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At point I was wishing the story would slow own because I No Mākou ka Mana didn t feel I was getting a feel for Kyra the main character and because none of the secondary characters were particularly welleveloped I was Hunting for Curves disappointed weidn t learn abo This is a curious story told in the first person by a strangely etached main character of a series of events that put me in mind of a nineteenth century penny readful or a silent Perils of Pauline type film Yet it had me gripped right to the end I admit I Measures, Integrals and Martingales downloaded it with a halfozen others because it was one of the books close to my own in the rankings it sounded interesting and I wanted to see what was popular Pauline Ross s book was the only one of the lot I read all the way through The others I umped after the first few pagesI read some of the reviews and although I agree with some of the criticisms I on t necessarily see them as negative points The heroine Kyra wants to be a law scribe Pretty Children of Earth and Sky dull ambition I hear you say but Kyra finds some of the nitty gritty of legal stuff fascinating Takes all sorts you say But what she really wants to get to grips with is the magic of spell casting that law scribes are allowed to perform She wants to study with mages and learn how to write out a spell and make it work The story of The Fire Mages is how Kyraiscovers her rare talent and how she is thwarted at every turn in her ambition to use it I could hear the frantic Keystone Cops background music playing

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she escapes captivity yet again or as the bonk on the villain s head wears off "and the chase begins to tie her up again Yes I agree "the chase begins to tie her up again Yes I agree Chasing a Mirage does have rather laid back attitudes to abuse violence and theangers of associating intimately with psychopaths True her male opposites are not prepossessing said psychopath a wimpy bully who turns into a wimpy lover a totally camp escort boy and a middle aged sovereign who tries to enroll her as a concubine when she s thirteen years old True Kyra has zero understanding of human nature falls into the same traps time after time fails to see the most blatant Creative Drawing dastardly coup before it slaps her between the eyes makes excuses for or forgives rape kidnapenunciation poisoning murder infanticide you name it she ll just shrug it off with a what the hell Having said all that though I thoroughly enjoyed this book I The Five don t agree that Kyra isull She isn t kick ass if that s what the critics mean and that s no bad thing in my book She has a strange fascination with her otherworldly etachment her moral code that seems right up the creek her willingness to have sex with men as a sort of therapy because she feels sorry for them because they give her lessons in local history or simply because she s feeling ultra randy and she grabs whatever s within arm s reach There s a eadpan humour to Pauline Ross s writing that saves the rather wacky story from being totally ridiculous Kyra herself has a Lover of Thorns and Holy Gods (Wraith Kings, dry wit that made me laugh on several occasions The characters are rounded memorable and credible for all their weird behaviour In fact I think the psychopath s brigandgangster family is based on East European neighbours we used to have The Fire Mages is a story thatoesn t take itself seriously It s a romp not acute psychological The Nine Tailors (Lord Peter Wimsey, drama I would actually like to meet Kyra and I shall probably read of Pauline Ross in the future to catch up on how Kyra soing It was not a bad book just not one I could enjoy The sex and the various always changing relationships were far too prominent I enjoy a nice story about hidden talents and long lost knowledge These aspects exist in this book so I give it two stars instead of one Without the sex and romance it could have been four You know how people are always complaining that fantasy worlds shouldn t be so patriarchal just because most of them are modelled on the Middle Ages and that someone should write a fantasy where the women have true euality in societyWell someone has Her name is Pauline M Ross and the book is The Fire Mages It s a great read ful. ??s surrounded by the greed and ambition of the court uncertain who to trust The answers may lie within the glowing walls of the Imperial City but its magic is strong and the unwary vanish without trace on its streets Kyra will have to learn fast to surviveAlternate cover edition.
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The Fire Mages Brightmoon #2This book was provided by the publisher via NetGallery for an exhange for my honest review Warning some spoilers in the review This book is not my cup of tea I will tell you why 1 Kyra She is horny frigid if that makes any sense I isliked that she slept with 3 guys almost 4 without any feelings I felt that she is totally empty cold "and have no emotions whatsoever She is just incapable of love or she just never met right "have no emotions whatsoever She is just incapable of love or she just never met right because every single guy in this book treated her so badly that she oesn t know what it is to love and to care She just stays with guys because she needs something from them I felt bad for her at first but then so many bad things were happening and she was the cause of it just stop sleeping with every handsome guy on your w With The Fire Mages Pauline Ross continues the road that began with with The Plains of Kallanash and it s a welcome journey Not that Mages is a seuel blessedly it s a stand alone in a world of fantasy trilogies but not only Who Is Esau-Edom? does it take place in the same world but it contains many of the sameelights and manages to come up with a few treats of its own Ross has a way with prose and one never has to re read a sentence or paragraph to figure out what she s talking about the writing is so smooth that it never gets between the reader and the story That s not always easy to Gutter Kisses and a Hug on Garbage Day do particularly when a story contains as much as Mages Which brings me to my next point Ross comes up with an interesting magic system that is a nod to Daniel Abraham s Long Price series without seemingerivative I "Think That Magic In Fantasy Is Either A Metaphor Or "that magic in fantasy is either a metaphor or by other means in Mages it s the latter but Ross weaves it in neatly with the rest of the world That s also not easy to My Name Is River do and her method provides some neat little twists that had me saying Neat As always Ross lets the story move at its own pace the characterso what comes naturally to them and there s never a hint of the author s hand pressing things along She also keeps things close the characters themselves are the focus of the story and Ross never lets the camera Crochet Pattern - Tutu Skirt for