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De eerste hoofdstukken zijn heel boeiend het midden is wat saai het *eind wel aardig Het midden probeert de psychologische theorie simpel uit te * wel aardig Het midden probeert de psychologische theorie simpel uit te beetje kort door de bocht Er staan ook enkele dingen in waar ik het mee oneens benBest interessant en niet dik Leuk voor de afwisseling het boek is wel heel anders dan wat ik anders lees This is a than valuable book for me at this stage in life It is key It sits on so many shelves for me because it covers spirituality And Spiritual Development Using Jung spiritual development using Jung psychological framework and really has both psychological and spiritual implicationsThe shadow is not necessarily a negative or positive thing It *S The Shadow Of Our *the shadow of our or self in the world Monbouruette basically notes all the stuff of life we repress or suppress end up in a sort of garbage bag which if not dealt whi Ayuda a reconocer ue existe una parte obscura de la personalidad es decir la sombra Sin embargo me ued con muchas dudas de c mo reconocerla y reconciliarse con ella de manera pr ctica An accessible guide and work book that presents the foundations of a Jungian understanding of the Self within the broad themes of the perhaps perennial spirituality found in Christianity Buddhism and other great religiousspiritual traditionsMy spiritual director a Carmelite who s also a Jungian analyst recommended it to me and I found it really helpful A good accompaniment for anyone including agnostics and atheists pursuing spiritualhuman development programmes eg psychotherapy 12 step recovery spiritual growth that involve surfacing understanding and healingintegrating the dimensions of our being that we hate repress and often unconsciously project onto others instead of seeing in ourselves A uote in the book from John Sanford sums it up God loves your shadow much than your. L'ombre de la personnalité est cette part secrète ue nous refoulons dans l'inconscient par crainte d'être rejeté par les autres Grâce à des exercices pratiues des mises en situati. ,

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How to Befriend Your Shadow: Welcoming Your Unloved SideHologie et la spiritualit I have owned this book for years
But Never Read It 
never read it I picked it up and was pleased with it A book about the Shadow written for lay persons It was easy to read and made sense to me allowing me to finally absorb the meaning of the concept of Shadow Simple practical and electric this excellent text for those seeking to better understand the shadow as described by Jungian psychology is now beautifully translated from French into English Well known in the French community for introducing Jungian thought John Monbouruette earned his PhD in transformational psychology at the International College of Los Angeles in 1985 following his Masters in Clinical Psychology at the U in 1985 following his Masters in Clinical Psychology at the U San Francisco in 1975 A Catholic priest Monbouruette posits that rather than recoiling and resisting it *the shadow should conversely be warmly welcomed Sincere attempts should be made *shadow should conversely be warmly welcomed Sincere attempts should be made understand the messages beneath its grey sometimes heavy cloak The shadow he explains urges our growth and if we can but accept our unloved side we can open the door to a life long friendI benefited with ust one of the many useful exercises in this book Monbouruette directs readers to choose a shadow symbol anything will do I chose a prickly needly dry old cactus somewhere in a gritty arid desert Next we are to choose a symbol for our creativity I selected a fountain pen Now he instructs with the shadow symbol cupped in one outstretched hand and the creativity motif in the other slowly with eyes closed bring the two closer and closer together How do the shadow symbol and the creativity symbol meet and interact What happens As for me my fountain pen dipped into the cactus and used the milk in it for inkEleanor Cowan author of A History of a Pedophile s Wife Memoir of a Canadian Teacher and Writer. Ngage accessible à tous le père Jean Monbouruette auteur dont la réputation n'est plus à faire donne des clés de solution pour aider chaue personne en uête de croissance personnel. Ego I was introduced to Carl Jung from watching Dr Jordan Peterson and became hooked instantlyHowever I have been put off by reading any of his works because of how voluminous they are I m currently studying for my PhD in engineering as well as teaching and so I don t have the bulk time I think is reuired I have instead digested a significant proportion *Of His Major Ideas From Watching YouTube Videos I Was *his major ideas from watching YouTube videos I was intrigued and captivated by the concepts of the shadow ego and the self and so I watched and read even about them Having explored the concepts applying them practically to ones life was the next step I found this book while searching for materials to help me achieve this and it did exactly that Written in plain and simple language this book breaks down the Jungian shadow concept and individuation process into very easily digestible chunks even for the complete novice It has practical exercises to get you through the process as well As Several Personal Anecdotes And several personal anecdotes and I ll definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to carry out shadow work on themselves for their personal development An okay primer on Carl Jung s conception of the the shadow and shadow integration Most of the book established theoretical groundwork and the lattermost sections discussed a practical approach on how to lead a balanced life wherein one is able to identify and circumvent toxic psychic projections A better read for someone who is not overly familiar with Jungian psychology but short digestible and written in a plain and understandable manner So deep for me to understand this book Luckily my cousin who is taking a psychology course give me a brief detail which I understand in an instant Un livre difficile ui demande introspection Bien crit et ui fait un pont important entre la psyc. Ons des histoires et des exemples concrets ce livre propose des moyens pour apprivoiser cet obscur trésor intérieur ui pourrait se révéler une incroyable force créatrice Dans un la. ,

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