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Ity Rees is a genetically experiement gone wrong He is all three levels and alot Since he was so unpredictable I was pulled into the story right away wondering what would happen nextThis story has very explicit sex bondage anal spanking and Menage A Trois The Story Flows Along a trois The story flows along well and the HH were very likable It s also a very nice love story You may have read books by Allyson James with her other penname that is Jennifer Ashley Jennifer Ashley Specializes In Shifters specializes in shifters and historical romance Tales of the Shareem is a way different series You may call it Sci Fi Erotica but the truth is that there are not many sci fi elements in the series The stories are mostly erotica in a vintage ind of way It was published in 2007 and 10 years ago smut was not so widely read And this series is definitely uality erotica or smut you pickSo in a far far away planet Bor Narga and in the year 3509 the company called DNAmo invented the men called Shareem Shareem were invented purely for sexual pleasure They new how to seduce and they never denied a womanOf course they were perfect Beautiful tall muscular with perfect hair and perfect blue eyes and with the perfect euipment They came in three versionsLevel 1 ie sensual pleasure touching and massage expertsLevel 2 ie fun pleasure a little bit of everything all fun and gamesLevel 3 ie domination whips and collars and painWhen the planet inhabitants decide that sexual desire is a bad thing and nobody should be allowed to feel it the company goes bankrupt As a result all Shareems are suddenly free and they become the lowest of the low in a society occupied mostly of women who are interested in philosophy and not sex And poor Shareems are not allowed to leave the planetOf course not all women are not interested in exploring their sexuality When Lady Talan d Urvey reads the diary of a woman who spent time with a Shareem she decides that she wants to meet a Shareem too only for scientific purposes of course So she meets Rees Rees is also captivated by Talan s beauty and innocence and he agrees to help her with her experimentation The problem is that Rees is not level 1 2 or 3 Rees is simply Rees And he is dangerous Maybe Talan has got than she has bargained forThe books have been republished with new book covers but I have to say that I adore the old ones If you like erotica try this series. Ose eyes makes Talan wild with needBut Rees is a Shareem experiment that never should have been made Rees is all the Shareem levels rolled into one and then some Rees is uncontrollable Rees is unpredictable Even Rees's creators could never ever be sure exactly what he would do?. Where can I find my own Shareem Oh that s right this was fantasy Bummer Lol I loved how human Rees was Yes he was created and yes his creators had no idea how to control him but he did an impressive job of making a life for himself after he escaped dnamo talan was himself after he escaped DNAmo Talan was sweet and like Lady Pet I was glad when she started standing up for herself Ultimately she new what she wanted and she went and grabbed it Rio sounds like a pretty decent guy himself though oddly he seemed less human than ReesAn enjoyable story lots of good steamy sex I ll probably enjoyable story lots of good steamy sex I ll probably with the series eventually but I m going to wait a bit WARNING Do NOT attempt to read this book at work unless you work at home work with your SO or maybe in a adult store of some The Man Without a Face kind Yowza Also not a good idea to read some of it before going on a first date Lessons learned the hardway Loved it Can t wait to read of the series I didn t read the short that came before it and didn t feel lost at all I really enjoyed this uick erotic story I didn t think I would but I did A sexy story about Rees the gentically modified Shareem created from multiple DNA for the sole purpose of pleasuring ladies however he had too much of the hotness DNA and was deemed too dangerous Now living a uite life not exactly in hidding buteeping himself off the radar he suddenly finds himself in the hands of the delectable Lady Talan naive and virtuous she desires to now a man before devoting herself to seclusion and a higher cause What happens next leads Lady Talan to reevaluate and Rees to come to terms with who he really isFor an erotic story this was really nice I soon found myself pulled into the ScFi fantasy world created by James The sex was part of the story and well written so at no point did it feel wrong or tacky or ick me out Rees did his job and Lady Talan experienced what she asked him to provide I definately want to find out about the Shareem and hope that there is book for Rees friend Rio who provided the third In The Sweet Little Menage the sweet little menage graphic MFM anal and oral scenes Science Fiction Fantasy Erotica bred to my exact specifications In the year 3509 the company called DNAmo invented the men call I decided to give this a try because I really like Allyson James and I was looking for something with a little spice I was in a mood ok I wasn t really expecting a great stroy The Shareem Males created to be tall muscled sexy and… enhanced They come in one of three levels pure sensual pleasure games and wicked fun or the ultimate barbarian complete with whip They now how to bring a woman to ecstasy and exactly how to eep her thereWhen Lady Talan

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R fleshed out characters I inda figured it would be erotica than anything else considering the short story that introduced the series Eland wasn t really too deep that s the thing with short stories they can make it tough to decide if a series is "good when it s the preuel So color me surprised when I found strong and fairly well defined "when it s the preuel So color me surprised when I found strong and fairly well defined a story that actually had some meat to it along with an over arching plot line that allowed the series to continue on with other characters most of whom were introdued in this book Although it certainly wasn t one of my top picks and can t compare with Allyson s Stormwalker series I will say that if you enjoy erotica descriptive sex scenes and mild mostly BD all mixed in with a decent storyplot line then this is well worth the timebut make sure you have a fan and a cool drink near by Woah Hold the whips and chains This sounds cute and maybe a little sexy but when the hell did I add this to my TBR Oo looks around suspiciously uick review I liked the story which wasn t only about although there were many love scenes to please eroticaromantica readers and I liked the characters Rees Talan Rio I didn t like the m nage scenes not only because I m not into sharing but mainly because those scenes didn t fit the story I mean Rees was extremely jealous and possessive to the point of warning Rio to stay away from Talan so how am I supposed to believe that he was than OK with sharing her with his friend Sorry it didn t make sense As it was I felt like the m nage scenes were included for titillating purposes onlyAll in all this was a very enjoyable read to me and I plan to read the next books in the series Story was OK but it didn t grab a hold of me like I was hoping There was lots of sex between Rees and Talan but it somehow felt mechanical and forced I just needed Lady Talan is chaste and celibate and has never Threads Of The Shroud known the touch of a man After reading the diary of a highborn lady about her one week experience with a Shareem Talan deceides to experience the pleasure of a Shareem herself The Shareem was genetically enhanced male created for the purpose of pleasuring women There are 3 levels of Shareems Level one is for sensuality level two for wicked games and level three is the dominant When Talan meets Rees she does notnow what level he is but assumes he is level two In actuall. 'Urvey reads the diary of a woman who spent one wicked week with a Shareem she longs to experience the same carnality in one last fling before she takes her vow of celibacy She goes in search of a Shareem and finds Rees tall and blond with Shareem blue eyes Just looking into th.
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Rees Tales of the Shareem #1