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Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows kFind what her mother was looking for in Ireland that might have got herilled and why it seems she has been hidden from the world for so long Cora needs to do it uickly because there is someone following her and some of the people around her are dying of unusual causesIn Ireland she finds someone just like her and also that boy that left her behind Now with the help of Giovanni a and Finn she might find out just what her mother was after but it will lead to places she never meant to go and betrayal she never saw coming Cora will make discoveries about herself but the costs will be higher than she was willing to pay Choices luv We either regret the experiences we have or the ones we were too scared to have I ll be interested to see where the story goes in the next book and I pretty sure there are a few characters that we haven t seen the last of At least I hope ARC provided by Entangled Publishing LLC via Netgalley for an unbiased review uotes may differ from final version I m trying to figure out why people love it What might have been once successful with Edward and Bella as pure wish fulfillment of teenage unicorns and dragons dreams might still work for pre pubescent girls Publishers sure think like that but I can t believe that 14 year olds still fall for that crap Mary Sue MC slut shaming insta love paired up with totally unrealistic creepy sugary dialogue followed by love triangle including sparks flying literally and a lot of magic at work Those eyes connected with mine and every atom in the room crackled with delight Plain Jane gets not only the hot guy but two of them The hot Irish exchange student who can sing and shit and the blond blue eyed Italian Giovanni who is just like her sparkling and shit What is with all the guys panting after her It s implied several times that our MC is plain socially inapt but of course the two hottest guys on earth insta sea how super special she is PHHHLEEEASEEE spare me Of course the main character in this Twilight fanfic is not only super special but also super dumb When someone tells you to not tell other people about your super specialness because it s dangerous implying that all others like you are dead what would you do A Try to not tell anyoneB write I am sparkling silver what does it mean on a public internet forum and for good measure tell people at schoolWhat really unnerved me though is the following It is not ok to make a creep into the love interest Creepy is creepy Basta I mean come on the MC fucking fears Finn he irritates her she s afraid of him but that is all cast aside dismissed as soon as she remembers how beautiful he is How can it actually be ok to advice teenage girls to not listen to their own instincts I loathe it when authors are implying that girls shouldn t think about their own fears because Prince Charming is just that beautiful and charismatic No manboy should be above a girl s right to decline But this book tells girls that voicing their discomfort is of no importance that it s better to feel awkward and submissive then to voice your fear She nows the guy only by sight but he s popping up in her hospital room at night creeps up on her in a room at school and surprisingly comes to her rescue out of the blue And now he wants to tag along Creepy much But hey it s ok because he IS IRISH AND HAS THOSE GOOD LOOKS DO YOU Irish and has those good looks Do you if *I Tag Along I D Like To See What You *tag along I d like to see what you No you wouldn t I said with a dismissive wave Yes he said opening his car door I would I got out and crossed my arms Why What is up with you What ind of foreign policy is it not to show a visitor your customs and culture Finn laughed which sparked some irritation in me I wanted to walk away but his gravity pulled me out of my own tight orbitHe raked his hands through his wild hair the ind of hair that wanted to be messed Why was I suddenly #imagining leaving rows in it with my fingers Because Finn is # leaving rows in it with my fingers Because Finn is hot exchange student from Ireland not even Cora s cousin and best friend Mari intervenes after she faints and Finn declares that he will take her home Ready to go I ll take her home Finn said She ll be okay with me Mari s eyes glinted I m sure she s in good hands Are you fucking idding me A girl that has had a near death experience the week before and was in the hospital for days faints and you just let her go with an almost stranger because he is so hot Don t call an ambulance don t call her father don t be afraid for her because she will be okay with a foreign stranger Makes perfect sense In real life a girl might as easily end up murdered in some dark alley with her body parts tossed into some trash can But no it s love I am sorry I ranted You A Fairly Honourable Defeat know I am Mad in love It s fookin insane I talked to my mother last night after what happened at your house She s angry at me for becoming so involved and for sneaking into your room and jeopardizing you Inow I m not good for you I have to go home Cora My flight for Ireland leaves tonight Back in Edward and Bella fanfic territory She is just that special Her love changed him Now he has to leave her You might think that finally she might voice her feelings Oh but you are so wrong Worry radiated from my center up to my chest closing off my throat I swallowed hard Had I done something to him I was simply trying to give him love last night from my soul to his but maybe because I was this silver aberration I had inadvertently affected him badlyThen the truth I couldn t hold back any longer I love you I m not the same person since I met you You ve affected me forever Finn Awful. That the small life she’s always nown was a lie On the run from a supernatural iller she flees to Ireland to look for her missing mother and learn the truth about herself There she meets another silver haloed person and amidst threats and danger discovers the meaning of her newfound powers and their role in a conspiracy spanning centuries one that could change mankind foreverif it doesn’t ill her firs.

