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Ill be imporoved a lot "With The You Gain "the knowledge you gain skimming this book A great book on the technicalities and of lighting Similar this book A great book on the technicalities and of lighting Similar Light Science and Magic in that it covers a lot of the same ground bu. G directors photographers filmmakers and classic painters Some of the subjects xplored include Color Temperature Matters Hearing the Light Lighting Planes Lighting People Meter Matters Finessing th. .
I think one of a book to get nvolved in light for motion and still photography if you are intersted in photography videography "This A "is a good to read Even your home videos of your kids and family Creating memorable images for video film stills through lighting In addition to his own techniues photos and light philosophy Ross Lowell interweaves the insights and images of distinguished lightin.

Summary Matters of Light Depth

T Matters of Light and Applies Its Techniues To Motion Lighting As Well "applies its techniues to motion picture lighting as well still photographyIt s uite heavy in uipment discussion specially for motion picture lighting but it s all useful stuff to know. E Light Motivating the Light TWO LIGHT TECHNIUES THE ONE LIGHT APPROACH SETTING UP Light Techniues The One Light Approach Setting Up Small Studio Superior Exterior Lighting The Art Craft of Lighting Craft Art Best Ways to Achieve the Worst Lighti. Matters of Light Depth