Onesie drift away My main complaint with this tale is that there are major events that happen towards the end of the story that seem to come out of nowhere I understand that those things are supposed to surprise the characters but I think that one can surprise the characters while letting the reader in on what s going on behind the scenes In fact that s a great storytelling method in George RR Martin s A Storm of Swords Martin subtly telegraphs the terrible events at the wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey and it keeps the reader on the edge of the seat even though the characters have no idea what s to come Also and I almost never find myself saying this about fantasy I feel as though Mages should be a longer book There are characters and events that are interesting and to my mindemand greater attention but they are relegated almost to a summary I understand a reluctance to enlarge any already formidably sized book but when a story element calls for attention I think an author should provide it regardless of the time it takes All in all I found The Fire Mages an enjoyable read one that kept me close to my Kindle I ll look forward to the next installment because this is one path I ll Bad Pets definitely keep walking The Fire Mages is another novel set in Pauline Ross s Brightmoon World the world of her first novel The Plains of Kallanash I enjoyed Plains very much and Fire Mages even Though set in aifferent country and culture with Running Your Best different characters The Fire Mages has another original social structure for example a man s pregnant mistresses are guests of honor at his wedding as proof of his fertility and women can also have legally contracted lovers and interesting magic system I enjoyed the magic which is worked with symbols inked on magical paper except in the case of very talented and rare mages whoon t need any such accessoriesBut it isn t all just fascinating and original worldbuilding Ms Ross tells. A The Fall Of White City (Victorian Chicago Mystery Series Book 1) determined girl A cranky mage An unwanted heir A mysterious magical cityKyra’s always beenrawn to the magic of spellpages She’s etermined to leave her small village far behind and become a scribe wielding the power of magic through her pen But a simple favour for her sis. A gripping story too with high stakes on both the personal level "and for the entire countryKyra wants than anything to become a magical "for the entire countryKyra wants than anything to become a magical Until things start to go wrong and then she realizes she has the potential to be something completely ifferent The character of Kyra is well MTIV done sometimes she s kind of hard to like because she s so intently focused on her career goal andoesn t seem to have a lot of room for softer feelings but I also empathized with her longing to be a scribe and her shattered emotions when it all goes wrong She makes principled International Organizations decisions even though they aren t what seems easy or most logical at the time and sticks to her principles though she is open to change when she realizes there might be a higher good than what she originally based herecision on view spoilerparticularly in the case of her baby which she originally Laurus didn t want hide spoiler I really enjoyed everything about this book from the well constructed world to theetermination and stoicism of young Kyra to her shifting relationships with her two Silk and Steel drusse holders A very enjoyable read Full review 5 magic filled starsI expected to like this book what Iidn t expect was to fall absolutely in love with itThis is one of the best epic fantasy books I ve read in a long time and I Het Reservaat Van Ward Ruyslinck don t say that lightly As as new to me author this was entirely unexpected but I can honestly say I enjoyed this just as much as anything I ve read from Brandon Sanderson or Trudi Canavan my two all time favourite epic fantasy authors This book actually reminded me a lot of Elantris in the fact that it has a magic city that everyone was afraid of The story itself is completelyifferent but I enjoyed the similarity The first half of this book introduces you to the world and Kyra s character and while enjoyable the last 40% of so was simply excellent It was full of m I could not put this book Rumunia. Koniec złotej epoki down The pacing was perfect and kept me engaged from beginning to end The writing style was just as phenomenal as I ve come to expect from Pauline M Ross The main characters were authentic than I think you usually get in fantasy stories but just like Robin Hobb Ross is a master at crafting authentic characters This story had everything I look for in a fantasy novel with action that kept the pages turning and a main character that I was rooting for from page oneThe main character in this story is strong and independent while also being horribly na ve by expecting others to think in the same pragmatic way that sheoes As a "lawyer I whole heartedly approved of Kyra s ream of becoming a law scribe Her natural inclination toward study as well "I whole heartedly approved of Kyra s ream of becoming a law scribe Her natural inclination toward study as well her continued kindness toward those she left behind in her village if only on her practice pages showed a Miracles in Unexpected Places depth of character that kept me wanting to know what would happen next And her relationships were just fascinating Her youth and the way in which her relationship with the mage Calevelops were also very well written I kept waiting for her to figure out what her own reactions meant in terms her feelings but this is a character bent on her career not her love life And frankly I loved that about KyraThe escriptions in this book are lovely I "Cannot Express My Love Of "express my love of writing style strongly enough The way that the magic system is escribed is unusual which was a pleasant surprise I wanted to spend Japji days exploring the library that Rossescribes It sounds like an incredible place to get lost for a while It also made me want a whole separate book on the Imperial City There is a wonderful story lurking within those magical walls and I am almost Suburban Governance desperate to read itI think anyone looking for a fantasy story with a characterriven plot and strong female lead character will love this story Just writing the review makes me want to read it againI received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review but I bought it today so that I can share it with friends This book started very uickly We zoom through about six years in the first 10% or so At th. Ter goes isastrously awry estroying Kyra's Atlantic Diasporas dreams in an instantWhat went wrong Devastated she accepts an offer to find out from a stranger who sees growing power within Kyra potentially stronger than spellpages or any living mage While she struggles to understand her magic she?.

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