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The Truth About Cads and Dukes Rescued from Ruin #2I loved this book I really liked Elisa Braden s first in the series The Madness of Viscount Atherbourne where we first meet Jane but in my opinion this one was better Jane is plain plump and loves to lose herself in a good book She is also smart strong and has a will of iron she is impressive because even though she is plain and knows that she will probably end up a spinster she oesn t want her friends or family to fee sorry for her Jane is a happy person she loves her books and reading but she really Declaration of Purposes of the Patrons of Husbandry doesn t like her best friend Victoria s brother Harrison In Jane s opinion Harrison is ice cold she thinks his cold blue eyes are like razor blades that cut into her and she avoids him as much as she can Victoria s wastrel brother Colin approaches her at a book store and asks that she write to Victoria about how he is trying to change his ways and asks if he and Jane can be friends We soon learn that Colin is only interested in becoming her friend so that he can win a wager In order to winhe has toupe her into estroying her reputation Unfortunately Colin is successful and he has witnesses to her ruin gossip is running rampant about this plain Jane and Harrison is furious He is furious that Colin would hurt an unsuspecting Young Lady And That lady and that would embroil their family name in a scandalJane is appalled when Harrison offers for her while her parents couldn t be happier she oesn t want to marry him and believes they will be the most mismatched couple in the ton Harrison wants to o the right thing for Jane and for his family name Harrison wants to o the right thing for Jane and for his family name always seems to be annoyed by her ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 during their initial interactions but he actually appreciates that she speaks her mind and she isn t as shy as she appears once she has a chance to get to know him Harrison is surprised by his attraction to Jane but will it lead both of them to fall in love with each otherI can t say enough how much I loved this book the love scenes are passionate and steamy It was very easy to empathize with Jane she was sw. When a wager goes wrong Painfully shy Jane Huxley is the furthest thing from aiamond of the first water Bookish bespectacled and well plain she never expected to befriend a issolute charmer like Colin Lacey much less agree to help him retrieve a lost family heirloom Fortunately he is nothing like his cold rigid older brother Unfortunately he is not. Eet and likeable but had the ability to show her backbone needed Harrison shows his cold side to the world but shows other facets of his personality to Jane when needed shows his cold side to the world but shows other facets of his personality to Jane makes him a likeable character And I was so happy to see Lady Wallingham back up to her ways and I loved her words as the beginning of each chapter After reading the epilogue I think the next book may be about Chatham I really hope it is I would love to read his story Loved it This series is so good That cover is really bad looks like the girl has 5 o clock shadow attached TO FULL SIDEBURNS ALSO THAT DRESS full sideburns Also that ress n atrocious shade for her coloring Story and all good liked the characters 45 starsI really loved this If you like historicals I highly recommend it I loved Harrison and Jane s storyThe rigid Duke and the plain bespeckled heroine were perfect for each otherWhen the Duke calls Jane My JaneI just about melted in puddle and slid off of my reading chair Happy sigh and happy With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) dance This was almost a DNF truly I should have listened to PUC whole first 14% or so was a waste of my time Could have been summarized to set the plot of Jane needing to marry SOMEONE in like 3 pages instead of 20 Iid not enjoy wasting my time with Colin Nor will I be reading this wastrel s bookNo what would have been better would be to use that real estate to explain the nuances of the MCs reactions to each other There has to be SOMETHING besides immediate isdain and irritation for each other than can be used to build the foundation for their love later But no none of that context existsI on t particularly like Jane Tho I m generally predisposed to like plump bookish Oddflowers I was prepared to like Harrison since I generally like cold on t This was better than the first but I still have some uibbles I think Braden and I were just not meant to be and partly because I am fairly certain I The Alcohol Experiment don t have a very romantic soul You might ask why I read all of these romances Well I like happy endings and knowing there will be a happy endi. Aboveeception if it means winning a wager And that puts Jane in a most precarious position A formidable uke will marry a plain Jane For Harrison Lacey the Duke of Black protecting his family honor is not a choice it is a necessity So when his cad of a brother humiliates the unwitting Lady Jane Harrison must make it right even if it means marrying. .

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