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He s a bleeding heart and is very Mary Sue ish but I find it so refreshing to read a HP where the young h can handle the H She s smart enough to suspect the H of having interior motive So our irl was not deceived as I originally thought she would be She confronted the H charmed him and disarmed him I could see why he would fall for her And fall he did Like a ton of bricks He wanted to convince her to sell the property but he ended up making the propery according to her plan This was a cold and very ruthless man You can see it by how he deals with other people but to the h he s as whipped as a boy He adored her and was crazy jealous of any man with her He was the first to professed his love for her and bulldozed her into marrying him constantly in fear that she would leave him putting his heart on his sleeve It s delicious that to other people he s so ruthless Marcy I m in a painful dilemma Help me Puzzled alarm filled her face Of course she said uickly What do you want me to do I m a man of thirty two who s fallen madly in love with a child he said softly watching her You re so Karneval, Vol. 4 good at crusading Marcy Crusade for me What am Ioing to do about it And what does our h do Sigh and marry him right away Nope Marry me Marcy he said huskily No she said her voice The Hiding Place grave It would be a very stupid thing for us to do She looked round at him Randal leave me alone I can t cope with all this But my instinct tells me that I mustn t marry you For a moment there was a conflicting confusion in his face a darkness in his eyes a hard flush on his cheeks She could feel the fightoing on inside him His hands clenched by his sides and he breathed erratically as if he were running a hard raceThen slowly he visibly ot control and his hands slowly unclenched After a pause he said levelly Then what are you oing to do Marcy Go to drama school in the autumn she said Have fun Learn about myself and other people She looked appealingly at him I ve ot a lot to learn Randal And I want to learn it And she proceeded to find about her own feelings instead of rushing in the relationship Hero is absolutely nuts about her so jealous and OTT crazyRandal was holding a branch of a reen laced lilac tree in his tense hand as he stared at the two young people He had been watching for a moment or two long enough to feel the ease and companionship between them the amiable carefree friendship which the closeness of their age ave them He had been childishly jealous of Perry from the first bitterly envious of his young cousin s ability to Meet Marcy On Such Ground Marcy on such round when Perry bent to kiss her his whole body had blazed into savage jealousy He stared at them narrow eyed intentionally menacing filled with a primitive desire to do something violentPerry dragged his feet flushed and awkward petrified of his cousin s expression Oh hallo Randal welcome back I I ll Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' go and tell Chumble you re here He rushed past him avoiding meeting the dangerous blue eyesMarcy uietly met Randall slare He released the branch of the lilac tree and slowly walked over to her She did not move or look frightened staring at him almost assess inglyRandal s long hand lifted her chin The other carefully brought out a white handkerchief and brushed it across her lips erasing Perry s kiss firmly What s he doing here he asked her tersely Staying for a holiday Marcy said steadily The long fingers tightened on her chin Was thatthe first time he d kissed you This is not an anguish or complicated book It s sweet and charming with two extremely likable characters As a matter of fact the most likable characters of all CL or HP books Hero was never mean or cruel to the h and h was never TSTL and even though young knew just how to handle him The only thing that might bother some people is how the h is constantly regarded as a child and the H even referred to her as that on a number of occasions but she was smarter and mature than many h I ve read so the age thing did not bother me whatsoever If you can et your hands on this book I highly highly recommend it Sweet Compulsion are actually written by the author we all I highly highly recommend it Sweet Compulsion are actually written by the author we all as Charlotte Lamb but written under other name for this book But OH this one are so Sweet and Funnyjust OhThe Steel hearted wealthy Tycoon Randal Saxton decides to visit the young woman who refuses to sell her inherited property and the second he meets the bubbly and charming 18 year old Marcy Campion his whole world will fall apartThis is a freaking MUST READ to those who love besotted heroes and a very uniue plot with a incredible heroine God how i love this irl and she are in the same age as me How i would LOVE to be her bestfriend Randal was a hero hot in pursuit and desperately wanted to win her love and make her his wife The declarations of love the sizzling make out sessions the oh soooo adorable jealousy Randal felt he was like a schoolboySOOOO CUTE They were PERFECT together A Changing Face of the Hero great Romantic Keeper my friendswith a very special love story with really entertaining characters It will make you laugh and swoon. He opposition of a mereirl Randal Saxton decided to handle the situation himself and Marcy soon found herself involved in another battle this time with