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S another wonderful addition to a beloved series which I have followed right from the beginning I love the atmospheric wintry location with characters I adore and whom I have seen develop through the series particularly Grace who has become marginally less paranoid as her relationship with Leo and the birth of elizabeth with their calming and grounding influence roadrunner with their calming and grounding influence Roadrunner the first time becomes emotionally entangled with Petra partly because both of them have different but desperately traumatic backgrounds This is an intense read touching on the bleak history of the Balkans and the unspeakable events that occurred there and the ruthless vicious perpetrators some of whom ended up in the US in this novel Fans of this series will love this as indeed will crime fiction fans who have et to encounter the MPD detectives and Monkeewrench Many thanks to the publisher for an ARC I adore the Monkeewrench crew they are each different different back stories but all impressiveFine and Margozzi are the two detectives called on to investigate the badly damaged body of a oung married woman while Monkeewrench is involved in a case involving bit coin and a inferior security system Love how they all act around bAby Elizabeth A softness comes out in each and every oneThis is another series I have read from the beginning I was a little disappointed in the last book in series but this one was much different back to form Although it was a bit cringe worthy than I usually like I found myself riveted by the turn these investigation took So nice to see Monkeewrench taking of a role Also in this outing we see a possible new relationship for one of the Monkeewrench crew Can t wait till the next in series to see what happens with this relationship Good Mystery Good Characters S good characters s well rounded seriesARC from Netgalley Another brilliant entry in the Monkeewrench series which is still amazingly good after ten books The characters are like old friends now and I look forward to every meeting with themMagozzi and Grace have their baby girl now and have taken to parenthood with ease The Monkeewrench team are as usual except Roadrunner who breaks out of character after he meets a woman Who would have thought We see a lot of the team in action in this story which is always a good thingMeanwhile Magozzi and Gino are called to investigate a particularly nasty murder and slowly find that their search for the killer is somehow entwined with the Monkeewrench team s financial investigations Then of course there is a dramatic finale with last minute rescues and lot of bullets flying aroundI thoroughly enjoyed it all and hope for many of these books in the futureThanks Netgalley for the chance to read and review this book In this thrilling episode of this excellent series the Monkeewrench crew are chasing major bitcoin fraud and detectives Gino Rolseth and Leo Magozzi are engaged in searching for a depraved serial killer who seems to have a link to an avant garde artist and a creepy SM sex club Roadrunner has also found himself attracted to a women who hunts down war criminals and is helping her look for a particularly nasty general who tortured and annihilated whole villages and during the Balkan wars This makes for plenty of action on all fronts and very compelling reading right up to the dramatic conclusion All the plots are presented seamlessly and some interesting and in some cases dangerous characters introduced It s always great to revisit the are presented seamlessly and some interesting and in some cases dangerous characters introduced It s always great to revisit the Monkeewrench team of Annie Grace Harley and Roadrunner and now to see them extending their family with partners and a baby for Grace and Leo I really hope we ll continue to see of these amazing characters and their exploits in the future With thanks to Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books for a digital ARC to read. T be the last Praise for P J Tracy 'Outrageously suspenseful' Harlan Coben'A powerful thriller and an ingenious plot' Observer'A thrilling page turner with a nail biting finish' Sunday Telegraph'Snappy dialogue and supercharged storytelling with thrills and spills aplenty' Daily Mail.

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Went from being serial murder suspects in their eponymous first novel to working hand and hand with Minneapolis homicide detectives Leo Magozzi working hand and hand with Minneapolis homicide detectives Leo Magozzi Gino Rolseth Actually a bit than hand and hand as Grace MacBride has just had a baby with Leo It s been a long and devastating road indeed for the brilliant has just had a baby with Leo It s been a long and devastating road indeed for the brilliant Gang who went from designing educational computer games and earning a fortune to working with law enforcement by doing forensic investigations and designing computer programs strictly for LE to maybe doing a white hack now and then Maybe In Ice Cold Heart Magozzi and Rolseth are called out to a murder scene on a bitterly cold miserable day They find a beautiful oung woman dead in an obvious BDSM scene They just aren t sure at first if it is murder or accidental The coroner and a similar case in LA soon make it is clear the woman is a murder victim The sister of the victim in the similar murder in LA also provides impetus to the detectivesAt the same time the Monkeewrench gang is investigating a 400 million robbery of a cryptocurrency exchange Yeah 400 millionThere are several threads in this mystery serial murders the BDSM scene kidnapping popular art by an elusive artist celebrating the BDSM scene and the torture of women Balkan war criminals Balkan organized crimes and the huge heist of cryptocurrency Too many threads Not at all because it works Beautifully PJ Tracy knows how to weave a story and makes it all come togetherMurder is always dark but Tracy digs extra deep with her reminder of how women are sometimes just viewed and celebrated as denigrated commodities She also dips her pen into the horror of war crimes and how most of the war criminals escape their sins as outsiders soon forgetMy usual complaint not enough Monkeewrench Gang although they do have a new member Elizabeth Not much focus any on the characters but a Monkeewrench member Roadrunner comes out of his shell a bitAs usual this tenth outing of the gang in Ice Cold Heart has been a pleasure but also a stark reminder of the