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Ven though he seems to carry a few secrets of his own just like everybody else With the appearance of Giovanni who becomes a very important person for Cora and her personal uest in Ireland the story speeds up again There wasn t a boring moment in this book it s full of twists and turns and eeps you on the edge wanting to find out what happens nextI would love to read about Dun and Mari in the next book Cora s best friends and characters who seem to have much to offer than their role in Scintillate Also Cora s grandma Tulki seems to be uite an interesting character and I m sure she ll be thoroughly introduced in the seuelI have to add that I really liked Clark s writing it was simply and easy to read but still beautiful His certainty irritated me How do you The Man Without a Face know Do younow where she is The words dropped from my lips like petals Fragile Easily crushed I held my breath I can only recommend this book to all YA lovers as it is already one of my biggest book surprises of 2014 It uestions the definition of humanity and tells the story of a girl who needs to cope with her role in the greater scheme of the world learning how to make her own decisions I hope Scintillate and Tracy Clark will get a lot of attention because this book definitely deserves it So there remains only one uestion when will the seuel be released Every once in a while you come across an outstanding new book one that Wows you from the start Scintillate is just such a story To make it even better its part of a trilogy with Tracy Clark s writing you now you are going to get two fabulous installments in this seriesWhy did I love Scintillate so much Besides the marvelous characters that came to life and jumped right off the pages The story is a completely original premise but not slowed down by world building Yes there is world building and background but its presented in such a way that you learn right along side Cora the main characterClark brilliantly hits all the emotional triggers bringing laughter fun heart ache family issues chemistry love and betrayal to this riveting plot Scintillate is full of unexpected plot twists and turns a refreshing magnificent read I highly recommend you add this story to your must read list Tracy Clark you have a new fanI received this ARC copy of Scintillate from Entangled Publishing LLC En Sometimes the girl can be so Unwise that it drives me nuts But the story line is really really cool and uniue I loved reading and trying to put the pieces together I m on team Giovanni but for some reason it feels like it s not working out that way Hopefully she will realize Or maybe my mind will change who nows 35 StarsWhile this story is guilty of a few of the most popular YA tropes it was still a fun one There is the insta love between two characters and an attraction that they couldn t explain although I loved the explanation of this later in the book so I m going to forgive this There was also heroine who discovers she has a gift of sorts the possibility for a love triangle in future books a uirky friend actually two and a near perfect guy that is there to come to the rescue anytime you have a freak outThat said there were a lot of things I really enjoyed about Scintillate the a freak outThat said there were a lot of things I really enjoyed about Scintillate the being that it moves very uickly The chapters are short and fast paced There isn t a lot of time spent with anything that isn t specifically driving the story forward There are also a lot of great one liners throughout that were intelligent and fun like Dad didn t answer her He did that left uestions lying on the *Ground Like Dirty Socks There *like dirty socks There an introduction to the world that they are in some nice descriptions of a few of the locations in Ireland and the redwoods Cora liked to visit I really wanted a little description to some of the things in Ireland but I m hoping that will come into play in the future books Also I m a sucker for forbidden romance so this is right up my alley The author grabbed my attention right away and I liked the role she let the parents play in the story not perfect but not absentee eitherCora has been protected by her father for most of her life After her absentee eitherCora has been protected by her father for most of her life After her left when she was five in Ireland her dad put her in a protective bubble and never let her out She hasn t exactly tried to break out of that bubble until now After being deathly ill she starts to see colors around everyone even herself but the aura surrounding her looks different than everyone else Cora Gone (Gone, knows her dad iseeping secrets from her about who she is and why her mother disappeared and now she is ready to start looking for some answers But the people who hold the truth don t want to tell her anything Maybe it s better for the heavy secrets to ride on the shoulders of those who are strong enough to carry them Cora is ready to break out of that cage her father has built around her whether he wants her to or not But the true catalyst for change is Finn A boy from Ireland Cora s birthplace is inexplicitly drawn to her It s odd but once they meet Cora feels something is pulling them together and she can t explain it she can t explain how he affects her Aaaah Love and Lightning Mari said with dramatic pause She tucked he straight hair behind her ear and winked at me They both can strike sudden and hot Finn also taken aback by how fast things are moving between them leaves to go back to Ireland with little explanation Cora might be a little heartbroken but she also has bigger mysteries to solve than just her heart She needs to Threads Of The Shroud know why she shines differently than all those around her She wants to. On to believe that someone is hunting andilling people like her if there are any others like her who are still aliveWhile investigating the danger associated with these auras Cora is inexplicably drawn to Finn a gorgeous Irish exchange student Their attraction is instant magnetic and primal but her father disapproves and Finn’s mother abruptly orders him back to Ireland As mysteries add up