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T wondering if this is ust first book itters and the author will figure out how to do some plotting and character development a little better in future installmentsThe bad points of the storyThe plot is a hot mess at times it umps a hot mess at times It The Time It Never Rained jumps one ambush of the characters to another without a lot of plot in between Erin is supposed to be this famed hunter with a bunch of skills from her past but for most of the book she isust stumbling into bodies being ambushed by vampires and trying to hide from the hunter in town It The Child of the Soul and Other Stories just didn t seem like she was the badass the prologue in the book told us she wasThere are some plot holes and a few times when Erin did things thatust didn t seem like they would be in her character Plus I hate it when things seem too easy There is one point where they know where the bad guy is due to a vision someone else sees off page OverallThis book needed some help with fleshing out the plot and details Still it was interesting enough with enough potential that I will give this author one shot and try the next one to see if she is improving with the problems seen in this installment of the series There are some cool bones in the story that have a lot of potential so this reader ust hopes that in the future the fleshy parts look like a cherub and less like the walking dead There is no way the 5 star reviews on this book were legitimately earned This book is trite The MC is a Mary Sue who is introduced to us as a Mary Sue the author doesn t hide it She can Do No Wrong And Her no wrong and her is oh so terribly hard because she s a woman but she is the best she s young and hot and oh so very powerful BLECH The writing is bland and the story clich I m not interested in the characters I m not interested in the world and the plot is nothing but drivel This book is one dimensional Don t waste your time and read something better 35 I like this authorIt s not the first thing I read by Kingsolver how cool is that name right she s pretty goodThis series smells like potential I m not sure yet if I like the MC but for now she s ok She has great friends and that always counts for something in my book The plot is pretty nice I ve always liked Bartender UFs for some reason it s fast paced and fun and the writing style is excellent So for now this series is worth trying out Hope it doesn t disappoint Wish me luck A decent UF It won t win any prize for world building or depth of characterization but it was easy to read and enjoyable 4 solid stars I really enjoyed the story I especially liked the h was badass throughout The h did well even when she was outed for the monster she was Whats even after her entire belief system was decimated she never developed the clich d self sacrificing save me why me or pity me common behavior amongst female MC As for romance it sacrificing save me why me or pity me common behavior amongst female MC As for romance it minuscule doesn t involve any insta lovelust It was a nice change of paceI think the book is a standalone however it s got some serious room for growth can easily become a fun series This really shouldn t have worked for me The worldbuilding is bog standard and the author does exposition in clumps including an entire chapter or two up front Plus the central cast of secondary characters aren t very complex and Erin is very nearly a Mary SueBut I liked it anyway The pace is good the action well drawn and there s enough weight in the emotional payload to engage me Plus the secondary characters are an interesting ensemble and I liked their dynamic even if they weren t that deep And I liked the mixture of na ve and world weary we get in Erin and her determination to figure out what it means to be one of the good guysSo I m giving this four stars it probably doesn t deserveA note about SteamyChaste Erin doesn t know how relationships work because she s been a work work work girl since puberty and is hesitant to screw up or hurt people So there s no sex and not even any real kissing Which was unusual but in a good way. Housands of miles away I landed a ob in a uirky little bar But the scattered remnants of the Order still strive for world domination and no one leaves the Illuminati alive. Most extremely influential for the Illuminati and never got recognized or caught She then comes across a magical truth telling artifact that shows her the Illuminati have brainwashed and been using her to further their evil machinations So she then creates a massive explosion that destroys the Illuminati headuarters in the wilds of Canada a city that has been there for hundreds of years This also makes no sense A bunch of white people have been traveling to northern Canada so much they have an entire city And it goes poof in the 21st century and no one notices This world has smartphones and the internet this wouldn t go unnoticed I kept reading thinking the characters might allow me to gloss over the awful world building But each character changes depending on what the scene needs A suspicious cop starts badgering her in one scene for being a suspect then decides she s cool so he introduces her to his boss and tries to date her No path to this change of heart ust a different sceneThe heroine keeps spouting exposition to move the plot in between mass murdering vampires who show up to attack her constantly Then she bitches about how everyone is too interested in her and she is attracting to much attention She tells us how she was trained for too interested in her and she is attracting to much attention She tells us how she was trained for social situations but can t manage any of them around herAt one point the reason for all of the paranormals is explained by leylines centering in the area But she this amazing mage assassin has never heard of this town and randomly ended up there because that s where her bus ticket endedShe acts like a college kid She has no emotional distress from being brainwashed by the Illuminati and then murdering them allThe writing is inoffensive enough that you don t uit out of annoyance Very few spelling errors which is nice for KU But it isn t good writing by any stretch Overall the author copied a formula and didn t author copied a formula and didn t in the work to hit the emotional points I expect from this style of book The world was