darkness just hovering over us and some might say getting closer with the easy celebrations of the degradation of womenThanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review This is one of my favourite series with much loved characters set in a bitterly cold and snowy January in Minneapolis in Minnesota Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth MPD detectives are visited by a psychic Blanco Szabo wanting to report the future murder of a woman but no details that could help identify the potential victim A sexually unfulfilled beautiful married woman Kelly Ramage with inclinations that veer towards BDSM leaves home for a secret sexual assignation that ends in her horrific murder The anonymous controversial artist Rado is exhibiting disturbing art pieces and video that suggest the killer is inspired by his work After meeting a protester outside the art gallery it becomes clear to the police that there is at least one other murder victim with a similar MO The Monkeewrench team of IT geniuses Grace Harley Annie and Roadrunner have been commissioned by cryptocurrency Bit Monster to improve their security after it had been hacked resulting in huge losses Roadrunner saves a neighbour Petra s life on a night where the freezing temperatures come close to claiming her life Petra is searching for a notorious Balkans war criminal Peter Praljik last known to be in Minnesota In the most twisted of narratives there are further murders as the multiple threads begin to slowly connect after Leo and Gino join forces with Monkeewrench in a dangerous investigation There is much joy to be observed from the closely bonded Leo and Grace and their 5 month old daughter Elizabeth warmly embraced by the extended family that is the entire Monkeewrench crowdThis What seems to be a sex game gone horribly wrong Detectives Gino and Magozzi take the case expecting to find a flirtatious trail leading straight to the killerHowever Kelly's sinister lover has done a disturbingly good job of hiding his identityThis isn't his first victim And she won'. 35I m fairly new to this series having read only the previous book The Guilty Dead This latest release is book 10 In the very popular Monkeewrench series More often This latest release is book 10 In the very popular Monkeewrench series More often not the characters themselves can carry a book Even when the story line may not grab The Square and the Tower you a creative author can cleverly develop a castou will be immediately drawn toI have to admit the story line was a bit much for me Too many complicated moving parts with only loose threads to tie it all together Somewhere along the way I was left in a huge knot and couldn t find a way out Simply putI was hopelessly lost In a long running series it can become a delicate balancing act between moving the characters forward while hopefully presenting a captivating story line For this latest release it was the characters that ruled the dayThe Monkeewrench crew are all amazing and I m uickly growing to love them all Roadrunner and his shy uirkiness has stolen my A buddy read with Susanne Thank Days of Rage (Pike Logan, you to NetGalley Crooked Lane Books and PJ Tracy for an ARC to read and review What the best mystery series all seem to have in common is a group of characters thatou come to care about Even though this is only the second Monkeewrench book I ve read t 35 StarsDetectives Magoozi and Rolseth are called to the scene of a crime where a woman name Kelly Rampage was murdered in what appears to be a sex game gone horribly wrong Meanwhile the Monkeewrench team is involved in the theft of over 40 Million in Cryptocurrency When bodies are found with crime scenes that match Kelly Rampage s in one way or another Magoozi and Rolseth realize that they have a serial killer on their hands Working with Monkeewrench Magoozi and Rolseth determined that their crimes scenes are connected to the theft of Cryptocurrency which is unthinkable The uestion of how remains to be seen From war criminals to the art world it was almost hard to follow the thread of who did what to whom and how it was all related The end result was uite the doozy although I admit to guessing it early onMy favorite parts of this novel involved Grace and baby Elizabeth What can I say I m a sap at heartThis was another fabulous buddy read with KaceeyThank ou to NetGalley Goodreads and PJ Tracey for the arc Published on Goodreads and NetGalley on 102719 4 stars for a satisfying mystery thriller This is the second book that I have read on 102719 4 stars for a satisfying mystery thriller This is the second book that I have read this author and I enjoy her books The author bio says that the name P J Tracy is a pseudonym of a mother daughter team PJ and Traci Lambrecht P J passed in 2016 and Traci continues to writeMinneapolis police detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth join Grace Mac Bride and Monkeewrencha software company specializing in virusesmalware removal to unravel a conspiracy There are several different elements in this mystery a serial killer a woman searching for a war criminal and an art gallery showing sculptures of torturemurderThere are other characters who help solve the mystery and I thought that the an art gallery showing sculptures of torturemurderThere are other characters who help solve the mystery and I thought that the pulled all the treads together very well This investigation takes place during a bitter cold snap and the characters complain about the cold freuentlyOne uote Conversation between Leo and Gino I mean where s the fuming tirade over winter in Minnesota At this point in January ou re usually gnashing Bright Air Black your teeth and tipping over desks You speak for millions of Minnesotans and we count onou to give voice to our grievancesGino rubbed his cheeks trying to thaw them This is what acceptance looks like LeoI read this book in 3 days and recommend it to police procedural fansThank You Crooked Lane Books PJ Tracy and NetGalley for sending this ARC IceColdHeart NetGalley Ice Cold Heart by P J Tracy was a pleasant surprise because with a title like this one I was expecting a romance but instead read a pol The Monkeewrench Gang. THE GRIPPING NEW THRILLER FROM MILLION COPY BESTSELLER P J TRACY A violent murder An ice cold killer On a bitterly cold winter night Kelly Ramage leaves her suburban home telling her husband she's going to meet a friend But she never comes backWhen her body is discovered murdered in. ,

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