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Ime in the wine world Overall though it is a great read and you ve gotta love a woman who loves her wine Ah Natalie You won me over when I met you at that random work event back when and your book reads as perfectly welcomingly collouial as you were that day Next Wino Wednesday I ll have to get some of

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delicious bargain 15 20 at the LCBO dammit Argentinian reds you ve mentioned here And next time I m travelling to Italy I ll have to make a stop in Sicilia to try their wonderful local whites that sadly don t travel well Niagara Portugal South Africa Germany the regions MacLean visits are as varied as the wines she tastes and the people she meets The book is done in a breezy conversational style that feels like a girlfriend telling you her travel tales than a serious exploration of wine culture and that s a good thing One of the things that has ept me from exploring wine in the past is that the books I ve picked up have always felt so overwhelming and intimidating if you don t now your tannins from your terroir you can be easily put off by some wine writers MacLean isn t one of those she gets that wine writing doesn t have to be stuffy to be taken seriously Read my full review here Well written armchair travel wine book make you want to have a glass with the here Well written armchair travel wine book make you want to have a glass with the and the vintners she visits around the world The food pairings are interesting and the dishes she describes are often over the top fine dining but well worth the read. That good wine doesn't have to be expensive award winning wine writer Natalie MacLean travels the globe on an uncompromising uest to find fabulous wine bargai. Entertaining Some good stories and some great Wine Recommendations She S Bright Funny Sassy recommendations She s bright funny sassy self deprecating Her niche is inexpensive great value wines some of which aren t well nown And to top it off she s from my hometown of OttawaThe book is organized by days of the week with one varietal per day except on Sunday when there are two one for brunch and one for dinner MacLean explores the history of the grape its cultivation and various vintners who produce it so the book is a combination travelogue and wine reader Highly recommended Not as good as her first But sheds some light on possibly less Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., known wine regions Really good book I did notnow much about cheap Wines but now after reading this book I did Gain Some Knowledge From Nice Humorous Literate some nowledge from nice humorous literate adventures bookgood wine education for dummiesI do recommend it as table reading it would help you at lest look smart to your friends as Wines expert Thank you for sending me this book This book I won here on goodreads and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was uite easy to read A hands on guide for wines and which would be the best choices for the lowest amount of Always important for those who are on a budget but want to still have a nice bottle of wine with dinner It had information about various wines the grapes have a nice bottle of wine with dinner It had information about various wines the grapes process of making wine as well as some of the wine makers It traveled the globe and gave some historical insight as well which I found very interesting. From the author of the bestselling Red White and Drunk All Over this book will amuse and enthrall with its character sketches of obsessive personalities trave. .

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It also had a few surprises like section on port wines Over all it is straight forward helpful and entertaining This Over all is straight forward helpful and entertaining This a fun fairly lightweight romp through 8 world wine regions and their signature grapes Australian Barossa Valley shiraz German Mosel riesling Niagara pinot noir South African Cape shiraz and pinotage Sicilian Mt Etna nero de avola Argentine Mendoza malbec Portugal s Douro port country and Provence s ros area The object here is to find great typical wines that are mostly budget friendly and which should be available at the LCBO Along the way Nat has encounters that makes one envious meeting usually three vineyard owners in each region and tasting wine and dining homemade meals in their homes The end of each chapter offers further info including links to the recipes she had in each winery suggested food pairings and best valuetop value listings There are some rather jarring errors in the book mainly geographic Some samples Niagara to Whistler BC as 8000 m when it is closer to half that and not as the crow flies but by highway through the US South Africa separated from India by the Pacific Ocean instead of the Indian Ocean Mendoza s highest Uco Valley vineyards at 1000 metres being 13 as high as Everest when it is like 13 of 13 the height A South African winery is spelled two ways on three adjoining pages Nat also seems to melt before many of the winemakers but that is somewhat charming for a woman who has spent so much L to lovely settings mouth watering descriptions of food and wine hidden wine education and neurotic humor Standing firmly against wine snobbery by insisting.
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