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T Alex ends up passed out anyway so no harm "DoneWhen Alex Reaches Her Fathers Ranch To Confront Him And "Alex reaches her fathers ranch to confront him and get some closure for abandoning her when her mother was dying of breast cancer she gets a big surprise Not only is her childhood home completely different but her father has died two years past and she has a step mother and a half brother as well In the will Alex #shares half the ranch with her eight year old half brother #half the ranch with her eight year old half brother is beyond upset and even a little furious And surprise surprise but Connor runs the ranch as well Needless to say that they do not get along very well Constantly butting heads Alex shows up with so much hurt and anger that she came off as if everything was owed to her Its her ranch But Connor who is calm where Alex is a spitfire tries to be understanding up to a point But man she pushes his buttonsAlex is at times annoying I felt for her especially after hearing what really happened when her mom died but it was really annoying to see Connor trying to be nice only to have her turning into a bitch There was great chemistry with these two and the sex was hot and man it took some time for feelings to come into play There was drama and action and plenty of hot sex Overall this was an enjoyable book This started out as a typical romance book but then it turned and kept me hooked I didn t see what was coming which I liked 35 starsFavorite uote Typical man There are only two parts of his body he thinks with and neither of them is on his shouldersAlex Finley hasn t had a very good life Her father deserted her and her dying mother When Her Father Shows Up her father shows up her mother s funeral with his new sueeze in tow Alex has had enough She escapes to LA and a lifestyle she was never meant to liveTen years have passed and Alex decides it s time to go home face her father and claim her legacy But she is too late Her father has died and has left the ranch in trust for her and her younger brother He also left a cowboy named Conner to run the ranch While Alex wants Conner in her bedshe doesn t want him in her life When a neighboring rancher makes Alex an offer to sell her half the ranch Alex must make a hard decision Can she let go of the past and accept a new family and lover Or will she sell and run away once againIn Beth Williamson s uber sexy contemporary Unbridled we are introduced to Alex Finley Her live in companion has ust passed away and his kids want her out of the house In a very smexy steamy scene Alex is consoled by two bi sexual male friends Rawr Alex then decides to go home Back to Wyoming where she grew upWhen she arrives at the ranch a couple of surprises are waiting for herRead the rest of my review at Smexy Books I ve been on a little bit of a western kick lately so I was looking forward to this book when I heard about it Unfortuna Really likedReview to come Unbridled by Beth WilliamsonHistorical Romance July 6th 20105 Stars This contemporary cowboy book is my favorite contemporary western of all time It s ust a phenomenal story with amazing characters I especially like the smartass comments that come out o Just a couple uick thoughts Although I ve read Williamson s contemps it s always been her historicals that spoke to me This was fabulous I admit to being worried when there was a menage in chapter 1 but it had meaning and from there out Williamson built a beautiful story of 2 lost souls finding each other Feelings are raw and the language is raw to match The best contemp by Williamson I ve read Hands downThe only reason this gets 45 instead of 5 is the overuse of cowboy during sex Personal pet peeve Otherwise this was perfec. Nor the bucking bronco she wants in her bed is running the placeNow Alex is torn between accepting both a new family and a lover who can give her everything she needs or selling out to a smooth talking neighbor and leaving the last behind her But only when her life is on the line does she realize what she desires of al.
