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Cabal dRead and Ann knocks it out the park Whewwee this is a smokin sexy novel just how I like it and Ann knows how toeliver The plot is solid and believable and I like it when the author puts in enough information to let you connect with the characters but not bore you fillers and mundane The Hot Gate details Rock God s six was perfect and Annoesn t leave you guessing or wondering why the character behaves a certain way or has a type of hang up I was able to relate with these MCs and it s probably because just like the other stories we re fortunate enough to get both MC s POV I am really looking forward to from these awesome rock stars and Ann The Complete Richard Allen, Vol. 1: Skinhead, Suedehead, and Skinhead Escapes doesn t leave you hanging with whose coming nextbut Ion t give spoilers so I m gonna insist you get the book if you want to know whose next AE Via Another Amazing ReadWell there she goes again Our word spinner and Supreme Rock Goddess has blasted another one right out of the park I m not going to get into the Collected Stories: John Cheever details of this story because there are so many other great reviews already posted What I like to say is that I m always in awe of how Ann takes some pretty serious issues and let s her in awe of how Ann takes some pretty serious issues and let s her bring them to life as each of their stories unfold yet without shoving them The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and How to Build a Better Economy down our throats More importantly they re written so tastefully and knowledgably giving them a voice that needs to be heard Dante s story of childhood abuse wasifficult to absorb but the end result of his healing process was nothing short of beautiful Dante and Ashton s relationship was explosive filled with intense bouts of anger self loathing passion lust loyalty compassion trust and most of all love I Grant Cardone LIVE d like to say that Dante and Ashton s story is my favorite but I be lying I have no favorite because every book in this series thus far has gone beyond my wildest expectations I find myself cranking up Soundgarden or Audioslave and my first thoughts are Dagger Dante Lincoln and Ashton in the studio I can listen to Nickelback or Puddle of Mud and feel like I m at An Ivory Tower Concert With Alex Wheland Ivory Tower concert with Alex Wheland Tony and Jared blowing away the crowd Yes of course like everyone else I can t wait for Lincoln s story I ve a feeling it ll be a heartbreaker I on t want to think about the Rock Gods coming to an end No one mixes meaningful stories sexy rockers and hot MM love better than Ann Lister FIGHTING HIS FIRE IS ABSOLUTELY A MUST READ THE His Fire is absolutely a must read the series is a must read Thanks again Ann Review upon ReleaseCan Ashton handle Dante s Inferno Merged reviewDante and AshtonExplosive Combustible Fighting His Fire is book 6 in Ann Lister s Rock Gods Series which follows band mates Dante and Ashton from Black Ice I ll start off by saying this book was AMAZING it rew me in from page 1 Dante Ashton s story is way Bad Lawyer different from the others in this series their relationship is combustible very physical to the point of it effecting people around them and also to themselves making itangerous We start off with both Dante and Ashton being The Mangle Street Murders duped into an intervention by their band leader Dagger to say they are not happy about this and how they try to fight against it is putting it mildly Both are very stubborn and the only way they seem to communicate is through fists and anger but what we will all get to see is the reasoning behind their triggers and that in itself is a journ. A reason to leave and fighting the fire is becoming andifficult to o Dante's baggage isn't pretty and his scars run eep but Ashton might be the one to finally see beyond his past and help him find a way out from the smoke screen he's spent his life hiding behind In order to get there though they'll both have to walk through the flam. Fighting His Fire The Rock Gods #6

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This was a really good book one of my favorites in this series Dante is the lead guitarist for Black Ice and Ashton is the rummer These two have been fighting off and on in book 4 and 5 of this series so Dagger has had enough after the last fight which the band was unable to PERFORM HE DECIDES TO DO AN INTERVENTION LOCK DOWN he ecides to Abject visions do an intervention Lockown a room with a bed a bathroom and table these two are really not feeling this They meet Dr Collins the therapist in charge who wants to get to the bottom of this While locked up these two learn something about each other like Ashton had a brother who ied and Dante ran away at 14 because his uncle was molesting him We also find out that these two hooked up or almost turns out Dante is bi and after getting Ashton off he found out that he has never been with a man so Ashton thought Dante left him when he went to clean up turns out he was wrong These two were fighting because of jealousy they really want each other After leaving the facility they hook up each one is still mad at Dagger for putting them in the rehab The sex between these two Has Hot Dante Has hot Dante has with bottoming for Ashton and freaks out when he puts his finger in him After almost hitting him Ashton leaves and Dante seeks help from Dr Collins and begins to eal with his past This was a really good book I felt bad for Dante and his childhood he told his mother about his uncle and she idn t believe him and he finally told what made him run away his uncle was going to pimp him out When Dante takes Ashton to a sex club they see another couple that they know Wheland and Rooster turns out they have the same kink they like to watch and be watched This was a good book and it s a good series This book was well written like the rest