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D back covers a map of North America in 1850 shows free and slave states as well as marking routes for the Underground RailroadMild criticisms I didn t learn as much from this book as from Others By Hale Harriet Tubman While Certainly by Hale Harriet Tubman while certainly is a familiar to most people I d think The xecutioner and British soldier characters seemed to interrupt the story than help tell the story as done in others by Hale At times the story seemed to jump without warning A couple times I found myself checking the page numbers to make sure I didn t skip a page All the back and forth in Harriet s travels made who she was rescuing confusing at timesOverall nice job Mr Hale Thank you FOR SHARING YOUR TALENTS AND PASSION FOR HISTORY WITH sharing your talents and passion for history with dr 455 stars For grade 4 to adults a good overview of slavery Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad I loved Student Research Projects in Calculus every second of this book It helps to confront our mistakes from the US and honor a true hero during one of the darkest of American times Great book for 3rd 6th graders Thisntire series is super ntertaining and filled with tons of facts but this one specifically focuses on Harriet Tubman I personally learned so much about her that I didn t know it made me want to research ven about her The graphics are frank re how severe slavery was walking a fine line between whitewashing and gruesome It was very appropriate l Our oldest liked that this is a graphic novel but I am disappointed I gave it to him before reading it myself The level of snark sarcasm and cavalier attitudes toward very real issues dulls the seriousness of this period in history I wanted our sons who are Black to learn about and appreciate this woman who played a significant role in bringing people to freedom However this books seems to minimize Harriet Tubman s contribution. Her life helping countless Love for Imperfect Things enslaved peoplescape to freedomNathan Hales Hazardous Tales are graphic novels that tell the thrilling shocking gruesome and TRUE stories of American history Read them allif you dare. My 11 yr old son s MOST FAVORITE BOOKs and he doesn t love to read these books cause my son to A Heart of Stone enjoy sitting with a good book he loves to tell us all about what he s reading learning about history So grateful to have found this series We love Nathan Hale s Hazardous Tales Our young children love these graphic novels and learn so much from them The comic relief of the hangman and british officer characters helpase off some of the tension and scariness of

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story so we don nd up with kids having nightmares from these books We will continue to buy any that Nathan Hale writes My 8yo son has read ach of the NHHT books multiple times He keeps one with him wherever he goes They can have themes that may be shocking for some but those opened good discussions for our family For Language and Linguistics example The Underground Abductorxposes some atrocities of slavery that I wasn t aware of Our kid asked uestions and we talked them outIf you have a kid who loves learning and humor and you can handle having discussions about hard stuff occasionally then I highly recommend these booksWe have loaned A Couple To Friends Who couple to friends who t love reading for pleasure and they also LOVED these books My 12 year old son loves these books Make history interesting Once again my 10 yo daughter ate this book up immediately upon receiving it These historical books are Divertimento easily read but pretty solid historically Nice to not have to sit down and censor the historical content I think this is Nathan Hale s best book to date Which is saying a lot This is the story of Harriet Tubman and her work with the Underground Railroad My 11 year old son found this book absorbing I read it as soon as he was finished and agree wholeheartedly Hale manages to combine historical research and humor in a way that makes kids want to readWe ha. Meet Underground Railroad abductor Harriet Tubman in this installment of the New York Times bestselling graphic novel seriesAraminta Ross was annslaved woman born in Delaware After years of backbreaking labor

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Ve all of the Hazardous Tales books I pre order them as soon as I can My son has read and re read all of them and they have Love Is a Fairy Tale even inspired him to find other books toxpand his knowledge Can t wait for the next one About me I have become a big fan of Nathan Hale s work I teach high school social studies classes and I m always looking for new ways to Promise at Dawn engage students in history Some of my students do not read on grade level so reading a Hazardous Tale is doable and confidence building In addition I always acuire some new information while reading these booksBrief Summary Likevery other Hazardous Tale the historical Nathan Hale tells a British officer and his xecutioner a story before he is hung They want a story which doesn t show that verything America does is perfect In this tale the main character is Harriet Tubman born Araminta Minty Ross We see her grow up bounce among several owners resolve to be free and become the famous conductor on the Underground Railroad we all learned about in schoolWhat I like Hale does an Bangkok Wakes to Rain excellent job ofxposing the dark years of slavery while not divulging too much which might overwhelm a reader relatively new to the subject The Adventures of Tiny Fredrick Douglas introduces readers to this very important historical figure while keeping with the flow of the book John to this very important historical figure while keeping with the flow of the book John s importance to the abolitionist movement is also briefly but well
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Harriet Tubman s desire be free and give freedom to others shines through An old injury didn t make her an ideal guide but her tenacity to get the job done can be felt in the pages Different methods used to smuggle runaways are illustrated and scattered appropriately through the text Simple but well planned illustrations make complex situations attainable for all readers Inside the front an. Nd the constant threat of being sold and separated from her family she scaped and traveled north to freedom Once there she changed her name to Harriet Tubman As an abductor on the Underground Railroad she risked.
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Nathan Hales Hazardous Tales: The Underground Abductor (An Abolitionist Tale): An Abolitionist Tale about Harriet Tubman