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World of Astrology Rick "DiClemente knows his stuff and doesn t mince words in showing the "knows his stuff and doesn t mince words in showing the of every facet of the zodiac Not only did I get plenty of information on a beginner level but I also learned the why behind the signs characterizations From an educational standpoint the why is what helps information stick in people s minds I highly recommend Rick s work to anyone who is interested in getting up to speed on astrology uickly It s not a fast topic to learn but Rick s introduction is a wonderfully thorough place to start. Have a split personality Why are Auarians so idealistic And so on The Exuisite Zodiac bridges the gap between abstract esoteric astrology books and those that are glib and misleading thereby setting astrology on the proper track for our time After reading this book you will never view astrology or yourself and your relationships in the same way again.

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The Exuisite ZodiacExuisite Zodiac looks at astrology with a truly uniue and brilliant perspective Rick DiClemente is a gifted astrologist and an excellent author Anyone with even a passing interest in astrology will benefit from his book and experts should be reuired to read it It s that good Highly recommend This is a wonderful book It allows you to see the zodiac from a different perspective Understanding individual signs from where they are developmentally allows us to connect each other in a deeper meaningful way I know it has helped me. The time has come for
humanity comprehend 
to comprehend full brilliance of the zodiac's grand design With the premise that the atoms inside our bodies are the same ones that comprise the universe The Exuisite Zodiac reveals how every facet of the zodiac works in sync and how we can apply the entirety of its intelligence "and wisdom in a practical way the firs. "wisdom in a practical way The firs. ,

See friends and family from another view point My interactions now guided with this knowledge has promoted growth in my Rick DiClemente with this knowledge has promoted growth in my Rick DiClemente and Liza are amazing Just got done reading The Exuisite Zodiac and loved it What a great read easy to follow explanations thoughts and concepts about all the signs I sure did have a few chuckles and nodding of my head moments when reading about some of the signs I ve dated over the yearsstill giggling at the truth of a few 5 stars guys The Exuisite Zodiac was a fantastic introduction to the. T step is to leave your Sun sign at the door You will discover that each of us is a uniue blend of every aspect of our natal charts Then the authors mine deeper to explain why each sign is the way it is and how all twelve are "related why is aries so impulsive why are "Why is so impulsive Why are so careful Why is Scorpio the sign of sexuality Why do Geminis. .

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