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D breakdown of her abilities her observational skills reactive speeds And Sensory Powers Are Phenomenal Her Second Hit Brings Her sensory powers are phenomenal Her second hit brings her London where an elaborate plan is devised that targets a charismatic Russian fascist leading a growing movement We encounter Eve Polastri and her deputy Simon Mortimer working for MI5 Initially Eve rejects the need for protection of the Russian but changes her mind Entering Eve s radar is the awareness of a highly able female assassin operating globally Eve ends up working on a solitary aim of identifying this assassin in a covert operation at MI6 The third hit is in Shanghai the leader of the White Dragons FatPanda and the fourth has Villanelle in Odessa as events turn in an unexpected directionThese stories give us remarkable insights into the killing machine that is Villanelle her warped sense of the romantic her inner drive and need to kill that gives her a high that nothing else matches She has a need to manipulate and dominate her sexual encounters which include men and women although once she achieved her conuest she loses interest Luke Jennings expertly documents her character development and Eve s as she becomes obsessed with hunting down Villanelle after traumatic events take place The author does a tremendous job of making Villanelle monstrous but never less than compelling A great collection of stories Many thanks to John Murray Press for an ARC so far ugh this book is formulaic and so obviously written by a man with a fantasies about a woman assassin who gets to wear designer clothes murder people i am reading it because a it s a 2week loan from the library and b sandra oh is in the movie and i adore her otherwise forget it maybe there is some transformation in the character but i would not put any money on it finished terrible A uick listen and not as bad as some said The tv show is infinitely better because Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer When a book goes to screen I always try to read the book before it appears at the cinema or TV I did this one the other way round and I m so pleased I did After watching the Killing Eve series I just had to read the book Villanelle was under my skin After reading a few book reviews I realised that it wasn t liked by all but I felt that watching the series first gave a head start on Villanelle s characterWith visual characters already in my head "I UICKLY GOT INTO THE STORY SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FROM " uickly got into the story slightly different from TV series and immediately loved Octana later becoming Villanelle and Konstantin The book does flip about and has a rushed almost the book in a draft form feel about it but this staccato slightly detached writing style really fits with Villanelle s character She is seriously flawed crazy and uncontrollable at times and her lack of emotion makes her a perfect assassinEve is a character who seems to be always running on catch up She never makes dinner with her husband even when they have guests round She s uncomfortable in fashion and barely has time to do her hair or apply make up she knows she should make of an effort but it just doesn t seem to work for her The final straw is when she s kicked off her job of finding the mystery female assassin who killed on her watch She knows she s close and just has to find this cold killerVillanelle has certainly got under my skin and I now have to read book two before it hits the screen. Ng to have to be carried out at close uarters Luke Jennings is the author of Blood Knots short listed for the Samuel Johnson and William Hill prizes and of several novels including the Booker Prize nominated Atlantic As a journalist he has written for The Observer Vanity Fair the New Yorker and Time He is married and lives in North Londo.

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Ood foil to Villanelle s character and I like that the two chief protagonists are both women Luke Jennings writes well presents a good detailed background and creates pretty believable scenes and characters within the overall implausibility of the whole thing of course He structures the plot well and I found it an exciting and easy readI did think that a couple of the sex scenes were gratuitously explicit especially one in which a potential target for Villanelle visits a brothel and indulges in some shall we say very niche practices which were described in needlessly graphically detail Also this is the set up for at least one book there is no real resolution at the end and I m not sure that the idea will carry a series Nonetheless I did enjoy Codename Villanelle and I will look out for the seuel RecommendedI received an arc via netgalley good introduction to an ARC via NetGalley Good introduction to special agent the female assassin who is Villanelle Her stories were originally introduced through Kindle Singles In Codename Villanelle We Learn Of Her learn of her and how she was chosen to be a hit woman in a sinister organisation that has links across many governments but ultimately takes out contracts on individuals who are not in the common interest of a balance of powerThe oung woman who was recruited rather than face a time in prison becomes their agent her life transformed to be reformed as a trained killer with no tactical support a lone operator who goes under cover to make the hit and extract herself from the dangerWe learn that she has been successful on a couple of occasions and this novella towards its conclusion tells the story of taking out a mafia donI can think of similar female contract killers and it will be interesting to follow Villanelle s story to see what marks her out and keeps her as a compelling character to enjoy and share her daring missions A good start but is needed to