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Ously the short story Backcloth for a Crown Additional which appeared in the Omnibus edition of the Eisenhorn trilogy But i had always meant to get to the others included in this anthologyWhen i started the book i was under the impression that the only new story was the novel The Magos but

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turned out to be true at all There are 3 short stories that haven t been published previously two of which feature Magos Biologis Valentin Drusher in his earlier career before he has his encounter with Eisenhorn On top of that Dan Abnett rather skillfully wove references and mentions from all of the featured short stories into The Magos novel so it was well worth reading them all in order even if you ve read them previously his author s forward mentions this as well but it s surprising how many people i ve heard say they skipped thatHonestly i think this is my favorite of the entire series so far Drusher is an amazingly good every man character who just comes out and says a Uncommon Wisdom lot of things ordinary folks might think about Eisenhorn and his Inuisitorial followers sometimes blurts them is actually appropriate It s often hilariously awkward but freuently very insightful I ve become so accustomed to the way Eisenhorn presents his first person narrative that i never really thought about how that conceit would appear to an ordinary citizen who s never really heard of or believed in the great enemy This has always been the greatest strength of the EisenhornRavenor books in that it portrays aook at Unseen City life in the 41st millennium away from the battlefields of Warhammer 40k And this book turned that up to 11 There s also a particular chapter toward the climax of the story where Eisenhorn has to face some incredibly difficult truths about himself and his mission And specifically about the way he s been doing things his wholeife This chapter is where a ot of the references from earlier stories comes in but it s by no means the only section to do so This stories comes in but it s by no means the only section to do so This was the single best breakdown of his character i ve ever seen And Eisenhorn comes away from it a profoundly changed man I ve been holding off on reading Pariah the first in the Beuin trilogy for several years because i was concerned that the 2nd part wasn t forthcoming any time soon But it s very tempting to dive into that book The Magos sets up a ot of what i m sure will be some fascinating character arcs there A really enjoyable read I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn t for some mediocre short stories Most shorts were good with a couple being really good Abnett always manages to teleport me to a vivid world filled with worlds smells and sounds Great writing and definitely a great reminder of good old Inuisitor Eisenhorn. Ive casebook of Gregor Eisenhorn collecting together all twelve of Dan Abnett’s Inuisition short stories several of which have never been in print before These additional stories have been compiled by the author to act as an essential prologue to this ong awaited new novel while also serving as an indispensable companion to the original Eisenhorn trilo. ,
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A collection of short stories and a new one that shows the world
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world that most of Warhammer books don t cover the dirty underside of an already dirty world yupthat badThis is stuff if you are a scifi fan and crime noir type fanthis is a good read for you and it is spring breakyou need something to read Magos is not just one book There is the main story called Magos and then there are several short stories that precede it All of the stories eventually have a tie in to the Magos storylineThis is the story of Inuisitor Gregor Eisenhorn His obsession with the chaos cult called the Cognitae has cost him his standing with the Inuisition Still Eisenhorn continues his battle against the Cognitae even to the point of going rogue in the eyes of his Ordos This story focuses on Eisenhorn and his search for the Yellow King Without going too much into the plot the chaos cult s efforts truly cause Eisenhorn to uestion the validity of his own beliefs and actions Is he a heretic Or does he still serve the ImperiumThe action is exciting and the story is interesting The short stories run from being great to merely good But they all do introduce characters whom you will run into during the main plot of Magos While not a Space Marine save one in a cameo in one of the short stories makes an appearance this is still an exciting tale The Inuisition is a great organization to read about Eisenhorn is an interesting character and I enjoyed earning about his background The short stories allow for insight into many of the things that occur Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard later in the Magos storyline I enjoyed the way they tied in and it made sense rather than being a random bunch of storiesNice read about the Inuisition and in specific Gregor Eisenhorn Any Warhammer fan willike this one There s one thing that should be made clear before this begins This isn t simply a new novelPeople seeking to pick up this new release might be surprised to find that it is an omnibus The Matriarchs (The Family length book retaining the same page count as the entire Eisenhorn trilogyeading up to this work The reason for this is that it retains or Notes for the Everlost less every short story published surrounding the series to date From a few rare examples to several audio to text adaptations over half of the book is made up of things we have seen before from across Eisenhorn s career Is this bad No because it gives Games Workshop a reason to reprint those stories and there s not a bad one among themThat said for time constraints this is going to skip those for the moment Instead this will focus purely on The Magos itself and judge the ualities of that work Br It was amazing to finally get back to Eisenhorn and fill in some of the gaps in his story I d only read one of these previ. To theure of the warp Pursuing heretics in the remote worlds of the Imperium Eisenhorn must confront the truth about himself Is he still a champion of the Throne Or has he been seduced by the very evil that he hunts The Magos is the brand new full ength fourth novel in the hugely popular Eisenhorn series This paperback edition also includes the definit.
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Short review Abnett s inuisitor fiction just gets better and better with this volume tying the unfinished trilogy of trilogies togetherLong review Dan Abnett is my all Time Favourite Black Library Author favourite Black Library author his two *Crowning Achievements Are The Gaunt S Ghosts *achievements are the Gaunt s Ghosts and the inuisitor novels of which The Magos is the eighth entry sitting between Ravenor Rogue and Pariah If you re still reading this review by this early point then I can safely make two assumptions 1 that you re not turned off by the idea of the Black Library making iterary content based around Warhammer 40k and 2 that you re aware of the background of Warhammer If that No Biggy! latter point is incorrect then a one sentence summary is in the 41st millenium the galaxy wide human empire is crumbling with all powerful individuals called inuisitors attempting to arrest the empire s collapse The Magos depicts Inuisitor Eisenhorn as an old man branded a dangerous heretic by the Imperium working outsi Alright but a uite sloppy and has aot of unnecessary filler You can tell this started out as a collection of short stories but when the author changed it into a full novel he didn t bother formatting what he had already written The first 40ish percent are these short stories which occur from many different viewpoints and from all over the timeline Even in the Crush It! latter half of the book however the Eisenhorn POV parts are few and far between Even annoying than this is the absence of Cherubael You know the daemonhost who was the focus of the original trilogy and isiterally the reason Eisenhorn became a radical For some reason Eisenhorn just Attracting Birds to Your Backyard leaves him at home one of the most powerful First ever written review and it deservers it Dan Abnett is on perfect from without wanting to put in any spoilers all I will say is it sets up the two final books in the third inuisition trilglogy perfectly and produces a mass of background to Pariarh For the best experience DO NOT skip straight to Magos even if you have read many of the shorts before there is a pay off now just to try and plug the wait till the next book Dan Abnett myife is all the richer for having books written by you in it Thank you thank you thank you The first half of the book is short stories which Dan Abnett recommends reading or re reading for background for The Magos itself I oved the book After the disappointment of The Warmaster I was hoping that Abnett s writing mojo went into this oneand it did It s the ink from Hereticus to Pariah and makes me really went into this oneand it did It s the Bird-by-Bird Gardening link from Hereticus to Pariah and makes me really for the next book which I believe is called Penitent Last Warhammer for a bit I kinda promiseEisenhorn is a bad man an inuistor for those not familiar with the universe basically a cop This is. Inuisitor Eisenhorn returns in a stunning new novel that pits him against his oldest foe forcing him to finally confront the growing darkness within his own soulInuisitor Gregor Eisenhorn has spent hisife stalking the darkest and most dangerous corners of the galaxy in pursuit of heresy and Chaos but how The Works of Saint Augustine long can a man walk that path without succumbing.