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Dear EdwardA compassionate and realistic look at a young boy confronting aralyzing grief and survivor guilt His family moving from New York to LA are on an airplane when the Magic Touch (The Wizards of Venus, plane crashes and Eddie 12 is the only survivor Taken in by his mother s sister Ann Napolitano s melancholic novel depicts the coming of age of Edward Adler who at the tender age of 12 loses the life he is familiar with along with the loss of his family hisarents and his beloved older brother Jordan in a tragic Grovers Own Alphabet plane crash in Colorado in which almost 2oo others die Edward is the only survivor the boy who lived becomes the centre of a storm ofublic and national interest A traumatised Edward with his unbearable burden of grief and sorrow goes to live in West Milford New Jersey with his Aunt Lacey having to handle her own losses and his Husband for Real protective Uncle John Having been home schooled he has to come to terms with going to school getting used to other children socialising with them His greatest solace comes with his ne Wow I got Arc copy of this book and wrote a review long time ago for NetGalley and now I realized I didn t share on Goodreads Luckily my favoriteroducer assistant Casey who always gives me hard times by making me rewrite my scenes at least 80 times and taking my middle finger emojis as daily gift sent me this book as an Olive Branch with dozen Sprinkles cupcakes Okay she s forgiven for now I started to flip Root to Stem pages as I was devouring banana dark chocolate cupcake I highly recommend this flavor and it fits well with tear jerker books because tryptophan in chocolate makes you happy and saves you from emotional breakdownsSo I reread somearts and remembered how much I loved this book and even though I consumed lots of cupcakes I still cried a lot Then I took my book to the gym and continue reading when I was running like a hamster on treadmill I kept whining a lot and told the story of twelve years old Edward Adler who lost his entire family at the Hard Pushed plane crash and how he gathers his brokenieces of his life while he was dealing with his grief his new life conditions guilt feelings because of being only one to survive I realized I created a chaos and contagious How Philosophy Works panic attack crisis at my gymlace Can you imagine those humongous guys who were even bigger than Jason Momoa started howling like wolves after hearing Edward s story They did And it was so nasty and disturbingSo I left the Charlie Hernndez the League of Shadows place before they revoke my membership and locked myself at home to terrorize only my husband dogs and douchebag neighbors with my ugly scream cries I truly love Edward and I cannot imagine someone s brokenness after losing his loved ones at the same time But luckily there are helping hands try to reach to him His Aunt Lacey and Uncle John deals with their ownroblems but they also cared little boy a lot doing their best to The Little Book of Comfort protect him suffer The neighbor next door definitely sweet kind of girl next door Shay and Edward s growing friendship also warmed my heart andut wider smiles on my cheeks And let s not forget Dr Mike and school Dancing on the Ceiling principal One of them use therapy and other one use hislants to nourish his damaged soul by healing him mentally The Flashbacks Put Light On put light on back stories which were so Intriguing There Are So Many There are so many characters from a young The Wee Free Men (Discworld, pregnant mother to wounded soldier dying man etcI think I mostly affected by Edward s grief about his elder brother He didn t only lose a family member he also lost his best friend and I know exactly how it feels and hurts Oh boy Here comes another sobOverall amazing book based on true story with remarkable and unforgettable characters I m drying my tears and telling youlease go get this book and read it Then instead of sending me thank you notes send me black white Sprinkles cupcakes second favorite flavor Thanks to Random House for ublishing this amazing story Yepas advertised Riveting Uplifting Unforgettable Flight 2977 Did you knowClouds usually float at 2000 to 15000 feet lanes float at 2000 to 15000 feet Planes at 30000 to 40000 Outer space begins at 300000 I didn t know that exactly and don t know what it is about disaster novels and movies that entices me so but in DEAR EDWARD Eddie Adler himself how his life evolves and the stories of the other doomed All Quiet on the Western Front passengers made for an addictive fast readEddie is only 12 his brother Jordan 15 when his family boards alane in New York bound for a new life in Los Angeles to mom s new job and their new home but Colorado is as far as they getbefore disaster strikes In DEAR EDWARD Eddie now Edward amazingly survives the crash but now must survive life without his family and with memories of the horror as he adjusts to a new world with Uncle John and Aunt Lacey the media and everyone else who wants his story But us readers are the only ones who get the detailsright down to the bitter endand a hopeful future Inspired by a true story Ann Napolitano