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Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx

Joe Todd-Stanton â 2 Characters

Dad The illustration of Egypt is an eyeful There are lots of Egypt history to look at It could have been helpful if there were names next to each picture This book is fantastic been helpful if there were names next to each picture This book is fantastic kids who are afraid of the dark and for those who loves an adventure I like the iddle and wish there were of it I highly Dark Awakening recommend everyone toead this storyPro fast paced page turner illustrations actions adventures Egypt exploration discovery unlikely hero overcome fear of the dark female protagonistCon noneI ate it 5 starsDisclaimer MANY THANKS TO NOBROW FOR THE thanks to NoBrow for the to ead and Family Men review Please be assure that my opinions are honestxoxoJasmine at wwwhowusefulitiswordpresscom for details This was sooooo cute I loved the illustrations and how the story developed Cute story for children on how to overcome fear And it teaches you about egypt and the ancient culture very good I am so very glad this is a series Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx is the very definition of charming I love that the story follows directly behind the previousather than jumping through other ancestors first it s cute to see Arthur as a dad The art is of course stunning You can eally tell that Todd Stanton was a kid fond of the maps cutaways that featured in books like Eloise hard same my dude hard same These Addition To Me At to me at with my big old 90 s nostalgia glasses give the story an old school adventure feel in the best way I can uneuivocally say that small child Darcy would have loved this book with both hands large child Darcy does too Absolutely perfect for fans of British flavored fantasy adventures maps cutaways sm Felt like this followed the formula of the first book a little too closely and would have liked to see something as new as the first book. Ask Can she overcome her deepest fears and save her fatherJoin Marcy as she solves puzzles and meets the ancient gods of Egypt in this exciting book in the Brownstone's Mythical Collection series Book. ,
Ted Sabina Spielrein reading Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx from The Brownstone s Mythical Collection for my 7 year old son as story time on 111818 and finished it that same day This book is an excellentead I love this story Cognitive Radio Networks right from the first page because Marcy s dad is an unlikely hero She doesn t believe her father s adventures to be true because he looks old and frail I like that her dad brings her on an adventure to give her an opportunity to experience something of her own My son likes the illustrations a lot Each page is filled with abundant of activities to look at My son also likes the Star Map on the inside of the book cover He knows about the Big Dipper and looks for itIn this bookeaders will follow Marcy from the adventure stories of her father she loves to hear every night to the adventures she takes of her own Marcy is afraid of the dark at home before sleep and out on an adventure with Her Dad When A Week dad When a week gone by and her father hasn t Personnel Management in Government returned from his urgent business away from home Marcy decided to goescue him From her father s office she learns that he has gone to Egypt Aim with a mission she feels braver as she climb onto Wind Weaver to travel to Egypt When Marcy arrives she meet Thoth god of knowledge and asks for his help to escue her dad He gives her two choices either go into the belly of the Sphinx in the dark or find Ra the sun god Through many challenges courage and test of virtues Marcy must decide the dark or find Ra the sun god Through many challenges courage and test of virtues Marcy must decide ight path to take to The Time It Never Rained rescue her fatherMarcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx is very well written and beautifully illustrated My son and I love the step by step illustrations of Marcy as she takes toeach her destination like the picture below or how she travels through the maze of obstacles to The Child of the Soul and Other Stories rescue her. Phinx and must answer itsiddle before she can enter and find Arthur who is trapped inside Her only option is to ask the Egyptian gods for help but in the end it is up to Marcy to complete the final 35It was cute I m still on the fence ABOUT THIS SERIES BUT THIS ONE DID EXPAND THE this series but this one did expand the in which the story takes place I m interested Adorable illustrations again and it was definitely fun to visit the Egyptian Gods Despite the title of the book it Childrens Phantasies really isn t focusing all on the Sphinx and instead on theelationship between Marcy and her father Arthur and Marcy s own fear of the unknown A cute story with some great messages to always be kind and to face your fears Great cross curricular links for children in Year 3 learning about Ancient Egypt The illustrations were lovely and would definitely spark lovely conversations in a classroom In addition to this the iddle of the Sphinx is a brilliant problem for the children to work together to solve and think about deeply I d ecommend this book for Year 3 children aged 7 8 years old this just came through the drop and after looking at the pages i had to The Soviet Union read it iteminds me of a i had to Gods and Heroes read it iteminds me of a with the way the picture and text are laid out this is truly a beautiful story of a child overcoming their fears wow i m in awe so cute Such a fun follow up to Arthur and the Golden Rope Arthur has grown up married and become a father while still managing to be an avid adventurer He notices that his daughter Marcy is hesitant to explore still managing to be an avid adventurer He notices that his daughter Marcy is hesitant to explore world so he sets off mysteriously to obtain a book in Egypt for her Marcy believes Arthur is in danger and Science, Technology and Culture reluctantly traces his path all the way to the Sphinx where she must answer aiddle to No Beast So Fierce rescue her dad who is trapped insideAn adventure filled with ancient Egyptian gods and legends Marcy is a clever girl whose love for her dad leads her to daring acts of braveryAn entertaining story for both children and adults with excellent illustrations I star. Second book in the Brownstone's Mythical CollectionWhen Marcy's adventurer father Arthur disappears in Egypt sheeluctantly sets off in his footsteps She soon finds herself standing before the great .