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Protector in So California has died and his family has essential escorted her to the edges of the property She returns home hoping for some kind of resolution only to find out that her dad was killed two years earlier in an auto accident and she now owns one half of the family ranch only it is now what is being called a guest ranch and no longer resembles the home of her childhood She also encounters a sexy cowboy who is running the enterprise the girlfriend who is now the widow of her dad and a half brother who is eight years old And folks it ust keeps on getting gooder and gooder In typical Beth Williamson fashion the story is many strands of information complicated situations emotions running hot and cold and she manages to weave all these ingredients into an absolutely riveting story that keeps the reader glued to the page and doesn t let go until the final sentence I can t find anything in this book that I didn t like Of course the heroine is really angry a goodly portion of the story but almost everything and everyone she meets for about a month after arriving home keeps On Opening Old Wounds And opening old wounds and her of how she has been forgotten by her father or supplanted in his affections by the young half brother the son her dad always wanted Yet somehow there always comes a hopeful word some bits and pieces of her history that remind her of better times that perhaps her dad hadn t forgotten her as completely as she feared Her affair with the cowboyranch manager is definitely one of those on againoff again affairs alternating hot sex with anger and frustration Both people have issues they must resolve and they seem to keep each other in emotional hot water a lot Yet there is ust enough sweetness romance and all out fun between them that the reader is teased forward in the hopes of seeing these two figure out their collective worth and make something good out of all this mess Just a fantastic book and the kind of read that keeps me mesmerized and not very aware of my surroundings while I am reading it This was a really good book Alex Finley finds herself back where she grew up in a small town in Wyoming where she never felt she belonged Her father left her part of an estate and she has come to claim it With it comes dealing with a father that left her and her mother for another woman her father "is no longer alive Alex decides to drown her sorrow and hooks up with a hot sexy "no longer alive Alex decides to drown her sorrow and hooks up with a hot sexy Connor Matthews turns out Connor is the manager of her families former ranch I really liked Alex she had a smart mouth and at times she was hateful The sex scenes between Connor and Alex Were Hot And I were hot and I myself hoping that they would workout Alex who is angry and confused she is not sure if she should sell her half of the ranch and return to California or stay after all she does have a half brother This was my first time reading this author s work This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling and I am looking forward to reading of her work This book opens up when Alex best friend and companion dies His family throws her out and she has nowhere to go but home in Wyoming But before she goes and faces her demons Alex agrees to meet up with her two bisexual males friends for a menage A hot night that is in its own way a goodbye to her old life When Alex reaches town its late so she checks into a hotel and decides to a couple of drinks and ends up drunk That is when sexy cowboy Connor Mathews sees her and being the gentleman that he is helps her to her room Things heat up pretty uick but Connor pulls back knowing that she is completely drunk and its not right Bu. Satisfy herOnly after ten years does she come home and she hits the town with a vengeance unleashing her pent up lust on willing cowpoke Connor Matthews But she's in for several shocks It turns out that the ranch is now a resort that her late father split the estate between Alex and her young half brother and that Con. ,
I was in the bookstore the other day with a friend to pick up a uick read As much as I love the ease of click and download I rather enjoy a nightlight and a physically turning the page We meandered over to the sale bin and she spots this beauty for 399 because she is well aware of my love of cowboys Once I opened the page I immediately noticed that she dedicated this book to her dad her hero After reading the first five pages I am now thoroughly confused by this book as well as her relationship with her father By page 5 Alex our heroine is in a nightclub in the middle of the floor having doing the bump and grind witht with two bisexual men Yeah I know but by page 8 she is at their place at the bottom of a I poke him he pokes you pile up This unlikely threesome seems to unleash something in Alex because the remainder of the book by Beth Williamson is about Alex having Unbridled sex with that Connor cowboy fellow What I like about this book is that it is an easy read with an easy flow You get a feeling of Connor s hopes to balance his desire with what is right as a direct uxtaposition of Alex who ust wants to feel Williamson has a smooth writing voice that makes you understand that fevered need to connect with another person so that you almost can taste Alex s desire to matter to someone Each character that is introduced in her writing has a purpose and the book makes you want to read every single line and every single page There is a raw sexual tension that every woman envisions when she thinks of a sexy hot cowboys in a big Stetson and too tight Wranglers The scenes are steamy and freuent and the book has a happy ending What I did not like about this book was the common language Understand it is supposed to be part of the Penguin Romance collection but seriously a cock is something that walks across a farm yard and a pussy is small animal The character s pain is rich and understandable but Alex s inability #to feel anything other than what is happening in her pants leaves #feel anything other than what is happening in her pants leaves wanting As the story unfolds you get interested in the back story of why Alex ran away but then it is interrupted by her desire to stroke his yard fowl and clench it in her small animal Notably there is almost a role reversal between the man and the woman as Alex makes such bold "And Brazen Moves On "brazen moves on that leaves him as well as me the reader confused The story was able to stand on its own merit and the sex scenes were a plus This book is recommended to horny women everywhere who like to name genitals after small animals and farm yard fowl It is a good read and a workable plot that makes you want to finish the book to see the resolution between the characters I give this book three pens and a pencil The pencil is for crossing through the words that ust don t match the story Released late in 2010 this novel has been around for a few months but it is still very new to many readers Embracing a scope of emotions that are as wide as the Big Sky country in which it is set this novel highlights the long term mess a parent can create for sons and daughters that extend far into the future A young woman has been estranged from her family for 10 years running away immediately after her mother s funeral at age 16 not only raw from caring for her dying mother after her dad disappears not willing to face his wife s illness or his responsibility to care for her leaving it all to his teenage daughter and a housekeeper and then having said father show up at the funeral with a girlfriend on his arm Now ten years later Alex Finley returns to Wyoming to face her father she has nowhere else to go as her. Hell hath no fury like Alex Finley For as long as Alex could remember life had taken everything from her Her father abandoned her and her dying mother only to return upon her mother's death with a new wife to reclaim the family's Wyoming ranch Alex's rage drove her away to Los Angeles to live with a man who could never.