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Ickly A healthy baby girl is delivered by ceasarian Within days Tom is left alone to care for a premature baby Karin dies This book is alone to care for a premature baby Karin dies This book is unsentimental account of events I have rarely read such a clich free book It s not as bleak as expected either It covers bureaucratic conundrums caused by the fact that Tom and Karin weren t married Livia the daughter isn t automatically Tom s All in all much readable than first expected GIVEAWAY on Insta Entries open till 1159pm 21118 Open to US residents You can read this and all of my reviews at Lit Wit Wine Dine On the middle shelf in the bathroom cabinet lies Karin s hairbrush Her hairs are still snagged in its plastic teeth She didn t have time to prise them out and throw them away as she usually did The brush is thick with hair I smell it I press it to my mouth In Every Moment We Are Still Alive is full of beautiful poignant passages Tom Malmuist s grief upon suddenly losing his wife shortly after the birth of their child is profound and palpableThe book takes us on a ourney of the days and months after Karin s death while alternating with the months and years preceding it The reader is given an intimate look into Tom and Karin s relationships with one another and their families We are given a glimpse into the reality that grieving family members often face Tom is simultaneously dealing with caring for a newborn making funeral arrangements and dealing with bureaucratic red tape of having himself appointed as baby Livia s legal guardian Apparently in Sweden the latter was necessary because Karin and Tom where not married This was still true despite the fact that a DNA test performed while Livia was still in the hospital confirmed his paternity Sadly shortly after Karin s death Tom s father who has been battling cancer for ten years becomes gravely ill and diesWhile there was much to love and appreciate about this book I found its formatting made it uite difficult to get through There are no uotation marks which is enough to distract me but worse there was no line break in conversation There are pages sometimes three or four at a time that have not a single line break and alternate between dialog and narrative The toggle between past and present was not always clear to me and I found myself needing to reread several paragraphs Unfortunately I was unable to adjust to this writing style and it had a significant impact on my overall experience in reading this book In Every Moment We are Still Alive will be a good fit for readers who are looking for a meaningful poignant read who will not become distracted by the nontraditional writing stylePlease check out the giveaway on my Instagram AccountThanks to Melville House and TLC Book Tours for proving me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 2 stars I simply couldn t connect with this bookI have much respect for the author Tom Malmuist for writing this fictionalized autobiography I feel that writing his story would have been therapeutic and life changing for him to have documented everything he went through and experienced Unfortunately as a reader I couldn t immerse myself within the story The writing lacked emotion for me it was tell than Feel The Story Was Matter The story was matter factly told in an almost clinical way I could sense Malmuist S Desperation In His Devastating Situations s desperation in his devastating situations not his emotion The writing felt uite choppy and lacked uotations which I found confusing His thoughts and paragraphs seemed to ump all over the place There was no sense of flow to the story for me and I felt no form of attachment or investment in the story which was a deeply emotional and sad situation for him Perhaps part of the issue was the translation of language There are plenty of high rated reviews which I strongly suggest you check out before making a decision on this novel A big thank you to NetGalley Melville House Publishing and Tom Melmuist for an ARC in exchange for an honest review 45 In this highly autobiographical novel from a Swedish poet Tom has to face the sudden loss of his partner and his father in uick succession while also adjusting to single parenthood Originally published in 2015 this is Malmuist s first work of prose While it s being marketed as a novel it reads like a stylized memoir Similar to Karl Ove Knausgaard s books it features the author as the central character and narrator With its frank look at medical crises this is a book I fully expect to see on next year s Wellcome Prize shortlist It reminds me very much of this year s winner the first novel in translation to win Maylis de Kerangal s Mend the Living as well as Joseph Luzzi s nonfiction account of bereavement and single fatherhood In a Dark Wood Highly recommendedSee my f 45 stars The intensity begins on the first page and continues with the fear and uncertainty over what was happening in this critical emergency situation Tom s pregnant partner Karin is extremely ill and is shortly diagnosed with acute leukemia Anyone who s ever been through such a time in the emergency setting knows the difficulty of handling their visceral reactions while trying to understand and absorb the details of what the doctor are telling you Tom Malmuist depicts this perfectly because he knows first hand It s described as a novel but if you ve read anything about the book or this writer you Ng his daughter Livia aloneBy turns tragic and redemptive meditative and breathless achingly poignant and darkly funny this autobiographical novel has been described as ’hypnotic’ ’impossible to resist’ and ’one of the most powerful books about grief ever written’.