her unruly hea. PositeThis was one of the last CL s I had left on my list to collect and I thought it was very sweet and fun compared to her usual Good book refreshing change and The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry great characters I told you when you came to my house that I wanted you Marcy When I was a little boy I had a favourite book It had the most marvellous illustrations in it One of them was of a princess sitting beside a pond She hadolden curls just the same colour as yours and StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story great big eyes I ve stillot the book safely locked away at home And now I m It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life going to have you too Sweet Compulsion is the story of Marcy and RandalA very sweet and sexy May December romance with an utterly besotted alpha hero a sweet strong impulsive heroine a meet cute leading to love at first sight loads of possessive jealousy an impromptu proposal a strong seduction a fairytale wedding a passionate consummation and a wonderful HEA The thing that made meiggle was the absurd way the hero was completely blindsided by the heroine and basically browbeats her into saying yes to his love as well as his proposal He comes of a tad bit too strong but she s into it it s a romance and hence I m ok with it Needless to say she Lignin Biodegradation gives up her career ambitions and her project to become a wife and a mother and as she s happy Iuess I am tooSafe4255 Victoria Woolf is pseudoname for Charlotte Lamb This not typical ansty CL book It is lighthearted and has a spunky Pure Chance good hearted practically perfect h The h is 18 years old and very innocent the H is much older The H falls in love at first sight the h is attracted but wary of the H and not sure what she is feelingThis a sweet fun romance Why don t weet hs like these any Some of the vintage books come up these amazing characters especially hs who leave you absolutely amazed impressed and asking for Spunky smart wily independent minded and also sweet feminine and compassionate at the same time Not really a review but spoilers ahead edited and added bitsFirst HP where the H is The Lady and the Lionheart gasping out declarations of love every second page and all she says is I am too young for you Give me time lemme think about it One actually feels bad for the formerly suave worldly tycoon turned besotted schooboy on his first crush falling so hard for an 18 year old ing nue who has him firmly wrapped around her nonchalant little finger He just has no clue what hit him and why it hit him so hard He is frustrated angryrumpy jealous impatient and totally out of his depth There are times when I felt frustrated with her too but the fact is she has a point Just 18 she deserves time and space to find herself first before etting into A Lifetime Commitment Like Marriage lifetime commitment like marriage an older sophisticated and wealthy manBut coming to what I Love And Admire love and admire her is her inherent cunning and astuteness Marcy is a subtly real person and not a caricatured sweet all pure Mary Sue She may seem uileless but she could spot a trick or artifice a mile off Her reading of the thwarted ow or even the bumbling would be om is a case in point I was impressed with the author many times but especially when she shows Marcy as a canny young lady who knows how to charmingratiate herself as she did with the disapproving housekeeper Chumble She s all sweetness to her face but isn t above making a face at her back acknowledging that Chumble was no easy proposition So little things like that a h who loves animals but seriously thinks of kicking a recalcitrant horse or kissing the om for a comparison experiment that almost ets him killedDefinitely one the most interesting mcs in a harly everI was kind of sorry when the book ended as even the making up and the epilogue are delicious to say the least I think I am oing to read the ood parts again Loved this book Charlotte Lamb s older books were the bestRe reading this again as I seriously think it s one of the best HP books I have read I love this couple I just finished Victoria Wolf s Sweet Compulsion is I freaking LOVE this book to bits Definitely the best book I ve read in a long time The h inherited a house on a piece of land that s being developed by H s company She s the only one that was holding up the project since everybody else decided to sell it Hero ruthless cunning and cold decided to use his usual brand of persuasion of sex appeal to try to convince h to sell Unbeknownist to him he fell so hard and so fast for the h that his life would never be the sameI adore love absolutely heart this book so much that right after I finished it I reread it It s so different from any HP I ve ever read and definitely different from any CL books I ve read In short it was unexpected When I First Read It I first read it thought I knew where it was oing H an older sophisticated man seducing a younger virgin h by hiding his identity and when h found out she would be bitter and hurt and all that Nope The h in this is absolutely priceless Though very young 18 years old as opposed to H s 32 years old and unsophisticated she s mature and worldly in the ways of human nature and has a brand of special charm and wit Sina's old Victorian house into a community center and playground even if it meant fighting the powerful developers Saxton