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Tuckers Justice Wild West Cowboys Book 1Normally I thoroughly enjoy settling down with a Maggie Carpenter book but just couldn t get I to this one The h is a brat and I m not keen on bratty behaviour I know some women who brat and I get on well with them but being a brat does nothing for me Tucker Precott is ALL alpha male and I devoured this sexy western romance in one sittingMs Carpenter delivers great characterisation and red hot over the knee spankings and I would throughly recommend her writing My only complaint is that she made me wait too long for the sex I could totally relate to Dolly s desperation and was thrilled for her when the climax finally came Five hot stars I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewthe story follows a gun for hire who story follows a gun for hire who been brought in to clean up a town in the old wild west This is a departure from the author s revious works While still a book about a cowboy or in this case an out law turned good it s not set in the modern day and is of an actionsuspense book than a romance Although there is love afoot after the first few chapters and spankingsThe cast of characters each has their own ersonalities although some are redictable Duke the man on a mission to save his town but lacking the ability to do so Dolly Duke s spoiled brat daughter that can t follow a rule to save her life The Sheriff who just can t seem to control the crime or Dolly The McGill brothers standard thugs who are trying to take over in standard gangster style And Tucker the muscled gunslinger who works in mysterious ways the biggest mystery is how he #Went From Rabble Rouser To #from rabble rouser to guy for hireThe story has a steady ace between the budding and distracting romance and the tensionaction of Tucker s antics in town The book was a uick read with a few twists to make you wonder just where the story was going I finished it in a few hours It will. When hardened gunslinger Tucker Prescott is tasked with bringing law and order back to a town overrun by a gang of criminals he uickly realizes that his biggest challenge won’t be the villainous McGill brothers The one who will truly ut him to the test is Dolly Baker the beautiful feisty twenty two year old daughter of the man who hired him From the moment she barges into his cabin uninvited Tucker knows Dolly is going to be trouble and. ,
Be interesting to see if the next book in the series is about Duke and mysterious woman who helped raise Dolly or about Lucy and her boyfriend who seemed to be an unwilling articipant Dolly or about Lucy and her boyfriend who seemed to be an unwilling Occult America participant the McGill brother s heists Or maybe Rose finds a nice man to help her run the inn The book sets some good groundwork for a series the uestion is where will it go from here Very different The characters build with exciting and different uirks and thelot twists around the needed justice The f A wonderful romanceDolly is a major handful and Tucker is the man to take her on Tucker is also the man to clean up the town You will love the twists in this one Tucker has been hired to help deal with the villains who have taken over the town Tucker is uniue and you will love the end of the story There is mild heat some discipline it was a fun story I did receive a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it Not for me Hard to get through but I forced myself all the way through to the very end except for the ost wedding sex scene That I skipped I d been through enough torture at the hands of Tucker the abuser and his child bride I understand Dolly was supposed to be an adult but when she talks like shes four acts like she s four is spoken to like she s four and is treated like she s four I can t she s four is spoken to like she s four and is treated like she s four I can t but icture her as a child The hair Doctor Narendranin Vinoda Vazhakku pulling bitshysically hurt to read He shouldn t have to grab her by her hair and Jazz pull her head back to have a simple normal every day conversation The spanking thing was just another thing that made Dolly come off as a little girl Everything about it was infantalizing Dolly was an AWFUL character and Tucker was just your typical old world abusiverick who treats women as lesser and seems to think that no woman ever matures Innumeracy past the age of fourteen This was something my mother bought and I m seeing why she didn t get the rest It isn’t long before she tests hisatience one time too many and earns herself a sound spanking The embarrassing chastisement gets her attention but it will take uite a bit than a few smacks on the bottom to teach her obedience and the he sees of Dolly the Tucker is forced to admit that he would love to be the man to roperly tame her Tucker didn’t come to Spring Junction to keep a woman in line however he came to deal with the McGil. ,
F the series I love Maggie Carpenter books and I m adding this to my favorites Tucker is a former gunman who turned around to become a law enforcer Dolly is a a headstrong stubborn young lady living on a ranch with her father Tucker has been hired to bring law order and justice to the town that has been taken over by vicious thugs Can one man clean up a town filled with bad the town that has been taken over by vicious thugs Can one man clean up a town filled with bad There s a hint of Zami paranormal and suspenseful mystery and makes this a faceaced action adventure with violence spanking witty dialogue some laugh out loud scenes and Great storyline with unexpected twists and turns and I couldn t ut it down until I finished it I m looking forward to book 2 I was given this book by Stormy Nights Publications for an honest The thoughts and opinions are my own Nights Publications for an honest The thoughts and opinions are my own cute if unbelievable historical romance Tucker is a larger than life character that has a lot of interesting tricks up his sleeves to get the bad guys Dolly is a sweet but tough young woman who has a enchant for mischief The whole having her spank herself stuff could have been left out It just seemed silly than erotic or discipline I listened to the audio book This was a very good book I loved waiting to see what Dolly was going to do next and wonder if she will get spanked again I also enjoyed watching Tucker go from being a gunslinger to a Gentleman Jack priest and no one knew it was really him as both except Dolly knew the first time she saw theriest Will Tucker be able to keep Dolly and her father safe when the McGill Brothers are raising hell in town and they figure out it is Tucker behind some of their gunman being killed or injured Will he be able to run the McGill Brothers and their gang out of town for good Tucker s justice is about a former gunman turned good Tucker is hired to get control back for towns that have fallen to criminals When arriving at his new job he is bombarded by Dolly. L brothers and their gang He has a lan to do just that but it will depend on his uick wits as much as his uick draw and despite his best efforts Tucker can’t get Dolly off his mind Can he bring the outlaws to justice and make her his bride before she drives him to distraction Publisher’s Note Tucker’s Justice is an erotic romance novel that includes sexual scenes and spankings If such material offends you lease don’t buy this boo. .

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