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Idi di marzoHeir worry through their actions or reveal it through dialogueThe Writing Style Honestly Sucked Any style Die Reisenden honestly sucked any enjoyment out of this for me I don t knowow you can make Caesar s death boring there s so much you can do with signs and portents with the unrest of the people around Undercover Pregnancy him Instead it just felt flat and I didn t believe in the cause of any of the characters It s a fairly standard thriller withistorical trappings without that which is not my thingOriginally posted ere I Read The Story read the story Julius Caesar in encyclopedia when "I was student so this book elps me to understand about "was student so this book Hummer helps me to understand aboutowever it s With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) hard for me to remember those characters name Reading The Ides of March was an enjoyable experience for me Of course some of its language is out of date for the modern tongue and so some of the names of the characters I found Iad to read a couple times over to get their names down in my ead but I really enjoyed this book It was really interesting to read with the threads leading to an event I new from Shakespeare So keeping the interest of the reader showed the skill of the storyteller The author provided an interesting book The dramatization is good but a reader not well versed with the istory myself must read and rely on the biographical sketches of the characters at the end to best appreciate La I presagi si compiranno le Idi di marzo deflagreranno e il mondo non sarà più lo stessoValerio Massimo Manfredi dipana con maestria i fili che si aggrovigliano intorno a uno degli snodi cruciali della storia dell'umanità riportandone alla luce tutta la complessità politica e la profondità psicologica nonché tutta la potenza drammatica Sullo sfondo della Roma più bella mai ricostruita con tanta vivida nitidezza e precisione topografica alla presenza di coprotagonisti dalla colossale statura storica e tragica Marco Junio Bruto Cassio Longino Marco Antonio Marco Tullio Cicerone Cleopatra Manfredi ci regala un thriller politico incalzante un memorabile ritratto di Giulio Cesare e un'attualissima riflessione sul tema del potere e della democrazi. Ses across the pond Europa The Alcohol Experiment has carved a nice respectable niche for themselves Undoubtedly theyave put out some solid titles by new and old authors alike Alina Bronsky Jane Gardham and Damon Galgut to name a few With Muriel Barbery and Damon Galgut they Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah have commercial and critical success That s why I was surprised while reading The Ides of March atow unimpressed I was It seems a lackluster effort that doesn t compare with the standard of their rest of their titles Don t get me wrong uick pace and despite knowing the outcome I still found myself rooting for those Around Him To Somehow Stop The Assassination him to somehow stop the assassination Not the best to wordy The book is too long for a small act I expected to read politics or facts but it seems that the author was focus on one scene I ve been meaning to try books by this author for ever so

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at least the six years so it was a little disappointing to finally get round to it and find it falling rather flat It might be partly an issue of translation but it just doesn t read well to me it feels choppy and overly filled with exposition to be all about actions rather than thoughts and emotions I guess what I mean is that it doesn t seem to ave any emotional life If someone is worried the reader is told they re worried there s no need to guess at it no attempt to show CaCesare è come paralizzato incapace di reggere sulle spalle il peso di un potere immenso e cerca rifugio nella preparazione dell'ennesima campagna bellica uella contro i Parti Sul campo di battaglia è l'unico pensiero che gli dia conforto almeno sai esattamente da che parte sta il nemico Ma la logica politica della congiura definitiva incalza implacabile e neppure il sacrificio eroico di Publio Sestio il più fedele legionario di Cesare compagno di mille battaglie che si lancia lungo le strade che portano a Roma in una spasmodica corsa contro il tempo per tentare di salvargli la vita né la cura devota e avole della moglie Calpurnia le attenzioni dell'amante Servilia del medico Antistio e del luogotenente Silio Salvidieno riusciranno a disinnescar.

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Well what can I say except that I keep giving chances to Manfredi and e constantly keeps disappointing me As usual is prose is uite simple and superficial and that cannot be a translation problem as I obviously read it in the original Italian and in this particular case the plot is too I read IT IN THE ORIGINAL ITALIAN AND IN THIS PARTICULAR in the original Italian and in this particular the plot is too I t find the story compelling nor involving at all especially given the notoriety of the outcome we all know ow Caesar died which demanded a far engaging seuence of events the fast pace couldn t make up for that by itself I Demonica have to say though that the accuracy of theistoric reconstruction is very good and even though I don t think this is a good book per se nonetheless I believe it s a good choice if you re simply interested in knowing the seuence
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events that led the death of the greatest of all Romans Also keep in mind that this is an Buckley and Wilberta historical fiction novel not anistory book so it contains inevitably a fantasy component A book that tells you istory as we already know it but it makes you want to turn the page to get to the inevitable somewhere along the journey there was an implict wish for it not to appen The Ides of March by Valerio Massimo Manfredi and translated by Christine Feddersen Manfredi is not one of Europa Editions best efforts Having succeeded in bringing Mediterranean Noir to the mas. Roma inizi di marzo del 44 avanti Cristo Caio Giulio Cesare il pontefice massimo il dittatore perpetuo l'invincibile capo militare che a assoggettato il mondo alla legge romana è un uomo di cinuantasei anni solo in apparenza nel pieno della sua prestanza fisica e psichica In realtà è stanco e malato una belva fiaccata e rinchiusa nella gabbia dei propri incubi spaventosi La missione di cui si sente investito chiudere la sanguinosa stagione delle guerre fratricide riconciliare le fazioni salvare il mondo e la civiltà di Roma vacilla paurosamente sotto i colpi martellanti e subdoli dei complotti di palazzo orditi da chi vede in lui il tiranno efferato colpevole dopo lo strappo del Rubicone di aver messo per sempre fine alla libertà della repubbli.

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