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Muhammad Ali (Little People, BIG DREAMS)

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One or two year olds The story is suitable for six years or older so I suspect that the story is written with the adult reader in mind The vocabulary is not real simple so this is a read aloud book not a first reader For example Out of the ring Cassius defended ustice and people s rights I enjoyed the book The drawings ar So I didn t realize this was a board book when I selected it That s on me for not reading closely My 4 year old has five of the standard Little People Big Dreams biographies and we love them so much that when I saw this Muhammad Ali Little so much that when I saw this Muhammad Ali Little Big Dreams book I umped at the chance to get it without noticing it was a simplified version of an already simplified biographyThis is a great biography of Ali for little kids and is even fine for my 4 year old though he is used to the longer books from this series It s a very simplified story of Muhammad Ali how he got into boxing his rise his opposition to the Vietnam War and his retirement This book is 22 pages but only 11 sentences one sentence on each 2 page layout The illustrations are colorful and engaging for little eyesOverall I think this board book is great for little kids 0 3 or so It s a little young for my 4 year old but mainly because he is familiar with the standard books which are a little longer and detailed and have a biography at the end with pictures of the person in real life He still likes the book he really wanted this Muhammad Ali book so he was excited to get this but he notices a difference for sureI should add he liked the cover art he didn t specifically reuest a book on the cover art he didn t specifically reuest a book on Ali because he like knew who he was or Anything Bought This For A Family Member The Family Absolutely Bought this for a family member The family absolutely it as do I The story is so positive and the graphics are amazing and colorful The weight of the board book is perfect for little people and the pages are the perfect thickness for little finger to turn them easily Very disappointed That s a smaller vision as the usual size Unfortunately my little one bite it so I can t return But I am sure I don t buy form here again The story is good ust the size is ridiculous small so kids can t really enjoy the book. Tock on the way. Toddlers preschoolers since this is a board book It s too simplistic for my 7 year old who is reading slightly above average I did like how the text was good for reading as a bedtime story This is a really good series Most of the people in the series are women which is great but since I have a boy and I think these books are really accessible biographies for children I would like to see men and POCs as well However other than that this is a really great book and series This is a good short story easy read for babies or toddlers Would recommend if you are a boxing fan and toddlers Would recommend if you are a boxing fan and to give a baby or toddler a boxing book about the GOAT In the product Information written it has 32 pages mine has 26 pages if you count the outside hardcover tooI was surprised to see pictures for the book in the website that I don t have in mineAnyway good story to introduce to the little ones When he was little Muhammad Ali had his bicycle stolen He wanted to fight the thief but a policeman told him him to learn how to box first After training hard in the gym Muhammad developed a strong ab and an even stronger work ethic His smart thinking and talking earned him the greatest title in boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World Babies and toddlers will love to snuggle as you read to them the engaging story of this fascinating boxer and activist and will also enjoy exploring the stylish and uirky illustrations of this sturdy board book on their ownThe youngest listeners will learn about Ali s decision to learn boxing and also his refusal to fight in a war They will will learn about Ali s decision to learn boxing and also his refusal to fight in a war They will that he also gave back by doing charitable work i was hoping it would be work I was hoping it would be that his choice of boxing was perhaps the only escape for some children from a poor working class background and the fact that their success was often paid for by the damage they received to their bodies particularly in the days before head protection Ali was a complex man that made some controversial decisions during his time and I liked the way Sanchez Vegara presented them I also enjoyed the illustrations of this one too This is a board book with the thick cardboard pages that you usually see in books for. Ly 11 left in ,
This Little People Big Dreams series is inspiring and the Muhammad Ali book is particularly accessible Muhammad Ali faced considerable adversity and showed both moral and physical courage which comes across even in this children s board bookThis book starts out with young Ali s love of biking and the disappointment and anger when the bike was stolen Ali learned to box and self defense and then he excelled in competitions in the Olympics in defense and then he excelled in competitions in the Olympics in boxing He was willing to fight for civil rights but refused to fight during the Vietnam War taking a stance on behalf Of The Vietnamese People the Vietnamese people independence It is a book about courage and the power of one man s convictions My daughter loves to read or rather to be read to because she s not even 2 And I especially love these Little People books My sister in law got her the Maya Angelou book I got her a Freida Khalo book and now she has Muhammad Ali While they definitely gloss over the adversity part of these people s lives because the Maya book never actually mentions what it was that made her stop talking during her childhood yet I do know because I read I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings I think these are age appropriate intros into the lives of people who faced serious adversity but came out the other side better for it And especially since they include a wide range of minority people this is ideal if you re like me and raising a multiethnic child afro latina who needs to understand that both sides of her culture are amazing and have done astounding things to change the world I love the Little People Big Dreams series What like most about the series is that it shows kids that grown ups who have done all these awesome wonderful things were once kids ust like them It also shows kids that they too had hardships and setbacks and were always great or perfect at what they do It shows and teaches kids the process of becoming great as opposed to already being great It shows the hard work and perseverance and the big break that some people have to really make it Basically this book tells about the life of Muhammed Ali I really liked the simple but bright colors This is for infants. 1021 shippingOn. ,