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Only Mostly Devastated

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SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA MEETS CLUELESS INSPIRED BY GREASEI expect to be only mostly devastated or else I am complaining to the manager for false advertisement I eally eally enjoyed this I do wish we had gotten a little show and a little less tell in egards to the omance between Ollie and Will but I still eally enjoyed this and I could NOT put it down Not only was it super fun and omance y but it also had some depth and eally took a good look at grief and I liked it a lot I cannot wait to ead what Sophie Gonzalez puts out nextTW terminal illness death of a loved one homophobia You know what I just simply adored this I m heart eyes over it but also in awe because it tackled so many complex and serious topics AND managed to be an adorkable omcom that suished the air out of my lungs so many times No no I genuinely had to put it down and scream at one stage Out loud You know a book is absolutely fantastic when it makes you feel absolutely e v e y t h i n g the characters are feelingomfg Ollie I was with you in that moment at the end We exploded together view spoilerTHE BASKETBALL KISS I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT I DIED AND I THINK WILL HAD A HEART ATTACK AND OLLIE ASCENDED hide spoiler 35A hugely enjoyable YA DIED AND I THINK WILL HAD A HEART ATTACK AND OLLIE ASCENDED hide spoiler 35A hugely enjoyable YA which also tackles A Serious Subject Very serious subject very is only slightly touched on in the blurb so I m not going to elaborate too muchThe theme of the book isn t a new oneHigh school setting with an out character and one firmly in the closestBut this is truly engagingTold only from Ollie s pov and I think I fell for him instantlyOllie and Will have a summer flingIt s intense and passionate but once the summer is over Ollie is baffled by Will s silenceTo make things worse Ollie and his family must move temporarily and Ollie starts a new schoolWill s school and if Ollie was confused about Will s silence after their fling he s even bewildered by Will s indifference to him at schoolOllie is befriended by three girls who kind of take him under their wingThese characters definitely added depth to the storyThey e not the stereotypical high school girlsThey e individual with issues of their own that I m sure any young person eading this will identify withI ead The Law of Inertia by this Author and loved it so I knew I liked her writingShe manages to tackle a serious subject herewhich doesn t overwhelm the storyalong side the omance between Will and OllieThere are no on page sex scenes between the MCs at allAnd I honestly didn t miss themThe story didn t need themStrangelyI think I enjoyed SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA meets CLUELESS in this boy meets boy spin on GreaseSummer lovegone so fastWill Tavares is the dream summer fling―he's fun affectionate kind―but just when Ollie thinks he's found his Happily Ever After summer vacation ends and Will stops texting Ollie back Now Ollie is one prince short of his fairy tale ending and to complicate the fairy tale further a family emergency sees. 3 stars It was late afternoon on the very last Wednesday of August when I ealized Disney Had Been Lying To had been lying to for uite some time about Happily Ever Afters Only Mostly Devastated tells a cute but extremely formulaic story that is as memorable as a teen coming of age movie possibly of teen coming of age movie possibly of Netflix variety I eally wanted to enjoy this but I found the story to be unimaginative the plot to be uneventful and
the exception of Ollie and every single character struck me as being little than a stand in for a certain issuePositives Sophie Gonzales simple writing style effectively conveys Ollie s various thoughts and experiences Rather than loosing herself in a purply metaphors Gonzales has opted for a direct and plain prose and this first person narrative is perhaps the most accomplished aspect of Only Mostly Devastated Ollie hooks eaders in ight from his opening lines and keeps us entertained and engaged throughout the majority of the novel Thankfully Mom and Dad aised me to aim low to encourage a healthy contentment in hitting par Ollie s is an amusing narrator He is fairly awkward very sweet and has a lovely sense of humour He shows self awareness and self espect two things that are often MIA in a YA main character While he does use acronyms I had to google D and M and makes plenty of eferences to popular culture these were well incorporated into the narrative they didn t come across as just andom insertions If anything they made him into a believable teenager A week later and I was still getting lost often than the girl in the Labyrinth movie except I didn t even have David Bowie in tights as a eward for my efforts The Grease inspired story had potential This Will isn t the same after the summer scenario created a good amount of tension and angst Ollie is confused and hurt by Will s change of character from a sweet and sensitive boy into an obnoxious class clown who doesn t even want to be seen with Ollie The elationship between Ollie and Will was well developed While Ollie doesn t excuse Will s behaviour I m a dick because I ve always been a dick around my friends wasn t eally an excuse he doesn t pressure him to make their summer omance public knowledge Ollie uite ightfully finds it intolerable to be someone s dirty secret yet he also understands the difficult position Will is in No one deserves to be outed against their will In spite of their disagreements and different attitudes eaders can see just how much they care for each other They share many tender moments and I thought that their ups. Ollie uprooted and enrolled at a new school across the country Which he minds a little less when he ealizes it's the same school Will goes toexcept Ollie finds that the sweet comfortably ueer guy he knew from summer isn't the same one attending Collinswood High This Will is a class clown closeted―and to be honest a bit of a jerkOllie has no intention of pining after a guy who clearly isn't eady for a elat. And downs were very ealisticNegatives The storyline
well enough But Soon Fell A Predictable Path We Have A soon fell into a predictable path WE HAVE A NUMBER OF SUBPLOTS have a number of subplots Ollie s friends and his aunt which were so thinly endered as to have little impact on the overall story Ollie s friends and his aunt seemed to exist only so that the novel could address certain hot topics Sadly these characters were educed to the issues they were contending with Take Ollie s new friends they just happen to be the three people he gets to know on the first day One is there so the novel can include a hurried and extremely superficial discussion on body positivity She has few lines and they mostly have to do with her appearancebodydietsexercise egimeher personality was mostly non existent She was defined by this subject matter Another one of his new friends the girl who decides to nickname our protagonist Ollie oop on the very first day who does that Someone from Riverdale exists so the story can include an its okay to failkeep trying message And then we have the girl who had the potential to have a defined personality not a good one but still ended up being portrayed as a ather clich d bully with a heart These three girls were poorly developed and ather unbelievable Ollie s aunt and her illness seem to have been included only as an inciting plot devicewhich isn t great as it is a cheap way to try to make your eaders feel sorry or sympathise with Ollie he didn t need this extra dose of sad Ollie s parents are so unimportant and unwritten as to be closer to two nebulous entities than to two human individuals In her first appearance Ollie s mother tells him that they will be moving to a new state and he can t complain because she has a lot on her plate Which yeah After that she has a few lines about energy and such Ollie s father makes his first appearance around the 40% mark and tells him off because he is stressed After that I m not sure he does or says anything of notice They were like the adults in Tom and Jerrycut off from Ollie s story barely in the picture Ollie s old friends disappear after one video callclearly they had a very meaningful elationship with Ollie Will s two dude friends were as poorly developed as the est That ending was way too cheesy even by om com standardsFinal verdictTeens who haven t ead a lot of YA might find enjoyable than I didbut eaders who aren t keen on plots that ehash tired elements from high school dramas might be better off skipping this oneRead eviews on my blog View all my eviews on Goodreads. Ionship especially since this new bro y jock version of Will seems to go from hot to cold every other week But then Will starts coincidentally popping up in every area of Ollie's life from music class to the lunch table and Ollie finds his esolve weakening The last time he gave Will his heart Will handed it back to him trampled and battered Ollie would have to be an idiot to trust him with it againRight Right. ,

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