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Wow In Every Moment We are Still Alive is a book that will put you through the emotional wringer Part memoir part fiction it tells the story of Tom Malmuist who suffers pain in a short period of time than any human being should have to endure At the beginning of the story his pregnant partner is admitted to the hospital with what they believe is the flu which they then think is pneumonia until finally they realize is a rapidly advancing and fatal leukaemia The hours in the hospital as his wife slips away dominate the first part of the story and are as heartbreaking as anything you ll ever read His daughter survives through a caesarian section and the rest of the story is Tom trying to raise her while attempting to climb out of a pit of grief so deep that he at one point thinks he needs to be institutionalized This all occurs while his father who he has had a complicated relationship with is slowly losing a ten year battle with cancer All this is written with a sadness and a kind of grace that makes you feel deeply for this man who is asked to bear the most unimaginable kinds of pain There were times when I was reading this where I wasn t sure uite how he was keeping it together There are for example several scenes after the death of his partner where child services calls to inform him that because he was not married he is not legally the father of his child He will need to take out multiple court orders and provide dizzying amounts of paperwork in Kafkaesue uantities I imagined what my reaction to such bureaucratic bullshit would be if the love of my life had ust died but Tom handles it with a bemusement and calm that I never could This is a deeply affecting story that is that will stay with you long after you ve finished the last page I m so glad that I found it A gripping riveting vivid absolutely real wrenching opening 61 pages approximately a uarter of the book it doesn t uite feel right to call it a novel We need a new term for autofictional books Books works I guess Anyway fiction that feels unlike fiction for the most part because it s most likely not fictional at all remains my favorite sort of fiction or my favorite sort of writing in general What s remarkable about this is its pace despite its heft its speed as it relays the premature birth of narrator s daughter Livia and premature death of the narrator s girlfriend Karin followed by the narrator s father s final hospice days and funeral the heaviness of the content combined with the aerodynamics of the form the straightforward natural language without excessive description but not at all stingy or stunted or degraded when it comes to evoki In Every Moment We Are Still Alive is a sad grief filled novel This novel is based on real life events which makes my review a bit difficult to writeI don t know if it s the writing style andor the translation but I felt unusually detached even though the subject matter should have made sob uncontrollably The writing is very matter of fact in fact too matter of fact the hospital scenes were way too descriptive even for me for a while wanted to become a doctor For me this novel was even for me for a while wanted to become a doctor For me this novel was to reading a movie s captions for the hearing impaired without seeing the images on the screen Malmuist takes pared down writing to another level Does it make it literary or a novel Not so sure As with everything else literary or a novel Not so sure As with everything else s a matter of taste I ve received this galley from the publishers via Edelweiss Sometimes I imagine my wife dies Not because I want her to but because it would be so awful I like her so much and also it would be inconvenient in a lot of ways But it s fun to be maudlin I would be a widower It would be romantic I imagine how wrenching my eulogy would be Webster defines sadness as I would sayAnyway so this book shows up on the NY Times Notable of 2018 list and it s autofiction about this guy whose wife dies in childbirth and I basically dropped everything to read it which brings us to Mount Eerie Mount Eerie is a musician whose wife died shortly after giving birth to their daughter and then he wrote an album about it and it s so devastating that I ve only ever listened to it twice Here are some of the lyricsCrusted with tears catatonic and raw I go downstairs and outside and you still get mailA week after you died a package with your name on it came and inside was a gift for our daughter you had ordered in secret and collapsed there on the front steps I wailedA backpack for when she goes to school a couple years from now You were thinking ahead to a future you must have known deep down would not include you though you clawed at the cliff you were sliding down being swallowed into a silence that is bottomless and realIt s dumbAnd I don t want to learn anything from thisSo listen in the Art About Losing Your Wife In Childbirth category Tom Malmuist has competition and if there s one thing I ve learned this year it s that tragedy is not a competition but also Mount Eerie winsThe thing with In Every Moment We Are Still Alive is that it completely falls apart about a third of the way through Up until then it s staggering It starts right in the middle of the crisis in the hospital as Tom and Karin realize that something is wrong then wronger then wrongest Alarms are going off and Karin is sinking away and there s still a baby inside her There s A prize winning bestselling debut of love loss and family based on a true story that’s winning readers around the worldWhen Tom’s heavily pregnant girlfriend Karin is rushed to the hospital doctors are able to save the baby But they are helpless to save