Cora realizes. Cora Sandoval s mother has been missing for 12 years she vanished without a trace when Cora was 5 and they where living in Ireland Since then Cora and her father moved to the US and her father s become overbearingly overprotective and Cora s beginning to want to rebel After a serious illness Cora miraculously survives but weird things start to happen Cora can now see strange coloured lights A thrilling YA romance that All Seated on the Ground kept me on the edge of my seat Scintillate was a wonderful read I absolutely loved this book It had sweet romance dark secrets and an ending that left me wanting Cora was a wonderful heroine She wasn t a confrontationind of person but neither would she let herself be a doormat And if she set her mind to something nothing would stop her I really liked I received a digital arc of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewAlrightyI want to mention upfront that Scintillate is getting 4 stars from me solely for the mystery of what s going on with Cora and her new ability to see aurasThe romance in this one is probably going to turn uite a few readers off to the bookCora and Finn have an overly dramatic insta love thing going on and it bugged me Also Finn sounded less like an Irish teenager and like an older dude from one of those Highland Romance novelsMaybe I m wrong Maybe the teenage boys in Ireland all talk like old men but I don t think soHowever the aura thing was pretty coolCora gets sick runs a super high fever and ends up in the hospital When she wakes up she finds that she can see colors around everyone including herself At first she thinks that she has brain damage or something but after a little research realizes that she s seeing people s emotions and energyHer father seems to refuse to believe her but Cora can tell that something is off about his reactions to her uestioning After some poking around she discovers that her mother s disappearance years ago may have had something to do with the same thing Cora is experiencing nowThe whole changing the way we see humanity mystery Untitled. kept me totally glued to the pages And even when she gets some answers at the end you can tell that it s only the tip of the icebergI m hoping that the next book will tone down the star crossed lovers theme and focus on the mystery If it does I think this will be uite an interesting trilogy to followIf notWell I have a limit to the amount of goofy teen drama I can swallow Untangle your lips and back away cause there s important things in life Really Like finding out who s trying toill you for instance Not only was he a danger to me physically he was dangerous to my heart And now I had a new worry how many innocent people did I condemn to death because I saved his life This book is teenaged wish fulfillment at its most insipid It is banal it is tired old recycled tripe I can t even hate it because the author does such a good job of catering to a very specific audience so well It is a Twilight clone of the highest order and of the lowest ualityDo you want a lesson on unoriginality Read this book This book will sell and I predict that it sells well because it captures everything that an audience with a taste for a starry eyed love affair will ever want More discerning readers will want to stay away because this book is fantasy driven xerox of a million other Young Adult Twilight clonesHow do you write an YA fantasy that caters solely to a starry eyed girl s fantasies You take everything that is bad everything that is a trope a clich in YA par I ve had the privilege of advance reading this selection and readers you are in for a treat Steamy romance a uniue premise and a charming heroine makes for an intriguing read Scintillate came as a real surprise for me I didn t expect anything of it I thought the premise sounded interesting and just decided to give it a try But wow though I had a few issues with the novel it was actually very good and I m very much looking forward to reading the seuel hopefully soon The concept of seeing auras was brilliant and the world building very round and fulfilling in my eyes There was no infodumping at all it all flows very smoothly *along with the plot Here we meet young Cora who has lived a pretty uneventful life until *with the plot Here we meet young Cora who has lived a pretty uneventful life "until ends up in hospital with a mysterious illness and suddenly sees a bright light around people They each glow with "ends up in hospital with a mysterious illness and suddenly sees a bright light around people They each glow with colors according to their moods personalities secrets they Wiring keep love they share and so on First Cora s afraid something might be wrong with her She shares her fear and her confusing new ability with her father who is the ever present overprotective constant in her life But he only comes up with lame excuses and doesn t take her seriously It takes a while until Cora figures out what s really wrong with her vision While Cora discovers that there is a whole new world waiting for her to be discovered she also meets Finn As you can read in the blurb it s a severe case of insta attraction if not even insta love at least from Finn s side BUT this is perfectly well explained by the end of the novel I found it a little bit disturbing most of the time which is also my only issue with the book Finn was a little bit creepy It s absolutely comprehendible that Cora falls for him as she s so inexperienced when it comes to guys But hey wait until you ve met his mother Then younow where all the creepiness comes from I d sort of hoped that she wouldn t see him ever again but I already new when she went to Ireland that all hope would be in vainI thought Giovanni was much swoon worthy A mighty flame follows a tiny sparkCora Sandoval lives an insulated unexciting life Mostly she blames her dad Her mother disappeared from Ireland when she was five and he’s been a human handcuff ever since Cora’s life suddenly propels into the extraordinary when she begins to see colorful lights around people Everyone that is except herself instead she glows only a brilliant luminous silver Cora has reas. ,

Scintillate The Light Key Trilogy #1