a mishmash of popular YA and KU tidbits like it was a checklist for keywords Do not recommend She worked as an assassin for a shadowy organisation of magical users but when she found out they were evil she destroyed them all Now she s on the run but luckily she lands in a town where she gets a ob and a home within 3 minutes Cue the Cheers theme song Not terrible Not great Just average Buddy Read with Buddies Books Baubles starting Dec 4 2019I haven t read many books from Kindle Unlimited because I m a snob Well not REALLY I JUST DON T MIND PAYING A LITTLE I The Soviet Union just don t mind paying a little to get great content There is some good content to be found on KU but sometimes you have to swim through a lot of mediocrity to get there Shadow Hunter kind of suffers from this It is a book with a ton of potential thatust needed to be fleshed out a little before print What it turned into is a lot of action scenes cobbled together very loosely by threads of a plot and worldbuilding Erin was raised by the Illuminate and trained to be an assassin She is a little special Susie snowflake from the beginning but I will usually forgive that if the story is good After finding out everything she believed is a lie Erin has gone into hiding and found Rosie s O Grady s Paranormal Bar to get lost inThe good points of the storyThe potential world this is set in is interesting with Paranormals and Supernatural creatures There is a decent scooby suad building and I m liking a few of the side characters and the potential they could bring to future stories There is enough humor in the book Erin does say some funny things at times since she doesn t really understand real relationships between people and has never slept with someone she didn t need to kill Was I supposed to be in love to go on a date Did it automatically mean sex What did you do in the morning when the man was still alive You d probably have to talk to him What would you talk about The story has potential overall I m lef. Reveals Truth in all things I discovered that I was working for the Dark and not the Light The Illuminati trained me well and paid the ultimate price for their deception We meet a young assassin trained and sold to the Illuminati when her magic manifested around puberty She is one of their best hunters until she learns that not everything is black and white dark and light good vs evil She leaves the order with a bang abandoning everything she knows and takes back her birth name Erin In hiding she accepts a Gods and Heroes job as a bartender in a supernatural pub in the rural town of WestportWhile the story wasn t perfect and Erin s background and lack of social experience clashed with what I expected of a highly trained hunter the storyline was well paced with a mix of humor snark building of friendships and suspense as murders involving vampires plagued the town There is a little romantic interest from others but Erin is inexperienced and getting her footing but things could develop as the series progresses The world building isn t complex and provided throughout as needed which kept the flow moving but also left me with uestionsMadeleine Dauer narrated and I thought she did an excellentob with Erin and secondary characters She helped amp up the suspense and emotions along with intensifying some key battle scenes This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer There may have been some cliche stuff about this but that doesn t mean I didn t have a tough time putting it down The main character seeks redemption in a paranormally driven town tending bar I usually end up liking bar scene books in these types of series for some reason She can t let the powerful outfit that controlled her know she s alive but it doesn t help when a massive vampire war starts when she sets foot into town Fortunately she doesn t stay deluded about her lifestyle long and the book opens as she s leaving one world to step into another There s enough of a history and extended scene to get it casting a dark shadow over it all beforehand Erin is interesting enough as a UF MC although her giving morality lectures to many irks me some considering evil she s done She s looking for a new life but it s too early to act on a high horse and have it sit okay with me Either way she s not too interesting personality wise but her power is impressive and I dig when the heroine is a mystery to everyone around her and when she s valued for than the basicsThere is a colorful cast of characters who slowly come out of the woodwork to keep things fresher Sam as the boss is a big bear of a man you can t help but like the odd vampires aren t seen much but enough to intrigue the three mages are dislikable for too long but come to light later and there is a certain pink haired gal who causes some laughs Unfortunately they don t really come out to play until later in a positive way The book s first half was weighed down with pacing woes Too much introspection without enough genuine emotion about it yet too much routine and slow beat without enough happening but the second part picks up and made me curious about continuing the seriesThe human detective plays a large role and he s sweet but not sure I d call him that interesting yet Opera dates and shy smiles though that s always brownie pointsIt s dark different enough and I m curious what will happen with the other books Not everyone can hide forever who will be the ultimate winner in the war since I ve read the second book I know already but still it s worth sticking around to read This book has an intriguing premise that never gets interesting
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the flap copy have I read a book with so many plot holes Spoilers ahead We are started with a MASSIVE INFO DUMP THAT ALREADY DOESN T MAKE SENSE info dump that already doesn t make sense girl trains with the Illuminati and becomes an amazing assassin in 5 years She talks about being trained to mingle with the elite mages and power movers and so has experienced some of the best entertainment the world has to offer But the paranormal is still a secret from the rest of the world So somehow she managed to kill over 200 people. When my magic manifested at puberty my parents sold me to the Illuminati They trained me as an assassin spy and thief But when they sent me to steal a magical artifact that. .
Shadow Hunter Rosie OGradys Paranormal Bar and Grill #1