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I m blown away by this Erotic FemDom Space Opera I adore fantasy worlds and the universe created by Kayla Stonor did not disappoint This whole story was beautifully written with the perfect amount of detail I felt completely immersed in this Sci Fi universe without being drowned in superfluous informationAction suspense violence space travel alien domination romanceI love a ood bit of kink in my erotic fiction In any Ds story I prefer a strong minded sub so watching Sonil bend General Jaden to her will was delightful To Witness Jaden Is witness Jaden is standard military tough uy alpha male It isn t in him to willingly submit to his enemyJADENTrey Jaden five star General of the United Regions You ve never let Earth down General Think about what you just said If you fail the ui will come after Earth with everything they ve ot You can t fail General Swallow This is my second time reading this book The first was four years ago In all that time I kept thinking about this story I finally reread it and I m changing my rating from four to five stars I m also adding it to my favorites shelf because a story that stays with you for that many years is specialFunny enough I didn t feel like there were any plot holes this time around I can t remember what it was four years ago I still want to read books from this collection This particular one is science fiction but not all of them areFrom the Author s Note a collection of books focusing on the idea of a strong alpha male having the courage to trust to surrender to a woman he rows to love despite extreme and testing circumstances Let me tell you this particular MC was sure put through some extreme and testing circumstancesWhy do I love it so much Maybe the shock value Maybe the ultimate romance against all odds Maybe after reading lovely mushy love stories for a while I simply need a palate cleanser Something dark and forbidden This one fits the bill original 4 star review fits the bill original 4 star review m almost embarrassed to say how much I enjoyed this book I honestly held my e reader at arms length and cringed at some of the scenes But they were such an integral part of the story that they were absolutely necessaryIt is not BDSM but contains some elements It is not strictly romance but is a powerful love story nonetheless I could call it erotica but that wouldn t do it justiceETA After sleeping on it I woke wondering about a couple of plot points that were not made clear Maybe they ll be addressed in a future seuel Phenomenal Those of you who enjoy nondub consent harsh punishment and the breaking of a person without losing personality and identity will love this Jaden is an exceptionally strong character alpha male and then some Sonil who is training him for the ui is relentless The torture is raphic and heavy so if that bothers you stand back now I loved the SciFi aspects and they don t overwhelm the story Jaden is not a submissive so this is not a story where the submissive suddenly comes out of someone he is made to submit due to pain and mind fuck I would love to read in this universe FemDom is not my favorite type of story but it just works wonderfully here Sonil is a match for Jaden in all ways as far as training she knows just how far she can take him If you enjoyed Power Play Resistance and Power Play Awakening and can handle Fm then this one is most definitely worth the 100 I "PAID THERE ARE A FEW SMALL "There are a few small pieces For the last thirty years Earth s population has been decimated and terrorized by the K lahn members of a reptilian race belonging to the powerful ui empireAs a child Trey Jaden witnessed his parents die at the hands of the savage K lahn and vowed he d make them pay Now in his thirties he s risen to the rank of a three star Steam Cuisine general His prowess on the battlefield is a thorn in the eye of the ruling ui imperial family a shapeshifting race who rules hundreds of worldsImagine his shock when his He’s hers by treaty She wants his devotion General Jaden is a thorn in the ui’s side Ambassador Sonil is on Earth to extract him by treaty When Jaden is stripped naked then caged heets a taste of how far she will o to ensure he is worthy of serving the ui Empress ,

