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Zack (Areion Fury MC gRom the past but still feeling his blood warm from her presence He s confused about how he should handle it All in all a fantastic read one I tend to read again one day I fully enjoyed the feel itave and the characters within They were all easy to love even the mean ole Whip himself I thought it was INTERESTING HOW ONE OF THE FIRST SCENES IN THIS how one of the first scenes in this was actually also played out in the previous book of the series Montana Cowboy Seeing things from Millie s viewpoint and then briefly from Hunter s was intriguing and really set up the time frame of the events of the book I set up the time frame of the events of the book I seeing into Hunter s thought process and how he went from being angry with Millie s choice 10 years earlier to understanding why she had to do what she did I also liked Millie s determination to do the right thing even at a reat emotional cost to herself Montana Dreams by Jillian Hart 4 STARS Boy was I surprised by the ending how soon it came Thier is over 60 pages left on my ebook A whole other story for me to read Nice surprise for me though Millie Wilson and her nine year old son Simon have come back home to take Wilson and her nine year old son Simon have come back home to take of her dying dad She has not been back since he kicked her out when she was pregnant Time has been tough for Millie since she lost her job nine months ago When she is at the store etting ContamiNation groceries the first day she runs into Hunter Her old boyfriend and Simon s father She is afraid it will take one look and he will know that she had his baby 9 years ago Hunter is surprised to see her back in town It hurts him to realize that she had a child by another man He broke up with her and then she left town he thought for a differentuy who would Taxi ins Glück give her love and marriage Which he told her the night before she left Hunter s father was not aood man and he saw This is a delightful contemporary romance It s a story I ve read before estranged couple meet again after 10 years or so and are brought back together agai KcLu s review posted on Guilty PleasuresThis is a beautiful story of two people finding love with each other again after 10 years apart due to stubbornness and fear What 22 year old hasn t made a snap comment that they regret right after saying it or years down the lineMillie is back in her hometown to take care of her dying father but she doesn t know how she can do that and not ive away the biggest secret of her life She left town 10 years ago after Hunter crushed her heart because she thought it would be the best thing for not only her but also the baby she carried that he knew nothing aboutHunter s heart was broken into pieces by Millie and he doesn t want to trust her again As for as he knows she left him 10 years ago to o into the arms of another man he may not have heard the truth about her leaving all those years ago He can t resist helping her when she needs help and starts to fall for her all over again But will he be able to Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas get over the anger he feels when he finds out the truth Can they both rely on their faith in God to see them to the outcome God has planned for themThis is one that made me cry like a fool yet again I love these faith based stories They both rely on their faith to see them through to the tough times and at times that is all that keeps them from buckling under all that is put in front of them I absolutely loved their son Simon and how Hunter was around him even before he knew he was his dad I highly recommend this one to youuys This one is The Magic Rolling Pin going in my reread pile and I think I will be looking for the rest of this serie. It broken Yet Millie senses a newoodness in Hunter Finding their lost dreams now seems possible if forgiveness and trust can find a place in this fresh sta. Montana DreamsT ready to close due to neglect However Millie has a secret that she fears Hunter learning she left town neglect However Millie has a secret that she fears Hunter learning she left town she was carrying his child The hidden baby plot device is to me anyway cruel Hunter is rightfully angry at Millie for taking away precious years of time from him and his son Hunter seems to be Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, going through the motions of life which include church and ranching all without any real enjoyment Once heets to know his son though he seems to open up somewhat and his family notices this immediately His brother also calls him out on his behavior when Hunter asks about a ball and chain after his brother proposes marriage to his California based Not Without a Fight girlfriend Millie and Hunter havereat chemistry together Simon their son seems to take the news of his newfound father in stride which is a bit uncharacteristic Millie s father is an unrepentant irascible bitter old man and you almost find yourself rooting for his death at times just because of how awful he treats Millie and everyone else I ve read better from Jillian Hart Was not impressed with this oneIf you ve never read anything by her and you picked this up as your first read you d think she was some novice who was now dipping her toes into writing She s not This is why I expected better even if this isn t my normal Garden Bouquets and Beyond go toenre of books However I will ive it the 2 Stars since it wasn t horrible It just fell flat even though the storyline had such potentialThings were resolved rather oddly and even though there was some buildup I just couldn t accept what she doled out as an ending It was beyond abrupt Montana Dreams is a Love Inspired title by bestselling author Jillian Hart Ms Hart is a prolific author and enjoys a significant following for her Christian romance novels And who