and Company every inch of the wayAnnoyed by Sweet CompulsionSweet Compulsion is one of those old timey sweet May December Harleuin romances that Charlotte Lamb writing under the pseudonym of Victoria Woolf perfected in her signature style of naive but plucky country bumpkin meets jaded sophisticated millionaire There is no angst in this although all the mentions of my child by the hero are cringe worthily pedo but hey chalk that up to the non pc 70s lol A lot of humor though not as funny as Lamb s almost replica of this exact story in her uirky An Excellent Wife AY caramba Manic pixie irl unbuttons English tycoon Marcy the barely 18 year old Peter Pan h captures hearts right and left on her way from the wilds of Cornwall was it Cornwall to the materialistic buttoned up London A few of the hearts belong to her married attorney the Lost Boys aforementioned tycoon his cousin or something the H s butler the French chef The h has inherited her aunt s mansion in the heart of London Said house is a chef The h has inherited her aunt s mansion in the heart of London Said house is a of contention as the big bad corporation owned by the Randall the H wants to tear it down while the Preservation Society and the h want to preserve it for the community and the kidsOne look at Peter PanTinkerbell and Randall is a lost soul He falls like a ton of bricks and jumps on the first flimsy excuse to make her his fiancee a mere 36 at most 48 hours after they meet He also 86 s the reat big and very expensive expansion plans to the horror of his Board and the briefly seen cold and corporate OW He tries a seduction routine at his home and is shut by a very rational Marcy and his appalled butler the first of many interrupted seduction scenesHere is where the worm turns The h sure likes kissing him but then again she liked the brief kiss her married attorney ave her before he decided he wanted to make his wife jealous so she would et pregnant Peter Pan tells the H she is just too young 18 to his 30 something A few schmexy kisses and she says it again with a little less certainty He installs her at his country estate with his tropey nanny Grumpy Chumble and his older aunt or cousin as he has to leave for a business trip and it will basically keep away from the hordes of men that are sure to fall in love with her and want to kiss her Lots of men want to kiss her And do Randall catches at least two men kissing the h All innocent of course He tries the seduction moves once again only to be interrupted AGAIN by Chumble Even the mere thought of his nanny serves to keep Marcy untouchedUltimately the winner of the fey creature is the now unbuttoned just one button tycoon Low on angst high on manic whimsy what is most difficult to believe is that Victoria Woolf is a pseudonym for Charlotte Lamb Ignore that hideous cover this is a lovely MayDecember story Charlotte Lamb decided to walk on the sunny side of the street in this tale about a besotted tycoon hero who took one look at the young heroine who was holding up his East London development and promptly fell in love I wasn t sure if he was sincere in keeping the heroine s house and arden for a community center since he had been compared to his pirate ancestor but he was There was no duplicity in either the HhSince that was the major conflict in the story and it was over in the first few chapters then what else is thereA whirlwind courtship by an alpha who doesn t waste words He plies her with food fish and chips and then a meal at his mansion cooked by his French chef He lends her his sister s clothes He is enchanted when he finds her telling fortunes in his kitchen with his chef and butler He declares their engagement in front of the press and a jealous woman who thinks her husband is in love with the heroine He ives her lots of kisses and caresses and then comes to his senses before the h can be uncomfortable Then he sends her to his aunt so she can have a month long breathing room while he is away on businessThe heroine for her part is enchanted and engaged with everyone and everything she comes in contact with She has learned to love her East London neighbors She befriends the hero s servants When she is introduced to class country life uickly National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 gets the number of the crotchety old nanny and stableman I liked how she wasn t a horse whisperer and that she liked to embroider All those feisty heroines from 1980 s historical romances hated to embroider it was a like a feminist badge of honor or something There is an OM a hanger on cousin whom the heroine uses to comparecontrast with the hero It s all very innocent and necessary for this heroine to keep herself from being railroaded by the hero When the hero returns the heroine is on eual footing with him and their HEA is a sweet one indeed This one is a real mood lifter The author says VW but really she is Charlotte Lamb and this is probably the sweetest CL ever h is trying to save her house andarden from reedy H developer he takes one look and falls head over heels in love the chase is on and big HEA ensues This man is utterly smitten and totally adorable with it NOT your usual CL H like the exact op. Kids need play space not office towersThat's what the protest banners proclaimed And Marcy Campion intended to see that they ot itShe was determined to turn Aunt Thoma. ,

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