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Under By Treaty

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Sol Warning plot spoilersThe description of this novel pulled me in so I decided to o for it Once I started reading I could hardly stop Our hero Jaden is in a really bad spot Being a Kilo Class (Admiral Arnold Morgan, guy reading this stuff itot really intense for me It would be very difficult for any man to survivewithstand the things that happen to Jaden in the course of his enslavement dominationJaden is not a punk to submit lightly especially considering his master torturer Sonil is a member of the ruling family directly responsible for the invasion of Earth years earlier He holds them responsible for his parents deaths It s an emotionally charged atmosphere between themThe mission to submit for mother Earth If Jaden can fully completely utterly submit to the lethal and beautiful Sonil without losing his sense of identity then Earth is safe from invasion by terms of the TreatyDude Flavour goes through hell but heoes the distance And he doesn t do it for Earth not really In the end he does it for "personal reasons A fantastic sci fi erotica journey of submission and " reasons A fantastic sci fi erotica journey of submission and If you re into BDSM and you like it raphic and violent this is a must readPrepare to hunker down for several hours once you start reading You will not be able to stop till you finish Seriously General Jaden by nature a dominant male is betrayed by his President and handed over to the ui as a bribe to "save Earth from decimation Sonil the ui leader wants Jaden as her submissive consort to willingly make love "Earth from decimation Sonil the ui leader wants Jaden as her submissive consort to willingly make love her and obey She is one mean lizard like lady who hates lies with a passion and expects instant obedience If this doesn t happen punishment is swift and cruel Due to his dominant nature submission does not come easy and Jaden is tortured uite mercilessly when he refuses to obey Eventually Jaden breaks and then comes the twist in the story The twist is very clever and well doneFemdom is not normally on my reading list however due to the reat reviews of this book by my GR friends I decided to test the waters I was definitely rewarded for my bravery by a story with reat world building and characterisation Jaden wasn t a snivelling submissive pining for humiliation but a man who submitted with dignity I will still be picky in my femdom reads but will defin Wow this story blew me away I m really not sure where to start It wasn t what I expected not that I am entirely sure what that was Well I originally put my hand up to read to review when I noticed it tagged as femdom The heroine was definitely a kick ass strong femalealien but I would not class her as a domme per say That out of the way this story was wonderfully written the world and character building magnificent I could literally see the story unfold before my eyes Jaden s training was brutal and not for the faint of heart with that came some nondub consent so reader be warned The consensual sex between Sonil and Jaden was smoking hot It made a pleasant change to read about a heroine who wasn t afraid to ask for what she wanted and took as much as she ave I am not normally a huge fan of sci fi type stories as I often find myself lost and struggling to follow the plot That was not the case with this story it was so well written Would I recommend this story YESDo I intend to read by this author YES I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review via the BDSM roup on Goodreads I loved this book I am not normally interested in male submission as I love my alpha males but the author manages to keep General Jaden s alpha intact even when he is reluctantly bending to the will of the alien AmbassadorThe training scenes in this story are well done and creative I was totally caught up in how far Sonil could push Jaden without breaking him I thought is was a nice balance here between his submission and strength of will AND I always love stories that surprise me with a twist I loved this story 45 stars Currently free on. A strong alpha hero who must submit to an alien temptress to save the human race from decimation by the conuering might of the ui EmpireThis erotic romance novel containing BDSM themes is the first installment of a science fiction series and part of the Surrender collecti. Resident hands him over to ui ambassador Sonil as Earth s tribute Her mission Turn him into a willing subservient consortsex slave to be freely shared with members of the Empress court at her whim Only by proving his total devotion in a ritual known as Culmination will Earth be safe from total annihilationSonil wastes no time training her new prisoner to the empress exacting standards But is it even possible to make a proud and unwilling alpha male submit to the degrading often painfully horriffic tortures Sonil inflicts upon him Be warned her methods are not for the faint of heart There is torture degradation meant to break his stubborn nature But Jaden is not weak and despite his resentment he begins to fall for his attractive trainer And the attraction is reciprocated The ui have mastered their pheromones and routinely use them to manipulate their subjects into submission Surprisingly ambassador Sonil discovers that the primitive human male s unruly pheromones has the same effect on her Soon captor and captive find themselves trapped by their on her Soon captor and captive find themselves trapped by their lust rigid ui traditions and their own unwillingness to adapt Can a ui and human find common round or will pride ultimately prevailI loved Under By "Treaty Not The Torture Mind "Not the torture mind that aspect was hard to stomach I found myself thinking that I would rather have sacrificed Earth than endure what Jaden went through Fortunately Jaden is made of sterner stuff The training sessions served a purpose They highlighted the enormous cultural obstacles Jaden had to overcome and showed the depth of their devotion Ultimately it showed that willing submission can be powerful than any power held by a human eneral I was happy to hear that this book will et a seuel hopefully it will deal with the pheromone issue as well as how Earth fares as the newest member of the ui empire Hopefully other members of Sonil s family will et their own novels as well Sounds like K rista could need "a whiff of delicious human pheromones and progressive Fitar well he was my favorite ui prince In " whiff of delicious human pheromones and progressive Fitar well he was my favorite ui prince In mean time I can t wait to read the next ui novella Restrain By Treaty It sounds delicious I enjoyed this sci if story than I thought I would Jaden s a dominant male eneral is offered by US Government or sold out to a ruling Goddesses, Whores, Wives and Slaves galactic house of the ui Their Ambassador Sonil has seuestered Jaden as part of her treaty to avoid war and destruction of planet Earth Jaden has been bought to be trained as absolute submissive consort to the ui How does a dominant man aeneral who hates the K lan and ui end up submitting through some terrible times of discipline bondage and torture and fall in love withSonil erm did I say Ambassador Readers will find out Along with the other nice little twists and turns that Kayla Stonor has incorporated in her bookI m not necessarily a spacesci fi Heaven hears each whisper genre lover yet found this aood read and to me it made sense of the medical technology used as now cutting edge or futuristic and also the technology described Have definitely Eye Sleuths Ghostly Vacations gone off worms and nearly had the screaming ab dabs at thatyou have been warnedThe sexual scenes were well written and eroticSo I want to read and see Kayla s follow on stories I have to rate this as aood 4 stars not uite a five for me Now this is a book which is filled with hot domination and alien lifeforms Jaden is a 30 something General of what used to be the United States 30 is young but since the world has been decimated by the ui it s plausible Jaden is a strong man who s always in command The leaders of Earth trust him and rely on his strategy No one is surprised than Jaden when the ui offer to ive Earth independence if Jaden surrenders himself The term surrender here is loosely used Basically Jaden a dominant male needs to submit to any treatment the ui determines necessary to break him and make him loyal and loving of the ui So basically we have a male who is being. Er training is ruthless and alien rules apply Failure is not an option; saving Earth from annihilation reuires Jaden’s complete surrender But Sonil demands than obedience She wants his devotionUnder By Treaty is a bold fast paced adventure of femdom erotic romance with. ,

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