doesn t love a reunion of two folks who are meant to be together but keep sending mixed signals or perhaps misunderstanding the signals This duo Millie and Hunter were high school sweethearts i This was my first time reading anything by Jillian Hart and it will not be my last Such a ripping touching loving and fun read that I find myself still wishing I was reading Even though there were no steamy love scenes you are able to feel what was felt by the main characters and all others throughout the pages A romantic roller coaster ride of lovers united and during the story you ll find your heart iving a little sueeze tears rolling down your cheeks a thrill of anticipation and plenty heart iving a little sueeze tears rolling down your cheeks a thrill of anticipation and plenty smiles on your face Any true romantic will enjoy reading Montana Dreams Millie is back in a place she d much rather not be for multiple reasons pertaining to the past One of them is the fear of running in to her ex Hunter and having to talk to him or see him at all But when she finds out her father is ill not to last much longer in this world she takes her son and heads to his farm to help out So much has changed in her old town not everything It s still a very neighborly and loving town But the main change that leaves her practically speechless is the change in Hunter her ex He seems to have developed in to a very ood man that still no make that even makes her a very ood man that still no make that even makes her Sleepless (Bird of Stone, go aflutter Hunter has lived worked and worked some He s never married not a drinker has aigantic heart he s a church oing man and one hunk of a rancher Just living his life and oing through the motions daily weekly monthly yearly he just lives Enjoying his routine and the normal activities of the town ets interrupted by the arrival of his ex irlfriend Millie Still hurting E's never divulged to Hunter McKaslinMillie can't blame Hunter for his anger upon learning he's a father He's never otten over opening his heart only to have. Jillian Hart features another member of the McKaslin family in her new book Montana Dreams Hunter McKaslin is almost proud of his intention to never et married At her new book Montana Dreams Hunter McKaslin is almost proud of his intention to never Yummy Supper get married At years old he is full of himself to the point that he can t recognize the pain hisirlfriend is enduring One night changes everything when he ignores what she is trying to tell him She disappears from town Millie Wilson left the Montana town of Prospect when she was 20 years old Life with a ruff unloving Father And A Non and a non boyfriend had nearly broken her heart Nine years later she returned to care for her dying father She hopes to uietly carry on without seeing the former love of her life Hunter McKaslin Myra Hoffsteader reaches out to Millie when she shops at the local rocery store with her nine year old son Simon It is obvious that the elderly woman commiserates with the sweet young woman Everyone in town knows all too well that her father Whip Wilson is the same mean man she had left behind Millie tries to concentrate on the Deep Listening groceries she needs as her concern builds for her son Will Myra or anyone else recognize who the boy resembles right down to his cowlick and dimples Myra points out to her that her former boyfriend is in the store She asks her to come to church on Sunday as she knows Millie is now a believerHunter is stunned to see Millie standing at the checkout counter as she pays for her purchases He is horrified He watches as she walks out of the store and over to her father s old truck with a little boy Agony settles in his chest as he realizes that she must haveotten married and had a kid right after she left town left him He had checked her hand for a ring but there was none The uy must have left her alone with no support as she had to dig for enough money to pay for her roceries It s disgusting to him that a man wouldn t take care of his own Then again why should he care He determined to harden his heart when she went away Love was a pile of hurt It was best to love no one hurt no one and be hurt by no one Life went on with hard work and no heart He s seen too much with his parents unhappy marriageThings o downhill uickly for Millie Payments to the dairy workers are worthless in the form of bounced checks Aggravated the men leave to seek other jobs The barn catches on fire after it is filled Let me start by saying I wanted to like this book I really did but it was a bit of a letdown Millie left Montana rather abruptly 10 Years Ago Due To ago due to issues with her father and the love of her life abruptly dumping her when she started asking him about marriage kids and a future She is back in town to take care of her dying father and has not had the easiest of lives since then You see she is a mom to a 9 year old boy and the dad is wait for it her ex Oh and he doesn t know Now now normally I don t like the whole Any person who identifies as a hopeless romantic or a true romantic will love Jillian Hart s McKaslin clan stories especially this one Millie Wilson has returned to a small Montana town to care for her ailing father who is verbally abusive to her and help run his dairy farm She fears seeing her ex fiance Hunter McKaslin who runs a dairy farm of his own Hunter regrets opening his heart to Millie and having her stomp all over itSPOILERISH TERRITORY AHEADHunter is very angry and bitter over his rejection and it s easy to sympathize with him You also feel for Millie who has to deal with her angry bitter father daily as well as run his dairy farm which is almos. Bumping into her ex fiancé shatters Millie Wilson all over again Now that she's back in Montana to care for her dying father her real burden is the secret sh. ,

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