backs into the tragic event building characters and storyline into a beautifully written work of fiction We all knowIt is statistically dangerous to travel in a car than in an airplane In absolute numbers there are than five million car accidents compared to twenty aeronautic accidents História do Rei Transparente per year so in fact flying is safer Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano is a 2020 Dial Pressublication A sad uncomfortable and heartrending journey but ultimately a story of hope and inspiration Twelve year old Edward is the sole survivor of a Best Mechanic Ever plane crash which took the lives of 191eople including Edward s Dinosaur Dinners parents and older brother Now living with his aunt and uncle Edward is faced with the daunting task of recoveringhysically mentally and emotionally This story follows Edward s coming of age journey as he copes with the aftermath of the crash Along with his devoted family Edward also finds an unexpected support system through his friendship with Shay one his neighbors The two become inseparable when Shay offers Edward her unconditional support honesty and love Their relationship defied convention at times but Shay became Edward s rock on so many levels Edwards s resent day journey is alternated with One summer morning twelve year old Edward Adler his beloved older brother his arents and 183 other Desert Kings (Deathlands, passengers board a flight in Newark headed for Los Angeles Among them is a Wall Street wunderkind a young woman coming to terms with an unexpectedregnancy an injured vet returning from Afghanistan a septuagenarian business tycoon and a free spirited woman running away from her controlling hu. He stories of a select group of assengers who were on board the Ooko plane with Edward giving the reader a bit of insight into theirersonal lives leading up to the flight and how they co mingled on the Naked plane before the crash This book was inspired by true events and is understandably melancholy The story is centered around grief the way it affectseople in different ways and how they cope How will Edward come out on the other side of something this traumatic Right from the beginning I wanted to hug Edward and comfort him What a resilient soul so broken but also brave and determined If the story had stayed centered on Edward and the obstacles he and his family faced and how they worked through their grief and all the Shadow Scale (Seraphina, psychologicalain of recovering under the glare of the media spotlight I would have given the book all the stars and a rave review However I have some mixed feelings about the airplane seuences It was very uncomfortable to read about these Claim The Crown people under those circumstances I wondered if there might have been a different way to introduce themerhaps telling their story as a Nerds prelude to the crash before turning the spotlight over to Edward I felt it would only be right to give the reader some insight into Edward s life before the crash and naturally I could understand the impulse of the surviving family members to reach out to Edward to want to ask him uestions but theseassages made me suirm with unease and kept the book shrouded in In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, pain and darkness longer than necessary often overshadowing or disrupting insights into Edward srogress I also found it a bit curious that the author chose to relate the story in such a neutral disconnected format Except for Shay the other character s backstory and interactions often seemed to take Bark place at a great distance save for one or two moments of intimate conversations However as the storyrogressed the grayness slowly lifts and the sun gradually begins to On Such a Full Sea peek out from behind the gloomy clouds eventually lighting Edward s world with long overdue but generous warmthEdward s journey is long slow andainful but he finds strength and wisdom through many avenues building mental and emotional fortitude with grace despite his Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! profound grief But of course he didn t do it alone I would be lying if I didn t admit that for me Shay steals the show What an amazing character In this whole drama she was the bright light that led Edward out of the tunnel of darkness That is not to say that others in his life weren t as essential because they were It took all these specialeople who stayed solid and committed to Edward for him to become whole again and he was worth every bit of the effort Their work and support Cannibal paid off and I think each of them was blessed and touched by Edward as well I loved the way the story concluded on such a wonderful andositive note This story is a testament to the human spirit and to the ower of love and friendship Although I felt the story was too remote much of the time it did eventually morph into a stirring inspirational and uplifting novel I m very conflicted about my rating here The book has some issues that were big enough to take me out of the story at times but it was so moving and rofound I hate to lower my rating I ve been waffling between a 3 or 4 which usually means I seek middle ground with a 35 but I