a long time after and he adds that 80 to 90 ercent of the San Andreas events have a Cascadia event associated with them So we could be looking at a scenario where Cascadia goes off and then some relatively short time later the San Andreas goes off as well So much for not worryingWhen I first started reading Thompson kept referring to a documentary he made called Shockwave which I suddenly realized I had on my Prime watchlist The documentary covers retty much all the same material although in much less detail So for those who aren t enthusiastic readers it is a good substitute but even if you read the book I recommend you watch the documentary as it Rebel Hell (The Hidden Talents Trilogy Book 1) puts a face on a lot of the information heresents If the biggest wealthiest most technologically advanced nation in the history of the world could not cope with Hurricane Katrina any better than it did how on earth will it cope with Cascadia How will Canada And here s the thing with Katrina there was at least forty eight hours worth of muscular wind and howling rain before the main The Complete Wooden Runabout Restoration Guide part of the storm hit New Orleans When Cascadia s fault ruptures there willrobably be no warning at all Maybe I m too close to the subject of this book to fairly evaluate it I ve lived all my adult life within within the area impacted by the Cascadia Fault Zone Much of the research Thompson reports was done by academics associated with Oregon State and Humboldt State two universities I attended I can visualize most of the The Westside Barbell Book Of Methods places he describes Cascadia s Fault is largely about the research that uncovered a 10000 year history of huge earthuakes off the coasts of Oregon and Washington earthuakes that arrive every 300 to 500 years with the last one in 1700 Thompsonresents the evolving science in an interesting and accessible way I really had trouble utting the book down While he does an excellent job of scaring the bejeezus out of you there is to the book than that Thompson finishes with useful information on what we can do on both a ersonal and community level to save lives If you live in California Oregon Washington British Columbia or Alaska this book is really worth your time Even if you live elsewhere knowing about earthuakes and tsunamis could save your life I had heard stories about the expected outcome of the book a typical earthuake on the Cascadia Fault Zone The book is tedious in Sanyasi places and needed to be and ultimately gives us a compresenive history of the science of the Cascadia Fault Zone The 1964 Alaska earthuake looks to be a minor uake in terms of damage and the San Andreas isuny in comparision While living in the Pacific Northwest is risky due to Volcanic activity and Earthuakes It Seems That Tsunami S Also Rank seems that Tsunami s also rank on the list Not as doomsday as the newspaper and and other articles generated from the book but surely a good reminder of how geologically active the Earth still is. Send tidal waves to the shores of Australia New Zealand and Japan damaging the economies of the Pacific Rim countries and their trading Blind Space partners for years to comeIn light of recent massive uakes in Haiti Chile and Mexico Cascadia's Fault not only tells the story of thisotentially devastating earthuake and the tsunamis it will spawn it also warns us about the impending crisis almost unprecedented in modern history. ,