make a valued judgement It is good to see that the book is going to be reproduced as a whole comprising its original four parts as it was originally published as e book singles Codename Villanelle Hollowpoint Shanghai and Odessa She may be as trailed Without conscience Without guilt Without weakness but would this first chapter allow Double Jeopardy you to continue that journey With her Ths is a collection of 4 kindle single stories about Oxana Vorontsova aoung woman who kills the men responsible for the death of her father This lands her in prison where she is approached with a deal Oxana becomes erased with the cover story that she dies and she acuires a whole new persona Villanelle and trained to become an extraordinary assassin in strong echoes of Nikita Konstantin is the representative of the 12 powerful men who sanction Villanelle s hits The stories are interconnected with recurring characters The first story gives the backstory of Oxana and her conversion to Villanelle We learn of her personality she is a sociopath with an inability to access human emotions such as empathy or compassion She is however superb at learning to simulate emotions for power sex and for exposing the vulnerabilities of her targetsVillanelle s first hit takes her to Palermo and a much feared Mafia boss with a host of enemies We come to see just how talented and cold a killer she really is although she does go off the page when it came to her instructions There is a detaile. Alf a world away Oxana’s potential has been noted Recruited as an assassin on behalf of a secretive global power elite she is reborn as the beautiful lethal Villanelle The rewards of her new life are spectacular but the risks are deadly And when she’s tasked with the elimination of a senior Mafia boss it’s clear that the job is goi. ,
Codename Villanelle Villanelle #1a
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I decided to read this after watching the first two episodes of BBC s Killing Eve and was not disappointedIn fact Jennings descriptions and obvious knowledge of what he s writing give a realistic feel to the story than the show s visuals have managed to do Jennings has a true gift for descriptive prose Composition and Literature you can t help but see inour mind s eye everything he writes and he really nails the European atmosphere of the surroundings in the book I loved Villanelle as much as Cezanne and Provence you can love a sociopathic assassin and from her backstory to her training nothing was skippedet it was always engaging I definitely recommend this 1 Not What I Expected Star I must say I was disappointed that the story was written in third person It took away from the emotional connection to characters and plot twists I couldn t relate to anyone Vilanelle is some cold detached serial killer who has no feelings or emotions And technically neither does the author for making her sound so dullAnother flaw I found in the story are the descriptions Everything and I mean everything to and from the height of the glass to the color of some random lady s sweater is described Why At first I thought it was refreshing how the author painted the scenery for I enjoyed Killing Eve a great deal so I gave the first in this series of novellas a try It Killing Eve a great deal so I gave the first in this series of novellas a try It frustratingly short but a thrilling read Alright homefries gun to Dark Voices your noggin TELL ME A STORY ABOUT A FEMALE ASSASSIN What doou come up with If Contested Reproduction you re as braindead as meour empty mind will go to Marvel s Black Widow and it ll go something like hot Russian babe skilled in martial arts and guncraft shoots henchmen John Wick style before taking out the boss gangster Well guess what Codename Villasmellypants is Exactly that and hacky Luke Jennings didn t even has a gun to his head Jennings prose is utterly flat and unengaging as lifeless as Lee Child s Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) yet somehow dull There is nothing worse than reading descriptions of scenery clothing etc when none of it is relevant to the story andou get pages of that useless filler in this so called thriller OxanaVillanelle has no personality and goes through the motions of this generic claptrap like the robot she is and no part of the formulaic uninspired story was remotely interesting I ve not seen the recent BBC adaptation of this series filmed as Killing Eve but going by the critical acclaim I m guessing this is one of those rare instances where the screen adaptation is better than the book Either way I won t be reading any of Luke Jennings book Either way I won t be reading any of Luke Jennings writing which has also put me off watching the show I would recommend anyone curious about the show to check that out first rather than have that curiosity assassinated by its unimaginative and boring original source material This is a very enjoyable load of old hokum It could be utterly dreadful a ruthless beautiful highly trained female assassin the eponymous Villanelle working for a shadowy group of ultra rich people protecting their own interests isn t exactly a fresh sounding set up but it s well done and actually very entertainingI ve largely summarized the plot in the last sentence but we also meet a British intelligence operative whose mission it is to catch and kill Villanelle She is a rather engaging character brilliant and determined but unglamorous and ordinary in her personal life she makes a In an isolated remand centre in the Ural Mountains Oxana Vorontsova awaits trial for murder One man with his throat slashed to the bone two shot in the face Not uite the behaviour ou’d expect of a star linguistics student at one of Russia’s top universities But as a string of unnerving incidents attests the signs were always there ,

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