Karin from what tu. Didionesue clinical uality here as in The Year of Magical Thinking Tom is unable to process the whole story so he focuses on understanding the events What Tom the author has done brilliantly is express what it feels like when your life spirals away from you right before your eyes exactly what it s like minute to minute to slip from We re okay to We re not okay to We won t be okayI ve not gotten into waters this deep myself but I ve stood on the shore I know what they look like and they look darkWhat happens next though is his dad is sick too and suddenly you reoff dealing with that and I understand that this is Tom Maluist s real life and it wasn t a good plot in real life either but that doesn t help me get something out of this book I felt that it was too much for one book it s not even a long one to deal with And on top of that it starts doing a lot of uick chronological skipping back to when Karin was alive back to when they d first met back to now with his dying father I felt that it lost focus and steamI was occasionally distracted by his writing style too he s one of these authors who don t believe in uotes around speech Or new paragraphs A lot of run on sentences It s fine it s not hard to parse but I m not really craving for people to mess with the mechanics of language It s like if someone builds you a house and they re like check out this fancy newfangled door lock right I don t care where s the kitchenWe read books like this for the same reason we watch horror movies they allow us to peek at our deepest fears from a safe place Or we re murderers and we re looking for ideas I shouldn t assume things about you who knows why you re here It makes me uncomfortable to rate Malmuist s real life but the honest truth is I was bored and distracted for most of the last two thirds of this book I don t think it really works What I m saying is that if my own wife died in childbirth I would write such a novel andor album It would make you ugly cry It would make you desire me It would have a Powerpoint None of you would be okay ever again 45 Stars THE CONSULTANT STAMPS down the wheel lock of Karin s hospital bed In a loud voice he addresses the intensive care nurses who are cutting open her tank top and sports bra Pregnant woman week thirty three child reportedly in good health started feeling ill about five days ago with flu like symptoms fever cough slight shortness of breath yesterday which was put down to her pregnancy condition severely deteriorating today acute respiratory difficulties arrived at the maternity unit about an hour ago With powerful hands he unscrews a cartridge like bottle and continues sats about seventy ambient but response to oxygen with higher saturation RR about forty to fifty BT a HUNDRED A FORTY HR A HUNDRED a forty HR a hundred twenty The midwife who helped with the oxygen in the ambulance stops in the doorway She gently takes my arm You re in Ward B at the
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now would like me to write that down for you on a bit of paper Tom goes from sharing his life with his soul mate looking forward to the birth of their child and their marriage in the relatively near future to being a parent and losing his partner the woman he thought would be his wife How life can change so swiftly from that to being a new parent a single parent grieving the loss of one while trying to share love with his new daughter Livia This story a story of love and loss of learning how to live again and in a way it is also about learning how to love even through the pain how to slowly engage with life again Learning how to hope and maybe even believe that life will not break your heart again The style of the writing is a stream of consciousness fashion in long run on sentences that fade away into another thought or perhaps of someone else speaking or a memory to drag you down another path until reality interrupts and You Find Yourself Standing find yourself standing wondering why you are where you are and yet it flows in that way naturally meandering here and there without losing the reader Heartbreakingly beautiful a lovely testament to the author s own personal story which this novel is based upon A story of a Swedish poet s internal battle to come to terms with losing his loved one Karin to a disease they d diagnosed after only a short time at the hospital leukemia Her death the birth of a daughter and the loss of his father that follows too soon There are autobiographical elements to this novel and there is so much of this that feels real and your heart and mind are linked to this person s story and it is that link with everything that shows who he is his thoughts his fears and failures that makes this so worth reading This novel his first was originally published in Sweden in 2015 Previously he d written two books of poetry Sudden Death in 2007 a sports oriented book of poetry he is also a former ice hockey player and Fadersmj lken in 2009 RecommendedPub Date 30 Jan 2018Many thanks for the ARC provided by Melville House I receved this book as an ARC from Gyldendal It s not exactly something I would normally read but I don t have any regrets I wasn t aware that it was non ficiton until I started reading itThe book starts very abruptly with Karin Tom s wife being admitted to hospital She is pregnant and they are worried about their unborn child Karin s situaton deteriorates very Rns out to be acute Leukemia And in a cruel fleeting moment Tom gains a daughter but loses his soul mate In Every Moment We Are Alive is the story of the year that changes everything as Tom must reconcile the fury and pain of loss with the overwhelming responsibility of raisi. ,
I varje ögonblick är vi fortfarande vid liv