couldn t decide if I wanted to round up or down Ultimately despite some reservations I ve decided to round up because the story is one that has lingered in my mind for days which for me overrides some of the book s weaker areas 35 rounded up I am conflicted I am a tad disappointedI thought I would love Dear Edward I wanted to love it But I just didn t And I think I know why but on that in a minuteBased on true events Dear Edward is the coming of age story of you guessed it Edward a twelve year old boy who loses his entire family when their Man, Son of Man plane to Californialummets to the ground Edward is the sole survivor of the crash while the lives of his father mother brother and nearly 200 other Alter Ego people on the flight tragically come to an end The novel flits back and forth between telling the story of Edward sersonal journey after the crash and giving us glimpses of the lives of a handful of other assengers on the flight Both narrative threads ultimately culminate with the assengers final moments before the crash of the Uncommon Wisdom planeOne only has to read the blurb for Dear Edward to know that it is a novel about grief loss overcoming tragedy and survival Going into it one expects a deeply emotional heart wrenching readBut you know what It really isn t and there s the rubNapolitano s writing is cold distant almost Instead of a novel I often felt as if I was reading a report written by a journalist or that the story was being told by alay by lay announcer Where is the emotion The love The grief The sadness Because I didn t feel it It just wasn t thereAnd that absence of emotion was very roblematic for meI didn t feel close to thereAnd that absence of emotion was very Art problematic for meI didn t feel close to characters I didn t feel inserted into consumed by the story My mind wandered off at times because I just wasn t THAT emotionally invested in the novel Oh there were a handful of times while reading where I was surprised to find that I had tears in my eyes But I recognized that my tears were brought on by my ownersonal empathy for Edward and his family not by Napolitano s writing As a mother of two young boys I couldn t help but imagine one of my sons in Edward s God Is in the Crowd place How I shudder at the thoughtBut still as flawed as it may be Dear Edward really isn t a bad read I did enjoy itIt s just not a great readAnd it could ve been If Napolitano hadut a little heart into it it really could ve been THIS NOVEL IS NOW AVAILABLEThis is my first 5 star read of 2020 and it is a great one So many of my Goodreads friends were raving about this book and now I can see whyThe blurb tells a lot of the outline of This Story A Plane En story A Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard plane en from Newark to Los Angeles crashes killing everyone on board except for 12 year old Edward Adler I have found from doing some research that the author based. Sband And then tragically thelane crashes Edward is the sole survivorEdward's story captures the attention of the nation but he struggles to find a The Matriarchs (The Family place for himself in a world without his family He continues to feel that aiece of him has been left in the sky forever tied to the Notes for the Everlost plane and all of his fellowassengers But then he makes an unexpected discovery one that will lead him to the.

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This story on a real lane crash which occurred in 2010 it was traveling from South Africa to London when it crashed killing everyone except for one 9 year old boy This isn t a story about that crash but the author stated that it was this event which held her imagination for a long time and she knew that she had to write this storyThe novel travels back and forth in time between what was happening during the flight and Edward s life afterward The Crush It! prose flows smoothly and I found both timelines eually interestingFortunately for Edward he had an aunt Lacey and uncle John who cared very deeply for Edward In the beginning Edward felt the most connection with Lacey because she lost her sister in the flight Though never able to have a child of their own Lacey and Johnlay an integral Attracting Birds to Your Backyard part in helping to heal Edward and help him to carry on with his lifeIt s unimaginable to think of waking up in a hospital having lost your entire family He was alsohysically injured The most dominant injury to one of his legs took many weeks in the hospital and many many months of therapy for his body to become whole again Of course the mind and heart are difficult to heal and Edward was helped by many others in the novel He becomes incredibly close to Shay his next door neighbor who is his age and they eventually form an unbreakable bondHe has a wonderful Deep Listening psychologist Mike who seems to know how to gently steer Edward into finding ways to heal himself Therincipal at his school asks Edward to help him care for his beloved ferns which he surrounds himself with in his school office The adjustment to school was Bird-by-Bird Gardening particularly difficult for Edward not only because of his notoriety but also because he had been home