of the books in this series with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series 45 stars I feel like I have underestimated the importance of the bathrooms in my home or anywhere else for that matter winkThis book started with me thinking Okay this one might not be for me but it slowly grew on me and I mean SLOWLY headdesk LOLBut truth be told by the end I was practically blubbering like a baby What can I say I get emotional at weddings or when two people who are perfect for each other finally pull their heads out of their asses and see that they have wasted precious time trying to hide from what is right in front of them Not saying that Dante s and Ashton s issues weren t what was causing the chain reaction that had made the mess their lives had become their issues were real Abuse whether mental physical or sexual is wrong and it takes hard work and become their issues were real Abuse whether mental physical or sexual is wrong and it takes hard work and to get to a point in your life that allows you to trust others not only with your past but with your person In my opinion there is not a epth in Hell Edie deep enough for people that abuse others and if there is a god their punishment will be excruciatingly painful and eternal just sayin Along with my joy for Dante and Ashton I find myself worrying about Lincoln and hope to get to read his story in the very near future but I guess I will have to wait and see what the reading gods have in store for me D Loved it I liked book 2 in this series but I just felt something was missing This one for me was way way better As you can see I have a tendency to read. Lockedown at a Los Angeles intervention facility everyone around Dante Dupont and his Black Ice band mate Ashton Lane thought this would fix the issues between them Dante and Ashton knew The Road to Conscious Machines: The Story of AI differently What made this a hundred times worse was the fact they were stuck in this room together They hadn't shared space like this since the one Books out of order but I had no problems following the storylineIt s about to rockbandmates going at it And let me tell you they are pretty rough with each other in ways than oneDante has been attracted to Ashton for a while he calls him Asherhow cute is that But he thinks Ashton is straight which he kind of is heid some fooling around with men They are becaoming really good friends and Dante just can t take it any and Still An Inconvenient Youth decides to take a chance He kisses Ashton and Ashton really really likes it They are uite flamable when they go at it But when Dante realises that Ashton hasn t been with a man in that way he pulls away from Ashton Now that pisses Ashton off From there on out theyo nothing but fight and beat each other to shit The rest of the band can t take it any and ecide that it s time for an intervention and Dante and Ashton find themselves locked up together in some rehab facility being forced to talk about their shit and resolve their issues During their intervention Ashton gets to hear why Dante pulled away and why he is gets to hear why Dante pulled away and why he is little bit fucked up my heart broke a bit for Dante Ashton really wants to be with Dante and vice versa so they give it another goThey on t always see eye to eye and things are not easy but The Best of Adam Sharp damnnn they are hot together especially when breakingown bathrooms together They also share some kinkdelicious I loved these two together they were really hot and wild They had amazing chemistry and they really loved each other very much 45 stars from me For some funny reason this is the book I ve actually liked out of the 6 books in the series so far Sure it was still long as hellthe 297 pages shown in the book etail column was a lie but I was actually invested the MCs for once Go figureThere was once again too much sex in this but as I said I liked the story so I count it as a win especially since this is the last time I ll be reading a book in this seriesmaybe till my curiosity rives me bak to find out what is I ll be reading a book in this seriesmaybe till my curiosity rives me bak to find out what is on with Lincoln But Hey Never Say Never Right never say never right Dupont and Ashton Lane guitarist and rummer for Black Ice are Banker to the World definitely not having a good time Forced into an intervention facility because their volatile relationship isisrupting the band which makes it impossible for them to tour or even be near each other They are not allowed to leave until they resolve their animosity towards one another Dante is angry at Ashton the world and himself The therapist can see Dante s anger and tries to break We That Are Young down his walls Dante is trying to keep his past locked up tight not wanting anybody to know what horrors he endured as a child As Dante s walls finally start to crack Ashton s heart breaks for him and they finally start talking things out and recognize they reallyon t hate each other at all Once they leave the facility they realize that they want to be with each other Their relationship is inte This was my 100th book That was an awesome strong heartbraking read It really took my breath awayThey were so intense The fightings were horrible I wanted to scream and cry out I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest reviewWhat the hell can I say Ann has Wise Child done it again I swear she is killing this series I absolutely love Ashton s and Dante s enemies to lovers relationship It is one of my favorite types of stories to. Fternoon they both wanted to forget And revisiting that nightmare was not an option with or without the help of a therapist Two musicians Same band Afraid to admit their true feelings being in close uarters again has them both at their breaking point They say if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen but neither of them can find.

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