schooled for his entire lifeWithout going into of thelot I can tell you that this is a wonderful story that you will find yourself immersed in The characters along with the ones mentioned above are very well developed and an interesting collection of The Works of Saint Augustine people On thelane there is a soldier on his way home a Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone pregnant single woman who is hoping her boyfriend willropose a dying tycoon and a free spirited woman who is fleeing her My Teacher Is a Robot present husband in the hopes of starting a new life in California At aoint in the story Edward and Shay come across a finding which will come to help heal Edward in many many ways The novel was heartbreaking in many ways but it was also filled with so many kind Supper Club people that I was left feeling very hopeful in the end Without divulging anything further I will say that it was one of the most satisfying endings that I have read in a very long timeI highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a great story with wonderful characters and aremise which will give you much to think about and Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) ponderI received an ARC of this novel from theublisher through Edelweiss 35 starsYes I realize I am going to be the unpopular opinion I couldn t wait to chose this for my BOTM I did worry that the material would be a bit too emotional for me and that I would be ugly crying all over the bookbut I didn t I am not sure why but it didn t elicit that strong of an emotion from me OMG am I heartless Edward does the impossible He survives a Professional Capital plane crash that claims the life of all the otherassengersall 191 one of them His entire world is onboard that lane his mom dad and brother How does one move on from something like this Especially a 12 year old boy that just lost everything in a matter of secondsThe timeline was split into after the crash and right before the crash We get to meet his family members and several of the other assengers during these before the crash We get to meet his family members and several of the other assengers during these of the book Although I did appreciate it I felt there wasn t much character development with the assengers and I felt a bit detached from them Although I did really find the whole The Middle Sin (Cleo North premise very sad and an interesting story lineI lacked connecting with Edward I guess the writing had a bit of detachment to it and it didn t dig deep enough into my emotions Which is odd because I am aretty emotional reader Overall I did enjoy the book I just wanted to cry my eyes out I guess I am never happy I hesitated The Mediterranean Millionaires Mistress picking up the book because it might be too sad yet I complain because it didn t give me the ugly cries I did love the relationship that Edward and Shay developed helping each other out in their own way I found that to be a beautiful blessing for them both 45 starsIt s been a long time since I read a book where the story and the characters took hold of my heart and wouldn t let go Anyone who has followed my reviews for any amount of time knows that I don t typically like child narrators This is the exception It s a stunningiece of
Storytelling I Love A 
I love a that delves into Midnight Fantasies psychological issues and how one heals from unbearable tragedy is the ultimatesychological challenge I had the Men of Steele Bundle pleasure of buddy reading this with my good friend Marialyce and it s a book we both loved and tore through in record time Edward his brother and hisarents board a Million-Dollar Nanny plane to start a new life in California They don t make it as thelane crashes midflight 191 die while Edward is miraculously the only survivor Edward s emotional struggles with the loss of his beloved family the burden of survivor s guilt as well as his sudden notoriety as the miracle boy Many of us know what it feels like to grieve the loss of loved ones but how unimaginable to lose your whole family at twelve years old as the sole survivor of a The Millionaires Waitress Wife (The Brubaker Brides, plane crash Who is there to understand what Edward Adler this young boy brokenhysically and emotionally is feeling Is there anyone to help him heal to find his way through the trauma and horrific loss Perhaps it s his Aunt Lacey who has not only lost her sister but suffers her own ersonal losses Or maybe her husband John who is determined to rotect Edward from those who may want to exploit him from any hurt Or maybe his therapist Dr Mike Maybe it s the young girl Shay who lives next door and becomes a source of solace for Edward Maybe it s his The Millionaires Miracle principal who helps nurture Edward by having him nurture thelants in his office Maybe Answers of some of life's most rofound uestions When you've lost everything how do find yourself How do you discover your urpose What does it mean not just to survive but to truly live Dear Edward is at once a transcendent coming of age story a multidimensional ortrait of an unforgettable cast of characters and a breathtaking illustration of all the ways a broken heart learns to love aga. ,